Ombre hair colours are the ultimate style staple for low maintenance ladies everywhere.

Just when we never thought we'd see regrowth, regrow in popularity, ombre bust on the scene in the mid naughties, and has shown no signs of fading out.

In fact, this subtle style not still scores more likes on Instagram than a picture of smashed avo; it has also evolved.

No longer just the classic brown to blonde fade, there are now a plethora of ombre hair colours in the Insta-sphere.

To help you find an ombre hair colour to suit your style and complexion, I have rounded up my favourite ten ombre hair colours trending right now.

Classic Ombre

ombre hair colours

@bellamurphy1 wearing the THICK halo in col. Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde 613/10. Styled by @amandaalidabarnard

Classic ombre is a gradient of dark brown into a golden beige.

This colour combo should look totally natural like you've just skipped the root treatments for a few months.

It is a warmer ombre colour that suits those with darker complexions and features.

Although, if you're on the pale side (myself included) you can still partake in this subtle shade.

Just opt for a mousey brown with lighter blonde pieces through the bottom and framing your face.

This ombre hair colour is perfect when paired with blended layers and touselled waves.

If you don't want to commit to the highlights, just slip in The Sitting Pretty Halo a few shades lighter than your natural hair colour.

Add some bouncy waves to create a more subtle blend.

Lived in ombre

ombre hair colour

This is the manic pixie dream girl of ombre hair colours.

Lived in blonde is one of the most sought after shades of summer 2020, so it makes sense that its subtle cousin lived in ombre is also trending.

This look features drawn-out dark roots roughly blended with golden blonde highlights at the ends.

It is the ultimate laid back, effortless colour ideal for beachy blondes, rock chicks, or festival hunnies alike.

If you're already a blondie, you can achieve this look by skipping the salon for a few weeks and ditching the toner (eek).

While skipping the toner may strike fear in your blonde heart's, the pay off will be this uber-cool natural ombre colour.

Add some textured waves for the fresh "from the surf," "morning after" look.

Get this look with The Sitting Pretty Halo in col. Beige Blonde 613.

Pink Ombre

ombre hair colours

@smazbates wears the MEDIUM halo in col. Platinum Blonde 60. Custom coloured pink by @houseofrozario

Look like you, but you'er!

Bright colours are the perfect way to make ombre your own.

This deep pink is the perfect Autumn to Winter transition shade and is a great way to let your individuality shine through, without going too OTT.

These bring colours are actually super easy to DIY with tempory colours or even hair chalk.

A personal fave is the Evo Staino range.

Equally as perfect for punk rock gals or pretty in pink'ers, this ombre hair colour can be achieved by customising the Sitting Pretty Halo in col. Platinum Blonde 60.

**colour with care. See our FAQs for information on colouring your halo.

White blonde ombre

ombre hair colours

@stephaniemaii_x wears the THICK halo in col. Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde 613/10.

Ombre, we can't let it goooooo.

Let your inner Elsa shine through with this icy blonde ombre hair colour.

For those of us whose foundations range from snow to ivory, this shade is pale skin perfection.

This ombre hair colour features light ashy rooms blended into creamy mid-lengths and ends.

Style with sleek, smooth waves for the ultimate 'ice princess' look.

If you're blessed with a natural tan, you can also play with these cool tones.

Because you're tanned.

And blessed.

And you can pretty much get away with anything you brown beauty.

** applies SPF 50+ and sits under bucket hat in 19 degrees.

***still gets burnt.

Soft brown to blonde ombre

This soft ombre hair colour is a modern and chicer take on the classic ombre.

It features softer tones which are far more subtly blended.

This light brown and sandy blonde should blend seamlessly to create a very natural and sombre colour.

Sombre (soft ombre) works best for inbetween complexions.

The almost grey tone created by the blonde can wash you out if you're too tan or pale.

So, proceed with caution when it comes to applying the fake tan.

**Tripple coats self in ultra dark.

Pair this shade with a choppy lop and some shaggy layers.

Add the Fine Sitting Pretty Halo in col. Ash Blonde 18 chopped to the same length, or just below your natural hair for some extra volume.

Honey ombre

ombre hair colours

This is the quintessential girl next door ombre hair colour.

It is soft and sweet yet sultry as hell.

The honey ombre features medium brown hair with pieces of honey blonde blended from the mid-lengths.

Thanks to the light locks framing the face which typify this look, this is a universally flattering shade on all skin tones.

This ombre hair colour is stunning when styled straight or with sleek natural waves.

Add the Thick Sitting Pretty Halo in col. Medium + Light Brown 4/6 to boost the length and volume for a super feminine look.

Firey Ombre

ombre hair colours


From the girl next door to this firey, fierce ombre colour.

If you're after a bright, stand out shade, but not a fan of the pink, this radiant red to orange gradient is for you.

Again, if you have light locks, this look can be easily done at home using temporary colour or hair chalk.

But if your after a permanent change, I'd suggest seeking a stylist to avoid any mishaps.

The last thing you want with such a flamboyant colour is flat hair!

Pas chic.

To give you're firey main a lil extra va-va-voom, create this look by custom colouring The Sitting Pretty Halo in col. Platinum Blonde 60.

Dark to light brown ombre

ombre hair colour

Typically ombre hair colours feature brown roots faded into blonde ends, but that doesn't mean all you dark hair hunnies can't get on board the ombre train.

Toot, toot.

This dark to light brown is a dreamy ombre hair colour featuring shiny deep browns with fresh highlights peaking through the ends.

Where most ombre shades suit low maintenance beachy looks, this subtle shade just screams chic and classy.

This is perfect for dark complexions and makes big brown eyes pop.

Pair with a full brushed out brow, water waves and full, healthy hair.

If your locks have suffered from the lightening process, boost their volume by adding a medium Sitting Pretty Halo in a soft brown.

Bright ombre

ombre hair colours@jaye_edwards styles The THICK Sitting Pretty Halo in col. Light Brown + Dark Blonde 6/10.

These bright babylights are a Summery and soft take on classic ombre.

This style features light brown roots with dark blonde highlights all the way up the head, stopping just before the roots.

This is a more flattering dark shade for those with lighter complexions as the highlights help to frame your face.

This look suits thick hair and is best styled with sparse smooth waves to make the colours stand out.

If you have thin hair, highlights are a great way to boost your hairs natural thickness as they open the cuticles, causing your main to sit thicker.

If your fine locks won't play the thick hair game though, a Medium Sitting Pretty Halo is always a game-changer.

Auburn Ombre

ombre hair colours

There is just something dreamy about auburn shades, and this stunning ombre hair colour is no exception.

This romantic shade makes me want to sip pumpkin-spiced lattes while strolling throw Central Park hand in hand with a gorgeous blonde.... golden retriever.

This ombre hair colour is ideal for dark complexions as the red pops against deep skin and dark eyes.

Keep your dark locks long and luscious and have a few auburn highlights pulled through the ends.

This look will probably require some bleaching so be sure to take care of your hair.

There is nothing less cute than dead ends.

If you want to avoid the bleach altogether, you can create this look using the Sitting Pretty Halo in col. Soft Auburn 33.

Learn how to blend your ombre colour and the Sitting Pretty Halo correctly using this handy hack.