The Evolution Of Hair Extensions

March 30, 2016


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The Evolution Of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions

It’s no secret that our hair is an integral part of any lovely lady’s life and there’s no denying it’s stayed that way since Marie Antoinette circa France 18th Century (that up-do though).

So we found it no less important than to take it way back to the birth of what we now refer to as hairspo, hair-spiration or hair-envy and explain how the haven of all things beautified AKA the hair salon, was born.


For the Egyptians, appearance was a crucial aspect of their lives. Appearance proved a person’s status, role in society or even as far as political significance.

Ancient Egypt saw the emergence of wigs, Henna and Kohl, which is all still in use today! (Where else did we learn to get that winged liner?)

Around 500 BC, the braid was born and it was believed that the style of braid represented the Egyptian’s age, religion and wealth.

Egyptian mother’s regularly applied Kohl to the eyes of their children soon immediately after birth with the belief that it would strengthen their child’s eyes and prevent the child from being cursed by an ‘evil eye’, SPOOKY.

Thicker hair was considered ideal and LAYERS of hair extensions were seen to enhance one’s physical appearance (the birth of the Halo!)

Cleopatra Hair

// WIG IT OUT //

Wigs and Hair Extensions have been alive since the era of Cleopatra (queen of the cat eye).

Researchers found that Ancient Egyptian carcasses from as far back as 3400 BC wore hair weaves!

The weaves were sewn with natural hair using waxes from trees, plants and bees.

Long hair wigs were only worn by honourable ladies or queens in the Egyptian era and were extremely expensive.

Those who could not afford a wig had the choice of cheaper hair extensions, which were mostly preferred as you could tie it up at the back.

During the 1700’s, powdered wigs were made a trend! Also known as the Perukes, it signified a person’s status.

The birth of the powdered wig was caused by a spread of the chronic bacterial disease ‘syphilis’ that hit England.

Victims suffered from blindness, rashes and the worst…baldness.

Being bald was a HUGE problem and to keep their reputations in tact, people began to wear the white powdered wigs.

Powdered Wigs Kirsten Dunst


During the late 1880’s the traditional barbershops began to transform into what was known as the birth of the hair salon.

Before a time like this, women were getting their hair done at home from their servants or by themselves and it was never seen as a public event (shame on you for getting your hair did).

Martha Matilda Harper  helped shape hair salons into what they are today, as well as invented the salon recliner chair…god bless.


What a time it was for your ‘do in the twenties! Bobby pins, Hand-held hair dryers, the perm AND L’oreal Hair colour! What more can a girl want?

Coco Chanel was a prime influencer and changed the way we looked at hair and style.

Women began to go for the chop and embrace the bob.

A huge number of salons actually refused to allow women to cut their hair this short, so ladies resorted to the barbershop for the snip.

 Coco Chanel


The masculine hairstyles of the 20’s were lost as cheaper and more feminine choices took their place.

Although a bad time in the 1930s, economically wise due to the Great Depression, the beauty industry was in mid-boom and as other businesses closed, beauty schools were taking their place.

Platinum Blonde was born and became incredibly popular after the 1931 Jean Harlow film ‘Platinum Blonde’ made its debut.

At home hair dye made its way into the world of hair and beauty, but this still didn’t stop ladies from that heavenly trip to the salon.




Hairspray, how do we live without it?

War time era brought the birth of the best invention to be made, and although the popularity of Hair Relaxers was high, the formula began to make scalps itch.

Beauty salons became a social event for women worldwide where time was spent with their friends and pampering was KEY.

…And the 21st Century brought the birth of the Sitting Pretty Halo! The history of hair just keeps getting better.

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