"What haircut should I get?" is an extremely important question.

And one too many of us don't ask ourselves soon enough.

**Leaves the salon holding back tears after telling my stylist how much I love my new asymmetrical bob.

So how to avoid the post haircut regret?

The answer is simple; get a chop suited to your face shape.

All face shapes are beautiful and unique, and you can get whatever haircut you like! But, this is a quick and easy way to make sure you love your new look.

Matching your hairstyle to your facial features guarantees you won't leave the salon looking like a 12-year-old boy or a preschool student who got their hands on some scissors.

So to help you find your best look yet, here is what haircut you should get, according to your face shape.

What is my face shape?

So what haircut should I get according to my face shape?

To answer this you first must know what your actual face shape is.

Without the heavy contour. So put the bronzer down and back away.

There are a few ways to determine your face shape.

One, tie your hair back and take a selfie looking directly at your camera.

(Confronting I know, but resist the urge to head tilt, this isn't one for insta.)

Once you have what I'm sure is an extremely flattering image of your head, trace your finger around your face and see what shape it most closely resembles.

If this method isn't exact enough of you, you can break out the measuring tape.

Measure your face focusing on the width of your brows, jawline and cheekbones.

Also, measure the length of your face from chin to forehead.

These proportions should tell you your face shape.

For example, if your face's length and width are the same, your face is most likely round, or if your face is wider at the forehead than your jaw, it may be a triangle.

Remember, no one shape is better than another. It's what you do with it that counts!

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Haircuts for Rectangle Faces

Also known as long faces, rectangle faces are characterised by a straight hairline and a forehead and jaw which are essentially the same width.

Your cheeks won't be as defined as those with a diamond face shape, for example, rather they'll follow a straight line from your forehead to your jaw.

Longer locks have a pesky habit of drawing rectangle faces downward, so this may further elongate your face.

So a mid to short hairstyle with plenty of body will be the most flattering.

Lobs with simple mid parts are the perfect haircuts for rectangular faces as they soften your features and help to define your cheekbones.

But if you love long hair don't despair, you can still have lengthy strands, just create some balance with some bouncy voluminous waves which hug inwards toward your cheeks.

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Triangle Faces

Triangle faces can be one of two ways, either a traditional or inverted triangle.

Traditional triangle faces features a chin and jawline wider that the forehead while those with an inverted triangle face have wider foreheads with slimmer jawlines and a square chin.

Whichever triangle face shape you have, the haircut you should get remains the same.

Long layers and textured cuts are best to create a balance between the top and bottom facial features.

Wispy layers which stop at your cheekbones will help to create definition and draw attention to your eyes.

This will minimise either your wider chin or forehead by pulling focus upwards.

Avoid strait or blunt cuts which can add bulk to the bottom of your face.

keep things pretty and punky with a choppy lop and a subtle balayage for extra dimension.

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Haircuts For Round Faces

Hey there doll face, round faces are the babies of the bunch.

Your eternally youthful looks are thanks to your symmetrical and full face shape.

Round faces feature symmetrical length and width with prominent cheekbones, and more often than not an envy-inspiring pout.

The best hairstyles for round faces add shape and definition to their other features.

Long to mid-length layered cuts are best to add some dimension to round faces.

Longer locks will draw your face down to offset the roundness and create the illusion of length in your facial features.

Big, voluminous curls can also make your face look rounder so stick to more subtle movement being from the mid-lengths of your locks and curl outwards around your face.

This will draw your cheekbones and lip line upwards to help define your face.

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Diamond Faces

Straight off the runway, the diamond face shape is common among models and professional pouters.

Intense, sharp and strong in all the best ways, diamond faces feature narrow foreheads and jawlines with wide, high cheekbones.

Longer locks suit ladies with diamond faces.

Smooth and subtle styles such as sleek curls or high ponytails are perfect for accentuating your features.

Wispy front fringes and bangs can also be an option if you want to soften your features.

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Oval Face Haircuts

What haircut should I get for an oval face?

Well, you blessed babe, the world is your oyster.

Thanks to the well-balanced nature of oval faces you can pretty much pull off any hairstyle you want.

But the most flattering style for oval faces?

The blunt mid-length lob.

This might sound a little boring, but let me tell you, this style is chic, low maintenance, volume-boosting and best of all, eternally on-trend.

Keep your natural part and style a straight lob with some subtle layers and highlights for a unique touch.

Or keep your crop completely blunt for maximum impact.

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Haircuts For Square Faces

Typically square faces have strong features, so the length isn't so much in question here, short, long or in between, it doesn't matter.

What matters is how you frame your face.

You could accentuate them by rocking a sharper style.

With a broad forehead, strong jawline and wide cheekbones square faces can be very striking, especially when paired with edgy bangs or jagged layers.

The benefit of bangs is they minimise your forehead while pulling focus to your eyes.

This will draw attention to your already spotlight-stealing features.

Or you go for something softer like a mid-part with long locks and soft waves.

Curl the hair backwards from your face to create the illusion of softness and extra length in your features.

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Heart Faces

Fall in love with your heart-shaped face by getting a haircut to suit it.

So, what haircut should I get for a heart-shaped face?

Well, you probably could have guessed it but romantic waves and soft falling strands are best for this bone structure.

Heart shape faces feature wider foreheads and cheekbones with narrow chins and jawlines.

And like all good relationships, the love affair should begin with balance.

You want a flattering style that makes your eyes and lips pop.

This can be achieved with sweeping styles, soft waves and all one length strands.

Mid parts or subtle trapdoor bangs will help to accentuate your already chiselled cheekbones, creating a soft yet striking look that I'm sure you'll heart.

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