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5 Instagram Influencers Share Their Daily Skin Care Routine

5 Instagram Influencers Share Their Daily Skin Care Routine

What's the one thing I love more than a good skincare routine? 

Investigating other people's skincare routines. 

It's always nice to know how everyone else is doing it. 

Mostly, being graced with miracle products I would otherwise have never heard of. 

The right candidates for the job? 

The pretty faces of our favorite models and makeup artists who know a thing or two about flawless skin.  

Here, model Tash Galgut and hair and makeup artists Mia Connor, Amelia Webb, Tanielle Jai, and Ashley Antoine share their personal skincare routines with us so we can apply skincare like the pros. 


Tash Galgut (@tashgalgut)

Day job: Model & Student

Tash wears the THICK halo in col. Light Brown 6

One word to describe your skincare routine: Lifestyle.

Talk us through your skincare routine:

So, my skincare routine is a little different.

I've strayed away from the norm of cleansing, tone and moisturize, as I found it only made my face produce more oil than it needed.

After years of trial and error, here is what I found works for myself, 100% of the time 😊

I start with food, as the skin is an organ that reacts to the fuel you put into your body.

Like how food gives you the energy to complete your day to day activities, it's the source of energy for your organs, inclusive of your skin, to work at their optimum efficiency and be as effective as possible.

I aim to eat only plant-based whole foods and drink 2L of water per day.

I've noticed over the years, that my skin was worse when eating an omnivorous diet.

After changing my diet for health reasons, I noticed how much it benefited my skin.

I can see how much more radiant my skin is when I am eating a variety of plants and lots of water.

It's clearer, less oily and bright.

Now I notice breakouts when I have eaten refined sugars and excess salts.

Now, on an everyday basis, I wake up and thoroughly wash my face with warm water.

If I'm feeling oily or dirty I will cleanse with a Sukin cleanser and moisturize after.

If I start forming pimples, let's be honest, I usually go on a popping spree, but after, I'll exfoliate with an all-natural Appellees exfoliant.

I'm pretty sure it's meant for your body, but it's gentle enough for your face.

Always use a natural face scrub, that doesn't have microplastics.

Those are the little beads in exfoliants that are too rough for your skin and bad for the environment.

Less is more when applying chemicals to your skin, so my suggestion is to start with diet and then see what your skin really needs from there.

Best beauty advice you've been given:

Water, water, water!

Best beauty hack:

Ohhh where to start?

Cold metal spoons for puffiness, green tea bags for those Prada bags under your eyes.

Use a jade roller to increase circulation and blood flow to the face.

It's known benefits are to reduce inflammation, puffiness and brightens skin.

Also, it's fun and feels amazing 😊

Favorite part of your skincare routine:

Hmmm, I'm actually not in love with the actual process, but rather the result of the lifestyle.

I love the way clean skin makes you feel.

It provides you with this freshness first thing in the morning and puts you in a good mood to start your day.

What top three skincare products do you swear by?

  • Jade roller
  • Sukin cleanser
  • All whole food, plant products, and water

Anything else you want to add?

Remember that your appearance should not be the basis for confidence and self-worth.

As much as having clear skin will lessen stress, it does not and will not equal happiness within oneself.

If you're struggling with your skin, start with the basics.

Look at what you're putting into your body, as well as how polluted your environment is.

Also, look at your emotional environment as well.

Stress plays with your hormones, which will inevitably cause you to grow a pimple or two.

As much as it's hard to avoid stressors in your everyday life, you can control your reaction to these, which will minimize the stress incurred.


Mia Connor (@miaconnor

Day job: Hair & Makeup Artist  


One word to describe your skincare routine: Simple.

Talk us through your skincare routine: 

I'm very basic & in an effort to save time I cut as many corners as possible. I use the Ultraceuticals cleanser, moisturizer & sunscreen!

Best beauty advice you've been given: 

Your face stops below your cleavage - sunscreen all of it, face, ears, neck & décolletage daily!

Best beauty hack:

ESMI Skin Treats - their Hylauronic Acid morning & night keeps me hydrated especially with all the traveling I do.

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue is my go-to at the moment as a lightweight base that hydrates my skin & gives the illusion I'm well rested!

Favorite part of your skincare routine? 

Double cleansing - to get rid of all my makeup. Followed with a light exfoliation.

Anything else?

I got laser on my face & décolletage recently to remove pigmentation & sun damage & I cannot recommend it enough!


Amelia Webb (@makeupbyameliawebb)

Day job: Hair & Makeup Artist

Amelia wears the THICK halo in col. Beige Blonde 613

One word to describe your skincare routine: IMPORTANT.

Talk us through your skincare routine:

I cleanse every day in the shower, morning and night with a lactic gentle cleanser which is great for my dry skin.

Once out of the shower, my morning routine before makeup is applying a Vitamin C cream followed by the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream & Go-to Face Hero.

My night-time routine; Face Halo to remove makeup, then cleanser to remove remaining makeup.

I use a Glycolic scrub once a week followed by a night cream and Hyaluronic Serum.

I also apply a retinol cream 3 times a week at night usually, however now that I'm pregnant I've cut this out of my routine as you can't use retinol while pregnant. 

Best beauty advice you've been given: 

Introduce a retinol cream to your skincare routine (Skinstitut has an amazing one).

If you haven't used a retinol cream before make sure to introduce this into your skincare gradually.

I suggest waiting 3 days before applying it again after the first application.

This product is extremely intense but is a great anti-aging and acne care product that can help any skin type.   

Favorite part of your skincare routine? 

My night-time routine is my fav, I feel like I can apply a number of layers which then has time overnight to really work into my skin so when I wake in the morning if feels amazing. 

Top skincare products: 


Tanielle Jai (@taniellejaimua)

Day job: Hair & Makeup Artist


One word to describe your skincare routine: Experimental.

Talk us through your skincare routine: 

My skincare routine is actually just getting back to normal after I trialed (unsuccessfully) a new regime.

There was some hype around an "all-natural", "active ingredients" brand that was working for heaps of my friends and so I got FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and thought I would give it a go, as I have scarring from pimples and larger pores.

I wanted to try something that would help to eliminate the appearance of both of those problems and also plump my skin and make me look like a newborn baby.

It was an all-natural type of product, so I thought I couldn't go wrong.

But my skin hated it.

I purged the first week (this is normal for any new skin regime) but after five weeks, it was obvious this brand and my skin did not like to coexist.

Were there products you used to swear by that stopped working for you?

The products never really "stopped" working for me, I was just open to trying something new and more "natural".

I have now gone back to these products and within a few days, I immediately saw an improvement in my skin.

I've been using the Kate Somerville - Exfolikate Cleanser which is a daily cleanser, The Kate Somerville - Intensive Exfoliating Treatment, Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment, Moisture Surge Moisturiser and Spray by Clinique and the Night oil by Sunday Riley.

I also love the spot treatment by Kate Somerville for whenever I have a pimple pop up; it's called Eradikate Acne Treatment. (you will see results overnight! It's the best stuff).

What are your recommendations for skin care before makeup application?

As a makeup artist, a lot of people look at me like I am some miracle worker and that I can pull out my wand and fix someone's skin texture, erase pimples, etc.

There is only so much I can do in the time I have with my client.

It's so important to always be hydrating and looking after your skin!

Just a scrub, cleanse and moisturize the night before can make a world of difference for the next day's event!

If I have an event and I want to look immaculate, I spend almost a month prepping and get on top of my water consumption.

These are the steps I do for every makeup application:


I always clean the skin for my clients and myself before Applying any makeup.

I like to ensure I remove any excess oil, makeup, and skincare residue that may be sitting on the skin's surface.

I only use "Bioderma - Sensibio" as its a hospital-grade Micellar Water and great even on the most Sensitive of Skin.


I then will go in with a Hydration spray, something Like the Moisture Surge spray by Clinique, Mario Badescu Sprays, Ella Bache Radiance c Spray, Mac Fix plus, etc.

I will use this throughout the makeup or the day if the skin needs a pick me up, makeup looks too powdery, etc.


It depends on the skin type.

I can react to quite a few products so I always ensure that my client doesn't have super sensitive skin if applying hydration products.

I don't want to overload their skin with products and ingredients that they've never used.

I love Bioderma or Embryolisse moisturizers if their skin is quite sensitive.

If my clients are fine with switching up their moisturizers, I love the Tatcha Dewy Skin cream for a Normal - Dry skin type to achieve and glowy Hydrated finish.

Moisture Surge by Clinique is beautiful on all skin types.

Also, don't forget to hydrate the neck and decolletage.


I love to use an eye cream - I use the Ole Henriksen Banana Eye cream or Clinique Moisture surge eye Cream for the under eyes as the skin under the eyes is so thin and doesn't products much hydration for itself so that's why it's important to hydrate and be gentle in that area.

Also one of my favorite eye masks is the Peter Thomas Eye Masks.

They are the best!

5. LIPS:

I love a lip scrub to get the perfect pout - Frank Body has a beautiful scrub or Project Lip.

Also the Project Lip Masks to prep the lips are wonderful.

I then apply a lip balm, like Laneige Sleeping Lip Mask, or the Mecca Lip de Luscious to prep the lips.

Extra hydration is added depending on the time of year and skin type - I may add a light oil or serum in between spray and moisturizer.

Anything else you'd like to add?

To be honest, now that I'm 31 I really do wish I had looked after my skin and body a lot earlier.

I thought by now I wouldn't have pimples... but they keep coming back!

My breakouts aren't just because of products that may not work for my skin, it has a lot to do with my diet and my busy lifestyle.

I have not looked after my body and gut health over the last few years as work and two kids under 3 have really stretched me!

I'm the first to admit - I don't have this skin journey under control yet as I'm learning to balance my family, my health and work and the stress of that don't help my skin. It certainly hasn't made me look any younger - botox and filler have helped with that! A work-life-family balance is probably the key to healthy skin and that's my mission this year is to really look after myself, my body and my mind!


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Ashley Antoine (@ashleyantoinebeauty)

Day job: Hair & Makeup Artist

One word to describe your skincare routine: Hydration.

Talk us through your skincare routine:

I usually begin with some kind of oil or cream to loosen up and remove my makeup.

I like Kiehls Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil or Clinique “Take the day off” Cleansing balm.

The next step is to cleanse using a gentle cleanser.

I like Arcona “White Tea Purifying Cleanser.”

After this, I will use an exfoliator to buff away any dead or dry skin.

My FAVORITE one is Arcona “Cranberry Gommage” I use this about 2-3x a week depending on how my skin is feeling.

Next, a toner. I use Arcona “Cranberry Toner on a cotton pad, this really makes my skin feel super clean and adds hydration into the skin.

Finally for moisturizer, If it's daytime I will use one with SPF 20 or higher.

If its Nighttime, I opt for Tatcha Water Cream or Lancome “Absolue (Night)” night cream and Arcona “Peptide eye serum.”

Best beauty advice you've been given:

Always wear SUNSCREEN!

On your face, neck, and hands!

And also, never sleep with your makeup on, and drench your face in creams/serums/oils before bed because our skin rejuvenates while we rest!

Best beauty hack:

I've recently started using an ice roller on my face in the morning.

My face and eyes are usually pretty puffy when I first wake up so I keep an ice roller from amazon in my freezer, apply a little serum and roll my face.

The cold really helps to get the circulation going and makes me feel and look awake!

Favorite part of your skincare routine:

My favorite part is exfoliating my skin.

The pores on my nose tend to be more clogged so I really love scrubbing away all of that and it makes my skin feel so soft and refreshed.

Top skincare products:

  • Arcona Cranberry Gommage and Triad Pads
  • Caudalíe Beauty Elixir
  • Arcona Peptide eye serum

Anything else?

I also think its really important to not forget about the lips in the skincare routine, especially at night.

I am completely obsessed with Laneige “Lip Sleeping Mask.”

I put it on before bed and when I wake up my lips feel more plump and hydrated..


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