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Halo Hair Extensions: Short Hair To Long Hair In Seconds

The short blunt cut is super on-trend right now.  If you're thinking about it, you should definitely rock it.

But are you a little nervous to make the cut? There's no doubt at some point, you or one of your gal pals has said the words:

"I'm thinking about cutting my hair short. I love how her hair looks short, I'd love to have my hair like that but I'm scared! What if I cut it and then I miss my long hair?"

Yep, we've all heard it, or said it, before. Well, guess what... You can have your short hair and long hair too. Halo hair extensions are perfect for when you do the chop.


If you decide to go down this road, you'll need to make sure that your hair will blend with your halo hair extensions.

How to blend Halo hair extensions with short hair

Let's look at @rhiannon.abrahams, pictured above. (Rhiannon wears the MEDIUM Halo in Beige Blonde/Dark Blonde blend in 20 inches.) You can see her natural haircut is very short, with a thick, straight blunt cut. 

At first glance, you would think it would be almost impossible to hide short hair like this under hair extensions. But here's the trick:

As Rhiannon has tried and tested: "the best way to disguise a short blunt cut with your Halo is to work with what you've got". Meaning style your Halo to compensate for your short hair.

How to cut hair extensions to blend with short hair

First of all, you have to cut your Halo to an appropriate length. 

Our Halos are 16 and 20 inches long. Generally most girls, even with long hair, give the Halo a little trim to make the length blend better and look more like their real hair. 

So for short hair girls, you'll definitely need to give the Halo a decent chop. 

For example:

Rihannon kept her Halo quite long when she had long hair. After getting her blunt haircut, she gave her Halo a shorter trim than usual. As you can see in the previous photo, it still gives her plenty of length.  

She also added a bunch of layers. Layering is crucial to make extensions look real in short hair. Textured layers add more volume to perfectly disguise a blunt cut underneath.


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Styling tips to make extensions look real in short hair. 

After you've cut your Halo, add more volume and texture with curls.

Textured waves and curls will be your best friend when wearing hair extensions to go from short hair to long hair. Using a 32mm curling wand, create loose, natural waves.

Rule of thumb:

The more texture you give your hair, the better your extensions will blend with your short hair.


Pro-Tip: How to hide short hair under extensions

Got very short, thick hair? This tip is seriously genius.

Watch how Rihannon puts her extensions in her short hair using this great hair hack:



And that's it! 

Once you've cut and styled your extensions, you can go from short hair to long hair instantly, whenever you like. 


If you're thinking about making the chop and you don't already own extensions. We recommend halo hair extensions, obviously. 

Besides all the other benefits of our halo extensions, they simply are the best extensions for short hair, because:

  1. They don't cause any damage to your own hair.
  2. They're easy to put in and take out (literally in seconds).
  3. They're super low maintenance, and therefore low cost. 

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Written by Mae

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