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causes and how to relieve itchy scalp

How to Stop Scalp Itching: 5 Actually Easy Ways

Got an itch you're looking to scratch?


Like an actual itch.

You'd be surprised:

So many people suffer from an itchy scalp.


Even more wanna know how to relieve scalp itching at-home.

It doesn't have to go on for months to be annoying.

Or cause for remedy.

Occasional scalp itchiness can really leave you wondering:

Is this bad?

We'll dive into the simpler reasons for occasional scalp itching.

But, also:

The causes of that more terrible, incessant, and constant...



Don't worry.

We won't leave you there.

Here's 5 easy tips on how to stop scalp itching too.

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What causes an itchy scalp?

Good question.


Only your scalp really knows.

We tend to forget that our scalp exists under that luscious halo.


That it's the health powerhouse for your hair.

Anything from:

Your diet;

The ingredients in your hair products;



Can all be reasons why your hands are creeping up to relieve your scalp so often.

Think of it like this:

An itch is just your scalp reminding you to stop whatever THAT is.

Use the process of elimination to sort what you've got.

And slowly remove;

(Or be extra mindful of)

These potential scalp itching reasons.

Here's what might be causing scalp itchiness:

  1. Dry skin: A likely cause, but often not the only one
  2. Dandruff: And there's various reasons for that too (see here)
  3. Stress: It causes more than just that sweaty, uneasy feeling
  4. Photosensitizing medications: Antihistamines, Accutane, and SSRIs are just a few meds that may be causing skin reactions
  5. Lice: Don't fret, most itches aren't lice (but it's not off the table)
  6. Sunburn: if you're not a hat person, this is the fastest way to get an itchy scalp

By the way:

If you're on medications that cause photosensitivity.


You're having lots of sun exposure.


You have no sun protection.

That's 1:

BOLD of you.

And 2:

Really mean for your already-sensitive scalp skin.

So, please:

Always research the side effects of even over-the-counter drugs.

Grab a UV-protectant scalp product like this, this, or this.

Get into wide headbands, head scarves, or hats!

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How to Relieve an Itchy Scalp

If you're starting to believe you have an itchy scalp caused by dandruff;

Or a skin condition:

Like psoriasis or eczema.

It could require something more than a tweak to your routine.

Implement these itchy scalp DIY remedies.

But also;

Do your own research about the differences between dry scalp vs. dandruff.


Always seek medical attention where needed!

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Itchy Scalp Remedy 1

Fluids are your friend.

It's the age old top of our to-do list:

Drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

This is also just amazing for other skin, body, and brain functions.


Water gets you pretty far.

But, also!

You can use benefit-packed liquids directly on your scalp.

Use aloe vera juice for moisturizing and soothing relief.

Apple cider vinegar for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.


Create a rice water rinse.

A miracle beauty fluid in its own right:

You'll get anti-dandruff, anti-itch, and oil-control benefits.

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Itchy Scalp Remedy 2

Up your shower game.

It's 2021.

Your hair deserves an upgrade.


Stop washing your hair so damn much!

There's tons of benefits in scalp sebum.


You're likely scrubbing away all that goodness.


Most good hair days come from an oily hairstyle.


Use a DIY scalp treatment between washes.


In-between shampoo and conditioner.


End with a cold water rinse.

It's beyond amazing for your hair follicles.

And scalp!

Keep the hot water to a minimum.


We know.


Your skin will be A LOT less dry!

All over.

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brown bubble ponytail with relieved itchy scalp

Wearing The THICK Halo in col. #4

Itchy Scalp Remedy 3

Opt-in those essential oils.

You can add these to hair masks;

Use them in a scalp exfoliation session;

You can apply some oils directly to your scalp;

Or just drop some in your shower products.

In any case:

These are the big secret in how to relieve an itchy scalp.

Go for:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Peppermint oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Lemongrass oil
  • Rose geranium oil


high blonde ponytail without cause for scalp itchiness

Wearing The MEDIUM Halo in col. #20c

Itchy Scalp Remedy 4

When you're stressed:

Your body produces a hormone called cortisol.


This can be super irritating if you've got a sensitive scalp.

So irritating...

...people can lose their hair when they're stressed.


How do you stop heavy-handed cortisol?

Easier said than done:

Stress less.

  • Make time to find calm in your day
  • Take a long bath or long walk
  • Talk it out and vent with someone
  • Incorporate aromatherapy into your work space (i.e. lavender oil)
  • Do deep breathing exercises
  • Try to meditate for 30 minutes per day

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Itchy Scalp Remedy 5

Use common household moisturizing ingredients!

You don't have to go far;

To find out how to stop scalp itching.

You likely have relief waiting for you;

Less than a room away!


You already know how much we heart moisturizing masks.


If you're partial to life's more simple pleasures:

Here are some 1-ingredient masks:

  1. Warm olive oil (~ahhhh)
  2. Crushed avocado
  3. Colloidal oatmeal (this is different than your breakfast oats, but those are moisturizing too).
  4. Smashed banana
  5. Room-temperature coconut oil


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