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The Best & Worst Products To Use On Hair Extensions

The Best & Worst Products To Use On Hair Extensions

There's a lot of questions around what products you can use on hair extensions.

100% Remy human hair extensions are always going to be chemically processed, they need to be.

They've been carefully collected from a hair doner, put through a very slow colouring process and then put through many more processes to preserve a high-quality natural texture, seal the colour and ensure longevity.

So while it still looks and feels like human hair (because it is), there are certain ingredients you should avoid using on Remy hair extensions, to prevent the risk of ingredients having a chemical reaction with the refined processed hair.

Which leaves us with this question:

What products can I use on my Remy hair extensions? 


To save you the regret of accidentally using the wrong product on your extensions, we've put together a guide on what products you can use on Remy hair.


Keep in mind: 

These products are safe to use on our Sitting Pretty Halo hair extensions which are made from 100% high-quality Remy hair. 

However, not all Remy hair is of the same quality, so we can't speak on behalf of other extensions brands when it comes to guaranteeing what products are safe to use. 


Q: What's the best shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions? 

As Remy hair is highly processed, it requires special treatment when washing.

You can't just use any old shampoo and conditioner.

Remy hair needs to be washed with non-toxic formulas, that have just the right amount of silicon.

We struggled to find the best shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions, so we made our own.

The Soft'er & Shiny'er kit is a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for Remy hair.

It's got the perfect amount of silicon and is 100% paraben free.

You can get your hands on it here.


Alternatively, a good rule of thumb is:

Avoid shampoos and conditioners that are designed for problematic hair such as:

  • thin hair
  • dry hair
  • oily hair
  • colour-damaged hair 

When choosing shampoo and conditioner, make sure the products are for 'normal/regular hair' only.

This is the best way to make sure there are no ingredients that could cause a chemical reaction and unwanted texture to the hair extensions. 

A good drugstore/supermarket option is:

Pantene's Daily Moisture - it's not ideal for your natural hair because of the huge amount of silicon, but it's actually great for hair extensions as it'll give them a nice coat of silicon, making them feel softer.


Click here to learn how to wash your Sitting Pretty Halo


Q: What smoothing products can I use if my Remy hair extensions get a little frizzy?

Treatments don't tend to work as you'd expect on hair extensions.

Remy hair isn't designed to absorb hair care products such as treatments or serums, so don't waste your expensive products on it.  

This is because they don't penetrate the chemically processed hair like your natural hair which is super porous.

So don't bother.

However, some serums (not all) are really good.

I've only found the Wella SP Luxe Oil to be the best product for smoothing out and softening dry hair extensions.

Mainly because its quite a light, thin oil that perfectly coats the hair.

Leaving it looking and feeling natural, smooth and lush.


Wondering what smoothing products to avoid?

Where people tend to go wrong is they use Moroccan Oil or coconut oil.

This is the most gluggy and thick oil for hair extensions.

It will suffocate the hair and can cause friction, making it look worse, and are only going to saturate your hair extensions in an oily coating that's actually really hard to get out!

So best to avoid oils like these.


If your hair extensions do get frizzy:

  1. Brush your hair extensions first.
  2. Blast it with some warm air from your hair dryer. This will blow away any dust that may have built up on the hair.
  3. Apply the Wella SP Luxe Oil to your hand.
  4. Rub the oil in between your hands, then stroke the hair to evenly distribute the oil onto your extensions.


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Q: Can I use hairspray on hair extensions?

You can, but we recommend only using it when you really really need to.

NEVER use the hardcore old-school stuff that your mum and aunties used in the '80s.

That stuff will destroy your hair extensions. 


There are incredible, newly formulated soft and gentle hair sprays on the market now.

Some of the hairstylists we work with use: 


Some hairsprays contain flammable solvents, so make sure your hairspray of choice isn't flammable.


You may accidentally burn your hair extensions when you try to style them.

Ie. if your Halo still had flammable hairspray in it from last weekend, and then you decide to curl it…

You'd be applying heat to a flammable product.

It's a recipe for disaster and a cooked halo extension.

To be safe, wash any build up of product out of the Halo before using hot styling tools.


Q: Should I use heat protectant spray on Remy hair extensions?

This is A BIG YES.

The best product for hair extensions is heat protector.

If you're styling your halo with hot tools, you most definitely should use heat protecting spray.

Just like your natural hair, too much heat can damage your halo hair too.

Remember this is highly processed hair and isn't attached to a source of nutrients like your hair is.

So the more you apply heat, the more damaged it will become over time.

And the soft silicone coating will wear off.

Spray your halo with heat protectant before styling to increase the lifespan of your halo's Remy hair.

I recommend:


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Q: Can I use texturising powders or sprays on hair extensions?

Yes, but stick to texturising sprays over powders.

Light products work best on hair extensions as you want to avoid a build-up of product.


Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair - it's like a mix between dry shampoo and a soft hair spray, so it's gentle yet gives you that gritty hair texture without too much product build-up.


Q: Can I use sea-salt spray on hair extensions?

Sea salt spray is one of those products that you'll need to wash out of your halo every time you use it.

So try not to use it unless you need to. 

Washing your halo too often will strip it of the silicon processing that helps keep the hair fresh and soft.

Our Sitting Pretty Halo will naturally dry with beachy curls after you wet it. 

However, if you do need to use a sea-salt spray every now and then, Eleven Sea Salt Spray is a good light-weight option. 


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Q. Can I use blue/purple shampoo on my halo? 


You can use both purple and blue shampoo.

A good purple shampoo we can recommend is the Evo Fabuloso Colour Boosting Treatment.

If you're unsure about the brand of purple/blue shampoo you want to use on your halo, stay on the safe side and send us an email or consult with your hairdresser first. 


Q. Can I use toner on my halo? 

Yes, but we recommend getting a professional to do it or supervising the halo to watch the colour changing.

Otherwise, it could over-process.

Hair extensions are more porous than your natural locks, so they absorb colours and toners faster.

Some professional toner brands work better than others.

So it's best to get a hairdresser who's experienced with Remy hair extensions to tone your halo for you. 

If you're going to use professional toners, make sure your halo is wet (not washed) before applying.

This will help the toner glide on for a more even result.


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Do not use these products on halo hair extensions


Alcohol is a drying chemical and should absolutely be avoided.

Products with alcohol in them are bad for both your hair extensions and your natural hair, so check the hair care products you're using don't contain alcohol. 


Like alcohol, sulphate will dry out your hair extensions and strip the colour. 

Another big NO. 

Sulphate is most commonly found in shampoo, so make sure your shampoo is sulphate-free.


As Remy hair has already been chemically processed, bleaching the extensions will cause the hair to dry out and can potentially ruin the colour. 

You don't want that kind of hair extensions heartbreak in your life. 

If you can't find a perfect halo colour match, we recommend choosing a lighter colour that's closest to your shade, and then toning it darker. 

Need help with a halo hair extensions colour match? Click here


Bristled brushes

Our halos all come with a fine tooth comb in the box.

And for good reason.

This is the best way to comb Remy hair extensions.

It'll detangle your halo without causing frizziness or ripping the hair.

Your regular, big bristle brush, on the other hand, is too rough.

It'll break the hair strands.

Remember human hair extensions are more delicate than your natural hair. 

So you need to comb the extensions gently.


Got questions about the Sitting Pretty Halo? Comment below.



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