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Best hair styling tools for boosting hair volume

5 Must-Have Hair Styling Tools To Boost Your Hair Routine

You are your hair;

It's why they call it a bad hair day.

And it's why we say goodbye to them by giving you the secrets to more good hair days.

Because we know when your hair feels amazing, you do too.

Good hair days start with hella' volume, obvs.

This is a roll call to make sure you've got the best styling tools for volume, plus other items every girl should own.

So that you can be the hair queen you truly are.

1. Get The Perfect Wavy Hair In A Jiffy

Best curler for more hair volume

The 32mm curling wand is easily the best styling tool for volume. 

It's the go-to for natural'er looking thick, wavy hair.

It allows you to effortlessly curl thick pieces of hair.

So you can get your locks beach-wavy - ASAP.

For the realest looking waves:

  • Alternate the direction of your curls.
  • Make sure you wait for your hair to completely cool down
  • Then run your fingers through your curls to separate.
Now go strut your stuff like you woke up like this.


2. A Louvelle Shower Cap

shower cap gives you thick hair

Where fashion meets shower. How do you think Beyonce gets more Beyonce'r?

It starts with this goddess-like shower cap.

Because when you feel amazing getting ready, you feel amazing when you step outside, flip your hair back and shake what your mumma gave you.

Also, this is shower cap is one of Oprah's Favourite Things so naturally we love it...

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3. Get softer, stronger, bouncier

miracle hair treatment for hair volume

This treatment is bible.

I swear by it like that buff guy at the gym swears by pre-workout.

First of all, the scent is heaven.

Imagine the scent of sun-baking with coconut tanning oil on a tropical island...

...In a bottle.

Eleven's Miracle Hair Treatment isn't just a pretty scent though.

Here's the thing:

It makes my hair more soft and cushiony than anything else I've used.

Hands down.

I recommend running it through your towel dried hair every 2-3 weeks or when your hair is feeling a little more dry and rough than usual.

Give it a shot!

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4. More volume? I've got just the thing...

volume styling thickens out your hair

Volume styling mousse.

I know what you're thinking. It sounds gross, glunky, heavy, all of the above.

But... know I've got your back babe. I only recommend things that make your hair feel good'er.

Styling mousse is the best for volume.


It does wonders for us girls with thin-hair problems.

Here's what to do:

First: After your hair is towel dried, run a seriously generous amount of mousse through your roots.

Then: Blow dry your hair from roots to ends in an upwards motion.

You can thank me later.

5. Hairstylists best kept secret

tangle teezers for boosting hair volume

This baby is the everything brush.

For medium to thick hair, it detangles.

It's super firm plastic bristles allow you to brush your hair wet or dry, sans breakage.

What you probably didn't know is that it's a hair stylist's best kept secret styling tool for creating volume in medium to thin hair.

Word on the street internet is that celebrity hair stylists use a Tangle Teezer brush to lightly massage the scalp at the last stage of styling for a whole lot'a extra fullness.

If you're reading this and you're impressed but also kinda like I just want voluminous, thick healthy hair more than anything...

...Then you probably need a Sitting Pretty Halo Hair extension in your life babe.

Not here to toot my own horn (well, kind of) but our Halo Hair Extensions will give you fuss free thick hair, without ANY damage.

To say ciao to your thin-hair problems click here.


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