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 Perfect Wedding Hair woman in white gown

The Secret To Perfect Wedding Hair

You've found your perfect man. 

You've got the perfect wedding dress to marry him in. 

And of course, you'll need the perfect hair! 

Come wedding day, you may have to worry about your bridesmaids being hungover from the rehearsal dinner.

But having a bad hair day is one drama no bride needs on her special day. 

So what's the secret to ensuring your wedding day is your best hair day yet? 

Incorporating halo hair extensions into your bridal glam.  

Wedding hairstyles with extensions are bound to turn your bridal Pinterest board into a reality in no time. 

After all, we think the best 'something new' a bride could have is new hair ;)


Get wedding hair that will last all night long.

wedding hair with hair extensions  

There's nothing more frustrating than getting your hair styled with beautiful waves or curls.

And then within the hour your curls have dropped. 

But curls in halo hair extensions? 

They'll keep the perfect waves 24/7.

Even when you're shaking your head, dancing on tables. 

Our halos are made from 100% real human Remy hair.

So they'll look as natural as your own hair.

And will give you bouncy, luscious waves all through your special day. 

Got thin hair that never holds? 

Not only do halo extensions add volume to your hair.

But they serve a practical purpose for brides.

Thicker hair will keep your hairstyle in place better.

Bobby pins will stay in more securely (and not slip out of your thin hair).

Your wedding veil comb will feel more snug. 

Your updo will hold still. 

And if you're rocking a ponytail, it won't fall out mid-wedding.  

Our halo extensions give that much needed extra security for your big day.


All your dream wedding hairstyles made possible. 

wedding hairstyles with hair extensions

It's the day you've been dreaming about since you were a little girl.

You deserve to have your dream hair too.

Nothing should stand in the way of you and your ideal wedding hairstyle.

Not even thin hair problems. 

Whether you want long, dreamy mermaid hair...

Or extra volume for your ultimate bridal hair look...

Our halo hair extensions are the key to achieving your wedding hair goals.

Our halos come in 3 thicknesses: Fine, Medium and Thick

So you can find the perfect halo to give you bridal hair sent from the angels.  

Keep reading to see some of our favourite wedding hairstyles with halo hair extensions.

boho hair inspiration for brides  

Boho braids. This is a wedding hairstyle that requires a lot of hair volume to master, as the braid needs to be tugged and pulled at to create that messy, worn in braid affect. Amelia Abrahams wears the Medium halo in colour Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde 613/10. 


Princess waves. If you feel more comfortable with your hair out rather than complete hairdo, this one's for you. Add volume and length to soft wavy hair, and pin the front bits of your hair around your head to create a simple yet goddess-like wedding hairstyle with your halo. 

@jacinda_may wears the Medium halo in Dark Brown 2.

wedding hairstyle inspiration with extensions

Classic ponytail. You can't go wrong with an elegant ponytail, but the key is to make it long and voluminous. Here @jodycallanhair has used the Medium halo in Ash Blonde 18 to add thickness and length, so this ponytail looks full and luscious.

If your hair is really short, check out our guide on how to wear a ponytail with halo hair extensions. 

updos for short hair with extensions

Twisted ponytail updo. A stunning bridal updo that really compliments the veil, as you can secure the veil to sit above the ponytail. Whether you have short hair, thin hair, or just want more hair, our halo can help you achieve this look.

@hairbysarahboxshall styled this updo using the MEDIUM halo in Beige Blonde 613.

Achieve professional bridal hairstyles right in your own home...

Prefer to DIY? 

Halo hair extensions make it easy to get professionally styled bridal hair, without the professional.  

Check out these videos of wedding hairstyles with extensions that you can create in just minutes.



Want more? 

Now that you've discovered how our halo extensions can bring life to your wedding hair, here's some more hairstyle inspiration for you, your bridesmaids, and any other girl who's dreaming of thicker, longer hair.

Also for more wedding planning tips, check out Gabbibar's wedding planning blog.

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