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Hair volume tips for girls

5 Ridiculously Easy Volume Hacks for Your Ponytail

[Image: @kristyannehair]

Ever wondered why your ponytail isn't a figure of #hairgoals perfection? Why it doesn't look like the hair inspo on Insty you've tried to recreate?

It's probably because you don't know these five secrets. But you're in luck, because I do.

So, sit back. Put your feet up. Hell, grab a margarita. It's 5pm somewhere… And I'll show you how to get a thick ponytail that's extra, without the drama.

1. The prep.

Thick hair products


It all starts when you're out of the shower. It's priming time. When you hair has been towel dried, spray your hair thoroughly with sea salt spray.

Be sure to use products that wont damage your hair.

The trick to texture is to scrunch the product into your hair with your fingers, rather than a stroking motion.

If you're blow drying your hair, make sure you continue to scrunch your locks upwards under the heat. This will give you that fuller, tousled look.

2. The hair tie trick of all hair tie tricks.

Ponytail with volume


Let's get back to basics. The first volume obstacle you're facing, is your hair tie. It. Won't. Stay. Tight. We want our ponytails to look bouncy, not sad.

What would you do if I told you you didn't need 2-3 hair ties to make your ponytail stay put? All you need is an elastic hair tie. And two bobby pins. I know what you're thinking. Some serious rocket science is about to go down.

First, take your hair tie, and thread the two bobby pins so you have one at each end. Collect your hair in your hands to make your ponytail. Secure bobby pin #1 firmly at the top of your ponytail.

Then, pull bobby pin #2 as you stretch your now doubled hair tie around your ponytail. Tightly wrap the elastic around and then secure your second bobby pin under your ponytail.

You've just created the strength of two hair ties, in one. And your ponytail looks happy. You're welcome.

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3. The strip-tease.

Tips for adding volume to hair

[Image: @_hairbygabrielle]

Appropriately named because you're going to need to split your hair into strips. Then tease.

If you've been watching how all the hair gods do it. Which, obvs, I have been. The general rule of thumb is: the more sections you part the hair in your ponytail. The more volume.

To make those locks thicker than thick, use your new hair tie trick to tie your pony. Then split your ponytail in two. Or three. Or four. Or five. You get the jist.

Clipping aside the top section of hair, grab the second section and use a wide tooth comb to tease in an upward motion at the root of your ponytail.

Repeat with as many sections of hair as your volume-loving heart desires. Once you've teased all the under layers, release the top section of your ponytail and act natural… Nothing to see here. It's just my ponytail, but ponytail'er.

4. The undercover ponytail.

Hidden ponytail tips


This is probably the best kept secret for getting more volume in your ponytail and extra length. This is to create those ponytails you see and think 'how is her ponytail so long and thick? Is that real?'

You're going to divide your hair in two even parts - top and bottom. Make a mid ponytail with the bottom section. And a high ponytail with the top section. That's right. A secret ponytail that no one knows about!

To disguise your secret ponytail, you'll need to use your new teasing method to add more volume to the top pony. This look works better with hair that's wavy or curly, to really blend your two ponytails together.

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5. The friends that make you thicker.

Hair volumizing products

Most things in life are better with friends. Your ponytail included. Let me introduce you to your new besties for a thick ponytail.

Texture spray and thickening powder. More volume. Less of the yuck hair products that make your hair feel crunchy.

Use these products at the roots of your ponytail to add body and enhance your teasing game. It's a safe way to make sure your ponytail stays voluminous while you're dancing the night away to Destiny's Child.

Your ponytail doesn't need 2 hours and 12 products. With these tricks up your sleeve, a thick ponytail is effortless.

If you've tried these volume tips and you're still dreaming of a ponytail that's fuller, bouncier and on point'ier, click here.

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