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The Brushes Your Hair Needs And Wants

The Brushes Your Hair Needs And Wants

We've all got different hair with different needs and wants.

Some hair wants to be softer, some wants a bit of attention, some wants endless compliments.

You might not look at your hairbrush as part of your hair care strategy, but I'm here to tell you; you should. 


The wrong brush can actually damage your hair, causing breakage and split ends. 

This happens when the bristles of your brush and the material your brush is made out of does suit your hair type or styling needs.

Depending on your hair texture and how you're styling your hair, there's do's and don'ts when it comes to brushes. 

These are the different types of brushes to give you what you need.


Your hair keeps getting tangled.

best brush for detangling hair

Use a Synthetic Bristle Brush.

If thick hair comes naturally to you, you need a solid brush paddle with a lot of bristles so you can brush through your hair thoroughly. 

These type of detangling brushes usually come with tiny round beads on the end of the bristle, to make it more gentle when your brush comes into contact with your hair. 


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You want your hair to dry faster.

best brush for drying hair faster

Get a Vented Brush.

Like your Saturday night dress, it's open-backed, so the heat from blow dryer can reach all strands.

It also ensures you don't trap too much heat in your hair during the drying process.

The best way to dry your hair is with your blow-dryer on cool to warm heat.

Avoid going hotter than necessary with your blow-dry temperature. 

Then hold the brush under the section of hair you want to dry, so that the bristles are facing away from your head. 

Move the brush slowly down your hair to dry it more effectively. 

Don't forget:

You should always position the blow-dryer so its blowing air from the roots downwards, that way the air is going with the hair follicle and not against it. 

Blow-drying in the direction of the hair follicle will leave your hair looking it's most smooth and shiny. 


You want to be blow-wavier.


Get a Round Brush.

It gives hair more volume.

The smaller the brush, the tighter the wave.

If you have fine, short hair and you're blow drying your hair, opt for a more narrow round brush to get waves. 

It'll last longer. 

For thicker, longer hair, bigger is better.

A thick round brush will give you soft, bouncy waves. 

It's also much quicker to blow dry thick hair with a wider round brush, as you can blow dry bigger sections at a time. 

Pro tip:

Alternate the way you roll your hair around the round brush (under or over) to add more dimension to your blow out.


You have curly hair. 

best brush for curly hair

Opt for a Tangle Teezer. 

The bristles on these babies are flexible, so they can move with your hair.

This means your brush won't cause breakage. 

Using stiff metal or plastic bristles on curly hair can be too rough for brushing through curls and will cause split ends, so the flexible rubber bristles are much more gentle. 

You'll notice straight away that the Tangle Teezer does a great job at detangling without pulling as much hair out as your other brushes. 

Even better:

The Tangle Teezer is perfect for evenly coating hair treatment through your hair.


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You want to grow your hair.

best hair brush for shiny, healthy hair

Get a Boar Bristle Brush.

These brushes are particularly great for fine hair to stimulate hair growth.

The soft bristles massage the scalp, increasing blood flow and activating the production of our scalps' natural oils.  

These bristles also work to cleanse the hair follicles, leaving hair looking and feeling softer and shinier. 


You need to brush your hair extensions.

best brush for hair extensions

A Loop Brush will get the job done.

When it comes to detangling hair extensions, you want the most delicate, gentle brush so that it doesn't pull any hair from the weft.

The fine loops help smooth out bumps, and gently combs through hair without pulling or tearing hair. 

A Loop Brush should be used by first detangling the ends of the extensions and working your way up.

Using a Loop Brush is also the most accurate way to separate hair and is perfect for blending your Sitting Pretty Halo. 


Avoiding using heavy-duty brushes with thick, strong bristles that may tug at the weft hair of extensions.

Looking to grow your hair? Read our 10 tips for hair growth here. 


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