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10 Natural Wavy Hairstyles Trending On Instagram

10 Natural Wavy Hairstyles Trending On Instagram

Scrolling through Instagram, you may notice that the style-sphere is returning to more minimalist and natural trends. 

Among the tonal styles, one-coloured eye shadows, barely there makeup and unkempt brows is an array of natural wavy hairstyles that just scream cool-girl chic.

Natural wavy hairstyles carry a certain effortless je ne sais quoi quality for the ultimate "woke up like this" look.

I don't know about you, but I for one was not blessed with off duty model "woke up like this" waves.

My bedhead more resembles dry two minute noodles.





Fortunately, these natural wavy hairstyles are not hard to create! 

With the right hair care and the right styling tools, you can achieve the natural wavy hairstyles of your dreams. 

From tousled manes to vintage waves, bright colours and yes, even mermaid waves, I have rounded up my fave ten natural wavy hairstyles trending on Instagram.


Beach Waves 


woman wears THICK halo in col. Dark Blonde + Light Brown 10/6.

Here, @natysechan wears THICK halo in col. Dark Blonde + Light Brown 10/6. Styled by @ashleapenfold


Gram-worthy beach waves don't always require a trip to the sunny shores of your local coast. 

Although that's probably the most fun way to achieve this, you can still rock these seaside strands sans the salty water.

One of the easiest and least damaging methods to get these casual curls is to use sea-salt spray. 

You can use sea-salt spray on clean or unwashed hair. 

Just spritz slightly dampened hair, then scrunch your locks with your hands. 

This will create effortless and textured waves that look fresh from the surf. 

If sea salt spray isn't cutting it, you can create beach waves using a curling iron. 

Apply your favourite lightweight, volumising mousse to damp locks and let your hair air-dry.

Then carefully separate your hair, clipping it horizontally to create three separate sections. 

Curl your hair in small sections, leaving the ends out of the curling barrel to achieve a more "lived-in" look.

Around your face, curl your hair backwards to accentuate your features. 

Once you have styled your entire head, brush your curls out and scrunch using hair spray. 

Apply a texturising powder to your roots and pull it through your ends. 


Tousled Waves


Cath wears the MEDIUM halo in col. Ash Blonde 18

Here, @cathlinulrichsen wears the MEDIUM halo in col. Ash Blonde 18, styled by @emmachenartistry



But make it fashion. 

Reminiscent of 90s' grunge, this natural wavy hairstyle somehow gives off bad girl vibes while still being flirty and feminine. 

Channelling some serious "morning-after" feels, tousled waves look equally as chic with smudgy eyeliner and leather as they do with flowy dresses and a pair of pearly clips.   

While only a lucky few can roll out of bed with perfectly tousled locks, the rest of us mere mortals can still create these textured waves with the magic of styling. 

While this is a grungy look, greasy hair is an absolute no. 

Always start with a clean canvas! 

If your hair is super silky, wash your hair the night before and apply some texturising spray to add volume and prevent slipperiness. 

To get these undone waves, tong your strands in alternating directions. 

Separate your hair into three sections, top, middle and bottom and leave the front of your hair around your face as a separate section. 

Starting at the bottom, curl 1 inch wide sections of hair, leaving out the ends. 

Only holding your hair on the iron for about 5 seconds, curling each strand in the same direction.

Repeat for the middle and top sections alternating the direction of the curls as you go.

Now, curl the front section away from your face to help frame your features. 

Texturise your tousles by running your fingers through them to create a messy, slept-in look. 

Or maybe just take a nap, you know, for authenticity. 


Top Knot Waves


wears the THICK halo in col. Dark Brown 2

Here, @abbeystockwell wears the THICK halo in col. Dark Brown 2. Styled by @thanhtheman


Thanks to Instagram, top knots have had a real glow up the last few years.

They've gone from the hairstyle choice of primary-school-age children in the 90s' to bonafide chic. 

And lazy gals everywhere rejoice because top knots are as effortless as they look! 

(Unlike a messy bun which takes two hours, six cans of hair spray and the sacrifice of your firstborn). 

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From brunch to the bar, top-knots are the perfect hairstyle for erry damn day. 

(Seriously, if you see me rocking a top-knot at my wedding, mind ya business).

Adding some waves will give your traditional top knot a touch of individuality.

Just wave your hair using your fave styling tool and pull your front sections back into a messy bun.

Pin and place the bun at the top of your head and pull pieces out as you like. 

For a little extra something-something, add a silk headscarf or a patterned scrunchie to the base of your bun. 

Keep your waves sleek or tousle them using some hair spray, depending on the look you want. 


Ombre Waves


Here, @kristinamendonca wears the FINE halo in col. Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde 613/10.  Styled by @emmachenartistry


Ombre is just as popular as when it first took over Instagram all those years ago. 

And it seems as though this hair trend will never die. 

But honestly, I am here for it. 

Naturally wavy hairstyles and ombre is a match made in hair heaven! 

Where straight strands can make this two-toned trend look a bit choppy, waves allow ombre to blend smoothly.

If you don't want to commit to dying the ends of your hair, just purchase a halo a shade lighter than your natural locks.

Put it in, add some soft waves and voila, you have the perfect temporary ombre look.  


Lob Waves


maddie thomson wears the FINE halo in col. Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde 613/10

Here, @maddie.thomson wears the FINE halo in col. Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde 613/10 styled by @emmachenartistry. 


Textured lobs are arguably the biggest naturally wavy hairstyle ever to hit the hashtag circuit.

Seriously, I challenge you to name an influencer or celeb who hasn't rocked a textured lob at least once.

The lob is universally flattering on all face shapes and works equally as well in thick hair as it does in thin hair.

To achieve this look, roughly curl the mid-length and end sections of your hair only and style with your fingers using a lightweight mousse for volume and texture. 

Thin-haired honeys looking for some extra va va voom can add a fine halo and trim it to match your own length for some volume. 




Sitting pretty Halo hair extensions

 Via @jaye_edwards ⠀⠀⠀⠀


There is nothing less #ontrend than looking like a bottle blonde or a box brunette. 

Highlights are the perfect way to make your coloured hair look natural, which is totally where it's at right now. 

Natural wavy hairstyles, when paired with highlights, create a combo smoother than pricey pink gin and tonic. 

Creamy highlights styled with big bouncy, smooth waves on healthy, glossy hair are definitely getting some double taps RN.

Achieving this look comes down to your hair care routine, more than your skills as a stylist. 

Even the best hairdresser can't get smooth, sleek waves from a frizzy, dry mane. 

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So, treat yo' self to deep conditioning or an oil treatment the night before styling. 

To get big bouncy waves that will highlight your highlights, ensure you keep the hair flat as you wrap it around your curling iron and focus the curls from the middle of your hair to the ends.

Leave the iron on each strand for about 6 seconds and then bend the ends under so they don't flick out. 

Brush your waves out gently with a paddle brush and apply some anti-frizz oil through the ends. 

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Wavy Ponytail 


kate wears the Medium Halo in col. Dark Blonde + Light Brown 10/6. Sitting Pretty Halo Hair Extensions


Once exclusively for school, the gym or the netball court, ponytails are still here if we need. 

And we definitely do need. 

The humble ponytail may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think natural wavy hairstyles. 

But a wavy ponytail is one of the easiest and hottest looks on my feed RN. 

Thanks to the likes of Ariana Grande, wavy ponytails have gone from good-girl-staples to straight-up fashun. 

And a few sleek waves can take your sporty spice style from gym junkie to glam goals in seconds. 

Pull your hair up toward the lower crown of your head and secure it using a hair tie. 

Leave out an inch wide strand of hair and wrap this around the base of your pony to cover the elastic and secure with a bobby pin.  

Once you have completed your pony, curl the hair while it is up and gently brush it with your fingers. 

Keep the top sleek or pull a few pieces out around your face.

Style with statement clips, a patterned scrunchie or a silk hair scarf. 


Mermaid Waves


mermaid waves woman wears the THICK halo in col. Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde 613/10

Here, @_jasmynhair wears the THICK halo in col. Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde 613/10.


Maybe it's the whole no bills, no pants, getting to lure men to their deaths thing but, millennials are obsessed with being mermaids. 

Unfortunately, thanks to Disney, we have unrealistic expectations when it comes to how easily we can transition from human, to well, human fish hybrid. 






But, thanks to probably the most trendy hairstyle on the gram right now, at least our hair can resemble that of a sexy siren. 

Mermaid waves differ from typical natural wavy hairstyles based on the depth of the wave. 

Where traditional beach waves feature a shallow S bend, mermaid waves are all about deeply indented bends shaken out for a rough finish. 

Before you begin, spritz your locks with a curl holding spray and dry using a hairdryer and paddle brush. 

Once your hair is sectioned, place a strand above the iron with your curling wand facing downward. Twist your hair while wrapping it around the tongs.

Cup the curl in your hand until it is cooled and gently pull the end to create a wave.

On the opposite side to which you began, repeat the steps, but curl the hair away from your face. 

When you have finished, shake your head vigorously to loosen your style. 

Set with a light hold shine spray. 


Pink Waves


Pink hair wears the MEDIUM halo in Platinum Blonde 60
Here, @smazbates wears the MEDIUM halo in Platinum Blonde 60 custom coloured pink by @houseofrozario.

This two-toned natural wavy hairstyle is some serious goals. 

For real, why is this ombre pink hair brighter than my future? 

While you may be thinking that pink or any brightly coloured hair for that matter is reserved for punks, hippies and E-girls, you're wrong.

ANYONE can rock this subtle shade. 

That's right, even you. 

Playful pink hair pairs perfectly with full flirty waves and is ultra Insta-worthy. 

If you're too scared to make the change, you can always opt for a temporary colour.

Go on, do it for the gram. 



Vintage waves


vinatge waves woman wears the THICK halo in col. Beige Blonde 613.


Here, @makeupbyameliawebb wears the THICK halo in col. Beige Blonde 613.


Marilyn Monroe may have died back in the 60's, but her style remains eternal.  

Channel your inner leading lady with these classic water waves. 

Big bouncy sleek curls have always been a hit when it comes to natural wavy hairstyles.

But with 'grammers growing a penchant for vintage clips and accessories, their resurgence is undeniable. 

Be sure to give your hair a good wash and an oil treatment the night before styling and blow-dry it smooth with a paddle brush. 

Hydrated locks = smooth locks, i.e. zero frizz. 

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To create these romantic vintage waves, separate your hair into three sections as you usually would before curling. 

Curl your hair all in the same direction and ensure that your strands stay flat as you wrap them around the iron.

This is very important as this is what creates the distinctive water wave shape. 

Curl the front section of your hair towards your face on one side. 

On the other side, tuck your hair behind your ear and secure with a vintage clip.  

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