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How Your Hair Affects Your Mood

How Your Hair Affects Your Mood

Why do girls seem to have such a deep connection to their hair?

Like how our hair seems to easily affect our mood, whether it's not doing what we want and kinda ruins our day. Or your hair loves you for the day and you feel like queen B ready to take on the world!

How is it that our hair can make or break our day?

There was a survey carried out by Travel lodge in London the budget hotel chain, which found that women spend almost 20 years of their life worrying about bad hair days that often affect their mood and confidence.

2000 women did the survey and what researchers found was that women struggled with their hair on an average of 3 days a week, leaving them feeling crappy and annoyed for about half of the week.

Woah, that seems like a waist of energy...

"Women feel like entirely different individuals when their hair does not behave. Having unmanageable tresses can make a woman feel tired, grumpy and less confident.

In contrast, a great hair day will make a woman feel sexy, confident and ready to take on the world", Travelodge spokeswoman, Shakila Ahmed said

Here are some factors that might be contributing to those bad hair days and bad moods!

1. Your overdue for a hair cut.

It's amazing how a tiny trim can tidy up your whole hair do. Even if you just get your hair cut to tidy up your ends and layers, you'll find it sits better and is easier to style.

2. You didn't have time to wash it.

This is a common issue for gals so we recommend resorting to the old dry shampoo to hold you over until you wash it properly. Having a hair washing schedule can also be a good way to track and manage the days your hair will need washing.

3. Moisture and wind makes it fluffy and kinky.

This is a hard one to mask, if this happens to you first thing in the day you could be forced to top bun it up, if that's an option for you. Otherwise keep a tiny bottle of smoothing serum in your bag, it's good for those windy wet days to tame the tresses.

4. Your amazing new products aren't working so well.

Products work differently on different hair types. Consider looking at and trying new products that help with whatever hair issue you have. It's all about trial and error with products unfortunately. Usually salon products are the best. 

Here are some little things you can do to prepare for those bad hair experiences.

On the days your hair is fabulous you feel fabulous.

1. A Halo Hair Extension

We are obviosuly a big fan of them, but they are always a good option gals - It's instant thick long hair in seconds and can really improve a bad looking do! They make life pretty easy.

2. Dry Shampoo.

I think we all know what dry shampoo can do when your needing to mask dirty unwashed hair that you just haven't had any time to wash! Don't you just hate when you mis judge hair washing days and it clashes with social events, it's the worst!

3. Book regular hair cuts to have tidy up.

Even tiny little trims make the world of difference, especially to the way your hair sits. Maybe thats all you need!

4. Leave in hair masks for nourishment.

This is a great one, especially if you're blonde and have thirsty dry hair, give it some nourishment once a week and eventually you'll notice it'll look, feel and sit better!

5. Straight after you wash it, style it by blow waving it straight, this allows it to sit better for longer even if you sleep on it.

This so great and low maintenance for the rest of the week. Blow waving your hair soon after your shower helps give your hair volume and smoothes out the cuticles for easy to maintain hair for the next few days.

6. Don't wash it every day.

Washing your hair every day is not good for the health of your hair or for that matter the scalp.

It's really not good to put chemicals on your scalp every day and washing it every day isn't giving the natural oils from your scalp the chance to nourish the hair.

So it might dry out and cause breakage and split ends. Your future self will have more bad hair days!

Hopefully this has helped give you tips and shown you different ways that you can avoid those bad hair days.

Let us know what else we can help with!


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