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How to style your hair in winter

Hair Trends To Wear This Season

When the weather gets chilly, it's the little things that motivate us to get out of bed. Like that new winter coat you've been waiting to wear, and a cute hat to match.

The cold weather can make our hair feel dull, dry and in need of love.

These winter hairstyle trends will give your hair a little extra oomph to make you forget the winter blues.

1. The Accessorised Pony

Best hairstyles for winter 

[Images: unknown source, @tezzamb]

The I-can't-bothered-but-still-want-to-look-like-I-thought-this-out hair style. Adding a bow or hair scarf to your ponytail subtly disguises the fact that you just threw your hair up and went out the door.

2.The Fiddler Cap

How to wear caps in winter

[Images: unknown source,]

Not every outfit is beanie appropriate. The Fiddler Cap just makes any winter look a little more edgy. A quick fix for on-the-go style.

3. Messy Braids & Buns

Messy Braids for Winter

 To rock this look, grab hair around the front of your face on each side and plait them separately, stopping half way down your hair.

Leave those pieces for now, and make a third plait down the middle of your head. Grab the two side plaits and use a hair tie to tie them together.

Then with the excess hair, wrap into a messy bun and secure with bobby pins.

We're loving this messy half braid 'do paired with a chunky knit or a fuzzy warm coat.

4. Half Up Top Knot

Best Hairstyles for winter season

[Images:@brittsully, @marianna_hewitt]

The top knot is your reliable disguise for bad hair days in winter. It takes care of the frizzy or oily bits, while still keeping your neck warm in the breeze.

5. Braids, Braids, Braids

How to style braids

[Images: @brittsully]

Experimenting with braids gives life to any winter look. Mix up braids with a fishtail plait, pin braids over your head, or wear braids with a cute beanie or hat. The options are endless, and braiding your hair will help protect your locks from the damage of the cold.

6. The Effortless Low Bun

How to do effortless low buns

[Images: @jessannkirby,]

A low bun. So easy. Yet can look so sophisticated. This look is for those days where you slept in past your alarm because it was too cold to get out of bed. So now you have exactly 5 minutes to transform from sleepy to sophisticated.

7. The Beret

How to wear berets

[Images: @negin_mirsalehi, @victoriaplum_official]

Shout out to whoever brought this look back. It's impossible not to feel like a cute, exotic french girl when wearing a beret. Go for a bold coloured beret to brighten up your winter style while keeping your head cosy.

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