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Halo Hair Extensions Complaints and Concerns Addressed

Halo Hair Extensions Complaints and Concerns Addressed

Halo hair extensions complaints?

Never heard of them!

At Sitting Pretty complaints are a rare thing.

Most of our customers are as in love with our products as we are with them.

But, there are some widespread complaints and concerns with halo hair extensions every once in a while.

Most of these concerns come from those who haven't joined the halo hair afterlife yet!

So if you're umming and ahhing and wondering about how halo hair extensions fit, or if they can be coloured, worn up or if they damage your hair, here are the answers to all your Qs.


halo hair extensions complaints

The Thick Halo in Col. #18


Halo Hair Extensions Complaints and Concerns

Do halo hair extensions damage your hair?

No - halo hair extensions do not damage your hair.

In fact, they are the only hair extensions that cause zero damage to your natural locks.

So if you're concerned about this, don't be.

So why don't halo hair extensions damage your hair?

Clip-ins, tape, bonds and other hair extensions place harmful adhesives and extra pressure on your locks.

This causes hair loss and even bald spot as these they either break your strands down or literally pull them out.

Halos, on the other hand, don't attach directly to your strands. 

Rather they sit on the crown of your head with an invisible nylon wire.

This means no extra pressure or gross adhesives.

Just healthy, long and luscious locks.

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halo hair extension complaints halo hair extensions

The Medium Halo in Col. #4


Do halo hair extensions look natural?

All hair extensions can be made to look unnatural. It's all about how you wear them.

And some hair extensions are easier to hide than others. The halo is the easiest of all of them!

We have never had a halo hair complaint about our extensions not looking natural from customers who have taken the time to blend them properly.

In fact, their natural appearance and the perfect blend is something we receive constant praise for.

** High fives self.

Which is no shock to anyone who has a Halo. 

In fact, they look so natural no one will ever know you're wearing one.

This is thanks to the installation process.

The sleek, invisible wire means no bulk clips or tape which stick out especially when your hair is up.

Halos blend beautifully with your natural locks and are completely invisible aside from the hefty volume boost and length.

But, don't take my word for it.

Please have a look at what our VERY happy customers have to say here.

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halo hair extensions complaints blonde halo hair extensions

The Thick Halo in Col. #613/10


Do halo hair extensions stay in place?

Yes, halo hair extensions will stay place in all day long.

And, they're comfy too.

Proper fitting halo hair extensions will sit atop of your head all day just like a crown, or, halo even without budging, slipping, or moving an inch.

The weight of your natural hair combined with the strength of the wire ensures your halo won't move.

But, if you're planning on doing a lot of hair tossing, our halo extensions come with detachable velcro clips.

These can be locked in place to keep your halo on no matter how much head-banging you plan to do.


halo hair extension complaints brown halo hair extensions

The Thick Halo in Col. #2


Can I colour halo hair extensions?

While we don't receive too many halo hair extensions complaints about colour matching, you can colour them if you need.

But you cannot bleach them.

The hair we use is 100% human Remy hair which has been industrially straightened and treated with chemicals.

So it can be coloured darker, but lighter dye and bleach will cause irreversible damage to the hair.

Many customers have successfully coloured their extensions bright and pastel hues while most have stuck to more muted tones.

But, thanks to our expert colour matching team you shouldn't need to change your hair extensions unless you're changing your natural hair.

Blonde hair extensions can be toned, and purple shampooed but only using Sitting Pretty approved products.

We suggest using Evo Fabuloso Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner.

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halo hair extension complaints

The Thick Halo in Col. #10/6


How do I blend halo hair extensions?

Issues with blending is a halo hair extension complaint we sometimes receive.

This is because all of our halos come 20 inches long, which is far too long for the average head.

To get the best blend from you halo, you should cut the extensions into your hair.

If you're handy with a pair of shears, you can DIY this, but I always suggest getting a professional to do the chop.

Blunt ends make it much harder for the hair to blend naturally. So, if you have thin hair or a blunt cut, you may also consider getting your ends thinned out, so they're wispy.

To blend the fine halo, you should have it cut to the same length or only slightly longer than your natural hair.

The medium should be cut to 3-4 inches longer while the thick can be worn A LOT longer depending on the thickness of your hair.

On the off chance, you've had the halo cut, and you still have blending blues, try wearing your hair wavy.

This will hide any disconnect between the halo and your hair and give you a seamless style.

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halo hair extensions complaints

The Medium Halo in Col. #613/10


Can I wear them up?

The world is your Sephora when it comes to styles you can wear halo hair extensions in.

Again, this is because they don't have clips to hide.

They are versatile, easy to style and add volume and length to any look.

From high to low ponytails, ballerina buns or messy top knots, big bouncy waves or classic curls, there is not a style in hair heaven the halo isn't here, or should we say hair, for.

Check out a few of my favourite hairstyles you can achieve with halo hair extensions here.


halo hair extensions complaints

The Medium Halo in Col. #10


How to colour match halo hair extensions?

Colour matching halo hair extensions is easy, peasy, lemon, slide into our DM'squesy.

If you're having some trouble matching your locks, the easiest way to figure out your perfect match is to ask us.

Take a few selfies in natural light and send us a message here or send us an Insta DM.

From there our expert halo honeys will provide your colour.

If only finding your perfect match IRL was this easy.

If you want to go it alone, always match the halo to the lightest parts of your locks.


halo hair extensions complaints

The Thick Halo in Col. #613/10


I got my halo and its too thin

We sometimes get this halo hair extensions complaint in our inbox, but, it's a very simple fix.

If you receive your halo and it seems too thin, it's probably actually not, especially if you got the thick halo which has a massive 160 grams of hair.

The reason it may appear thinner at first is that they have been industrially straightened.

To see the halo's full thickness simply wet it.

Don't wash it.

You should only need to wash your halo every 3 - 6 months depending on how often you wear it.

But you should wet it when you first get it.

Just like when you wet your own hair, this will cause your halo to double in thickness.

To further thicken it, make sure you trim the halo extensions to your desired length. This will double the thickness again!


halo hair extensions complaint

The Medium Halo in Col. #613


The wire doesn't fit my head

Sometimes we get halo hair extensions complaints regarding the size of the wires.

On occasion, they can be too small or too large for some people.

But, this again is very rare and very easy to fix.

The halo comes with stretchy and non-stretchy wires ranging from XXXS to XXXL.

So, there is usually a wire to fit pinheads or large noggins.

But, if you can't find a wire to fit, it is very easy to fashion your own!

Simply untie the current wire from the pair of clips.

Purchase either stretchy nylon or non-stretchy fishing line.

Measure your head by wrapping your wire around from ear to ear, allowing a little extra length either side.

Snip it off and tie the wire to the clips.

Viola, you have yourself a brand new custom halo wire.


halo hair extensions complaints

The Medium Halo in Col. #4/6


Got a halo hair extension complaint or concern that wasn't addressed?

Check out our FAQ's page or slide into our DMs and we'll sort you out ASAP.

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