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How To Wear Hair Extensions For Thin Hair [Video Tutorial]

How To Wear Hair Extensions For Thin Hair [Video Tutorial]

Like many blonde bombshells, our friend Chontelle has had issues with bleach.

She over-dyed her hair, causing her hair to break and thin out. 

The process to repair damaged hair can be long and frustrating.

Which is why we designed the FINE halo to solve these thin hair problems instantly.

The FINE halo has 60 grams of hair and is designed to be cut to the same length as your own hair.

It's the perfect hair extension to make thin hair look thicker naturally.

So natural that no one would even consider you're wearing extensions. 

This was the ideal option for Chontelle, as she is happy with the length of her hair, but simply wanted a quick solution to fill the gaps where her hair was thinning and damaged.

After finding her perfect colour match; Platinum Blonde 60

It's time to cut and style her Sitting Pretty Halo extension to blend with her natural hair. 

How to add volume to fine hair with the halo:

STEP 1: Cut the halo to a natural length. 

Like all our halos, the FINE halo comes 20 inches long so you can cut it to your ideal length. 

When it comes to cutting the FINE halo, you'll want your hairdresser to cut the halo a centimetre or two longer than the length of your own hair.

If your hair is super thin, you can probably get a little more length out of the FINE halo.

However, our FINE halo is mainly designed for volume, not extra length. 

We recommend the MEDIUM or THICK halo if you want length as well. 

The first thing you'll notice is once you cut the FINE halo, it becomes thicker.

One thing to note: 

The FINE halo is best for short-medium length hair.

If you would describe the length of your hair as more on the medium-long side, you'd be better off using the MEDIUM halo for extra volume.

See pictured below:

On the left:

The FINE halo is used to add volume to short hair.

Whereas on the right:

The MEDIUM halo has been used to add volume to long hair. 

Click here to learn more about the different Halo thicknesses.

how to make thin hair thicker with extensions

STEP 2: Layer and taper the halo to look natural. 

The next step is cutting and styling the halo to look natural. 

This doesn't take long, and simply requires your hairdresser to trim and layer the halo to blend naturally with your hair.

The main areas to focus on are:

  • Making sure the halo blends with any layers you have around your face. I.e if you have a fringe, your hairdresser may trim and taper the front of the halo to blend gradually from your fringe.
  • Tapering some light layers into the halo. For the most part, not every strand of hair is the exact same length in your natural hair. So to make your halo extensions look even more like your real hair, some light layering and tapering the ends will do the trick. 

STEP 3: Wet the halo to add more volume.

Our halo hair extensions are industrially straightened, so when you wet the halo for the first time it will become even thicker. 

It's easier to cut the halo while it's straight, so we recommend wetting the halo after you've had it cut. 

Don't get me wrong, you don't have to wash the halo with shampoo and conditioner. 

Simply get a spray bottle and spray the halo with cold water until the hair is damp.

When the halo dries it will look 2-3x thicker.

Alternatively, if you don't have a spray bottle you can hold the halo by the lace and wet the hair under the tap.

STEP 4: Style the halo; straighter, wavy'er, curlier.

The halo will dry with a natural beachy wave to it. 

It looks kind of like how your hair would dry after a swim at the beach.

You can choose to keep it natural like this.

Or straighten it, curl it, wave it however you like. 

When using hot styling tools, protect the hair by spraying the halo with heat protecting spray first. 

Read more about how to care for the halo here.

Watch below to see how our FINE halo hair extension is cut and styled for thin hair. 

Subscribe to our YouTube channel here to see our latest hair styling tutorials.

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[Full transcript]

Taryn: So what happened to your hair? 

Chontelle: Um so I've had a little bit of an issue with bleach. 

And it's all started to snap off.

There's a bit missing here that I sort of need to thicken back up again. 

Taryn: So you just want to fill up this gaps?

Chontelle: Yeah.

Taryn: Okay cool and you don't want it much longer?

Chontelle: Ahh no not too much longer, no. I sort of like it at the same length, just for thickness.

Taryn: Cool okay, so this is the fine halo and it comes in 20 inches long, just so it can be cut to the same length or slightly longer than someone's hair.

So you hold the sides still and then just push it down so it sits nice and snug.

Okay, so see how on Chonny the halo comes 20 inches long, but there's only 60 grams of hair on this halo, so you can't really afford to keep it this long because it just looks weird because it's too thin.

So once you cut it, which I'm going to show you how it looks now once you do, it's gonna thicken up a lot more and look natural and it's designed to give her just more volume in her hair.

So see how the halo comes right to the side here, which means it's gonna fill up these side panels for Chonny really nicely.

Because for some reason side panels are the ones that get thinned out the most.

I think because there's less hair there, so they always end up being thinner than the back. That's why this fine halo is great because it'll just fill it up.

So we just pull the hair over like that and you can already see how much volume that's giving in that section there.

Chontelle's hair blends really well because it's kind of like grown out and it's not cut super blunt.

The halos do work extremely well for people with finer ends, and if you do have thick ends it can work but it is a little bit harder to make it blend and look natural.

So see here how you can just see the line in Chontelle's hair.

This is why, once we cut it to the same length as her own hair, it's going to blend perfectly. So if you had a thicker line than that meaning that you have thicker ends, that's when the disconnects from your hair to the halo will be a little bit obvious.

With some styling and cutting of layers and stuff like that you can get away with it, but for Chonny's today we're just using the fine halo to cut to the same length as her own hair.

How I like to cut the bottoms of the halo first is with thinning scissors, just so you don't get such a blunt line.

The thinning scissors take a little bit longer but get a little bit more of a natural end.


Look how much better that is already. The fine halo is the perfect amount of hair for this length. Any thicker and it can make you look a little bit silly if you cut them too short.

So that's why the fine halo only has 60 grams, it's designed to be the perfect amount of half of hair for this.

And then we're going to, once I've trimmed the other side we're going to come through here and just start shaping the front around Chonny's face just so it looks like her hair


Okay so that looks pretty even now.

So what I'm going to do is come through with my other scissors.

Not my thinning scissors, but just normal scissors, and we're just going to add texture into the halo because right now all the strands are pretty much the same length.

And that's not really how natural hair is.

So we're going to go through and just add dimension, not in Chonny's hair but the halo.

So if you have a look you can see that that's sort of where Chonny's fringe is and then the halo that has all this sort of length now needs to follow on from her fringe.

But we don't want to go too high with that sort of layering because you're wanting to grow that out a bit it aren't you.

Chontelle: yeah

Taryn: So what we'll do is, is we'll start a bit lower and we just want to kind of create like a softening around the face.

Are you doing anything, in particular, to grow out your hair? Or were you just waiting? Like are you trying to put like treatments in it or?

Chontelle: Oh yeah I've been putting treatments and stuff in it so...

Taryn: What have you been using?

Chontelle: Olaplex

Taryn: Oh yeah I love Olaplex I use that.

So see how like that's now just made the front section look a bit more like her own hair?

And so from here now we can see; basically let's add some softening through the rest of it.

Halo hair extensions come basically wefts sewn on them like this.

There's a weft, that's one weft and I can generally feel like, if I put my scissors through it or my finger I can pick up one weft.

So what I like to do is just, with Chonny's hair as a measuring tool I like to see:

Okay so that's Chonny's hair there and if I just sort of like take some of the weight out at the very bottom there, then that's going to sit a lot more natural with her hair too.

That's why thinning scissors are good for this because you can't really make a mistake. 

I can kind of see now that it's given it some texture and depth, but then what I like to do is is visually I can say okay this piece of hair here looks too perfect and blunt to be part of Chonny's hair.

So I pick it up and I just take some of that weight out just so when you're moving it like this it doesn't look so obvious that it's like not your hair.

You don't want to take too much of the weight out because obviously the reason Chonny wants this is to thicken up her hair.

It's just about getting a good balance.

I just like to do the top layer with fine ones, so just tell your hairdresser to soften the ends a little bit by doing this technique.

Do you like how that's quite blunt? Do you want me to keep that?

Chontelle: Yeah I like that, it looks good.

Taryn: And so can you see how the difference between the sort of layering it and texturing this side, compared to this side, you can already see the difference.

So again I want to make sure that I just use her hair as a tool to measure and then get it out of the way so I don't cut it.

From here I know, okay there's where her fringe is, I don't want to go too short with it so let's just take out that corner.

And then I'm basically just gonna do this all the way around so I'll get the top layer at the back as well and I'm just gonna take out a little bit of that weight.


Then what I like to do is just sort of like - because I'm a perfectionist - to really just study the halo and just look out for anything that I think doesn't look exactly like Chonny's hair.

So I do that by just like moving the piece and looking out for pieces of hair that just looked too perfect.

I'll pick it up, and you don't need to do much but this makes a huge difference, is like just pick it up and from about an inch down I'm just going to take a little bit of that weight out.

Just that much and it already just makes it look less bulky and just more like her hair.

You can get a bit scissor happy in these moments too, so be careful you don't take out too much of the hair.


Yeah, I like that kind of thick chunky blonde look.

Chontelle: Yeah it looks a million times better.

Jordy: How does it feel?

Chontelle: Feels good, feels a lot better.

Taryn: It's like 5x the amount of hair.


Want more? Comment below what other halo hairstyles or videos you'd like to see on our YouTube channel, or let us know if you have any questions.

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