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The Best Hair Extensions For Fine Hair

The Best Hair Extensions For Fine Hair

Today I'm going to show you the BEST hair extensions for fine hair.

And the hair extensions you should avoid if you want to protect your hair from damage.

Whether your hair is bleach damaged, thinning or just fine, by the end of this article, you'll know how to get a hair transformation like these (without sacrificing your own hair health):

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How to choose the best type of hair extensions for thin hair:

In this section I'll share how you can choose the best type of hair extensions for fine hair.

If you've got fine or thin hair, these are my top three tips for choosing the best hair extensions:

1. Make sure your extensions don't cause hair damage

The best hair extensions are a solution for fine hair.

Not a cause of fine hair!


Your hair is already thin and delicate.


The last thing you want to do is wear extensions that are known to cause further hair loss and breakage.


Otherwise you'll be causing more hair problems, rather than solving them.

More on that soon...

2. Opt for extensions that you can hide well


Because you want the benefit of hair extensions...

...Without looking like you're wearing hair extensions.

So they need to blend well.

This is trickier with fine hair.


Some extensions are better than others when it comes to invisibility.

For example:

Clip-ins can get a little chunky on the sides.

Which makes it more difficult to disguise them with thin hair.


You can also see the clips from time to time.

Which isn't great.

3. Long lasting and natural looking fibers

Human hair extensions are definitely the best hair extensions for thin hair.


Well, in a nutshell:

  1. 100% Remy Human Hair is best for blending with your own hair.
  2. And the hair lasts a long time.

You really want your extensions to look realistic and natural when blended with your real hair.


You also want to be able to treat your extensions like your real hair.


With Remy hair extensions you can use heat styling tools just as you would style your real hair.

This is just one of many reasons why you should invest in good quality hair extensions.

The best hair extensions method for thin hair:

Let's look at the most popular hair extension methods.


..Discuss which extensions are the best option for fine hair types.

Are Clip-In extensions safe for fine hair?

Simply put:

Clip-In extensions for fine hair are not recommended.


Because clip-ins are normally applied to the same sections of hair every time they are worn.

This daily pulling and tugging at your roots can cause hair to fall out.

We've seen plenty of girls with bald spots caused from clip-ins pulling at their own hair over time.


The clips used for attaching these extensions to your own hair can cause friction which breaks down the hair fibres and cause breakage.

This leads to more thinning.

If you've got thin hair...

This is the last thing you want to do to your hair, since your hair is likely quite sensitive.


  • Clip-ins pull at your hair and can cause bald spots.
  • Clips that attach to your hair can cause severe hair breakage and thinning.

For these reasons clip-ins for fine hair types should be AVOIDED.

Are Tape-in hair extensions safe for fine hair?

Tape extensions are applied to your natural hair using adhesive.

You know...glue?

The repetitive process of removing and reapplying adhesive in your hair every 3-6 weeks can cause damage and breakage over time.

This is because adhesives and anti-adhesives are very drying.

Over time this leads to hair breakage.


If you have thin hair this is something you must avoid.


They are also very high maintenance, as you generally need to get them re-applied at the salon every 3-6 weeks.

This is very expensive and time consuming.


  • Repetitive use can cause drying which leads to breakage.
  • They are expensive and time consuming to maintain.

Tape-in extensions for thin hair types should be avoided.

Are Halo Hair Extensions safe for fine hair?

Simply put:

Halo hair extensions are the best hair extensions for fine hair.

I might sound biased but I've been working in this industry for a long time.

So hear me out:

Why are halo hair extensions best for fine hair?

For two important reasons:

1) Halo hair extensions don't damage your hair.

The Halo is a one-piece hair extension with an invisible wire, that secures to your head like a headband.


It doesn't bond or glue to your hair in any way.


There's zero risk of your fine hair getting pulled out or breaking.

And that means...

...You can grow your own hair back to full health, while enjoying thicker, longer locks today.

This can be hard to wrap your head around ("How does it attach", etc.) so I've linked to our video page to learn more here: Halo Extensions Explained.

2) Add instant volume in seconds

That's right, you can have thicker, longer locks in literally seconds.

The before and after image you saw at the top of the page is of one of our customers.

The before image is without the halo (obvs).

And the after image is 20 seconds later, once she applied her halo extensions.

It's that quick.


This is only one of hundreds of before and afters that we've collected over the years from our tens of thousands of customers.


  • Halo hair extensions don't attach to your hair, therefore cannot damage it.
  • And they are easy to put in / take out.
  • This also means you can wash your hair and sleep/exercise without them which is important for both your hygiene AND hair health.

Halo hair extensions for fine hair are completely safe to use.

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Are Fusion hair extensions safe for fine hair?

In a nutshell:

The attachment process is actually not that bad.


The removal process of these hair extensions can cause damage to your hair over time.

When removed, fusion extensions pull out a lot of your natural hair.

This causes hair thinning.

Which isn't ideal for thin haired girls.

Typically speaking;

Fusion extensions don't hold well on fine hair which is obviously an important consideration.


  • They don't hold well to fine or thin hair.
  • They can (and do) cause damage when removed.

Fusion hair extensions for thin hair types should be avoided.

Are Weave extensions safe for fine hair?

Weaves are created by sewing wefts of hair into your own hair.


To do this, your natural hair has to be braided, and then the extensions sewn in.

But the problem is:

Some of your own hair will get pulled out in the braiding process and again in the braid removal process.

So this is not ideal for fine haired girls.


Weaves don't work well with fine hair if there's not enough hair to braid, for securing the extensions.


  • Tightly pulled weaves pull your own hair out.
  • Weaves can be difficult to weave into fine or thin hair.

Weave hair extensions for thin hair should be avoided.

Are Microlink extensions safe for fine hair?

These extensions are somewhat like a screw that secures to your hair.

For that reason;

They can damage your hair cuticles when clamped together.

Which leads to hair breakage and thinning.


Over time the weight of the extensions pull at the roots of your hair.

And this causes your hair to fall out, leading to further thinning.

Not ideal


  • The attachment can cause hair breakage which leads to thinning.
  • They pull at the roots of your hair and cause hair loss.

Microlink hair extensions for thin hair should be avoided.

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VERDICT: Which hair extensions are best for thin hair?

Halo hair extensions are the best hair extensions for fine hair.


Unlike other types of hair extensions, the halo doesn't attach to your own hair.


They don't pull at your roots or cause any damage to the hair strands.

This means;

You'll get thicker, longer hair in seconds without any breakage or hair loss.


Halo hair extensions are the ideal hair extension for fine hair.

Want to see the Halo hair extensions in action?

You can watch how halo hair extension work in the video below.

And then...

...You can see why they're the best hair extensions for thin hair.



The benefit of Halo Hair Extensions for thin hair?

In summary...

The reason why halos are the best hair extensions for thin hair are:

  • You can take care of your real hair.
  • You your dream hair in the meantime.
  • They blend easily with your own hair.
  • And if they're of good quality; they'll last 2-3 years, which is a long time for hair extensions.

And lastly;

No damage, no fuss, no dramas.

Got more questions? Ask us in the comments below. 😘 

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