Is This What TikTok And Instagram Influencers Use To Wake Up With Smooth, Beautiful, Non-Frizzy, Hair? 👀

Hint: It has nothing to do with the salon or hair creams, shampoos, and conditioners!

Now, I got to admit that late-night social media scrolling is my jam!
So getting up early in the morning is quite the challenge. You know, breakfast, shower, and taming my frizzy hair before work. Until recently, I spent 45 minutes each morning trying to make my hair presentable for my boss and co-workers.
As a single lady in her early 20s, I'm financially stable. But using 3 hair creams, a hair dryer, and a straightener daily? That adds up! 
So I've been searching for an easier, cheaper way to get gorgeous hair.
Then, I saw Kim Kardashian's post about her hair "travel essentials," featuring a silk pillowcase. She says, "I always sleep on a silk pillowcase. The silk is really good for your skin and hair—and it's SO soft."
Now, I knew silk pillowcases were great for the skin, but who knew they also helped our hair? 
So I asked my beauty and fashionista friend, and she confirmed it! Her Silk Pillowcase, specifically one she got from Sitting Pretty, had a lot of benefits on her hair…
Such as…

February 12 2023 at 15:38  PM


Minimizing Tangled And Frizzy Hair Every Morning

Ordinary pillowcases can wreak havoc on your hair, leading to frizz and breakage. But with a silk pillowcase, you can rest assured that your hair is getting the best possible care for eight hours straight. 

And even then you can find silk pillowcases with special Charmeuse weaves, like Sitting Pretty's The Pillowcase which is specifically designed to be twice as gentle for your hair. This does wonders in minimizing tangled and frizzy hair you'd have to fix every morning. 


It's Great For Preventing Hair Damage

We all like to twist and turn around the bed while we sleep to find the most comfortable position. The constant rubbing of our hair against a regular pillow can create a lot of friction, which in turn can cause breakage and microscopic tears in our hair.

These issues can be avoided by using a silk pillowcase made of 100% Mulberry silk. This kind of silk provides a smooth and gentle surface for your hair to rest on during the night. 

Which, as you can imagine, is a great way to keep your hair strong, healthy, and beautiful…

Without having to use a dozen different hair care products like I did.


Your 8 hour hair routine – without lifting a finger.

Every other hair care routine in the world takes a ton of effort...

Not this one though –  you only have to do one thing. Sleep :). 

While you doze off The Pillowcase takes care of your hair by not damaging it and instead giving it a gentle massage and keeping it frizzing free.


Promotes Quality Sleep And Hair Growth

If you've tried to go a week with minimal sleep, you know how much it can affect your appearance. Poor sleep reduces the amount of melatonin, potentially causing hair loss, dandruff, and dry hair.


A silk pillowcase can help you feel more relaxed and sleep better at night. 

This is because silk is an incredibly breathable fabric that naturally helps regulate temperature, keeping you cool and fresh throughout the night. 

This leads me to my next point…


Is The Perfect Fabric To Prevent Excessive Sweating And Dandruff

Sleeping during the summer can feel like curling up next to an oven. And so we spend most of the night resting our heads on a sweaty pillow. The sweaty feeling not only ruins our quality of sleep but also leads to dandruff and itching. 

This is where having a 100% Mulberry silk pillowcase like Sitting Pretty's The Pillowcase becomes a lifesaver. 

Silk naturally regulates temperature to prevent sweating to keep you cool, fresh, and comfortable throughout the night.


100% Pure Mulberry silk is the answer

Like an 8 hour hair mask for strands, our silk pillowcase curbs damage from the source by opting for 100% pure Mulberry charmeuse silk. That's a smoother, softer. and gentler silk than any other pillowcase blend.

Charmeuse silk weave is an intricate process that produces an extra smooth and shiny finish on the outside of the pillowcase, in exchange for a duller finish on the inside. Making it decadently smooth where your head needs it most. 

The Pillowcase is not cheap, but there's good reason for it. It's made in small batches and the material it's made from it next level. A centuries old silk that is the most smooth type you can get, so your hair glides on it like nothing else.

Our hair is super delicate, so the material we put our head and hair on during the entire night should be too! 


Silk Is Hypoallergenic For Sensitive Skin

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, which means it's less likely to cause irritation or allergic reactions. This makes silk pillowcases a great choice for people like me who have sensitive skin or allergies.

All of these benefits can be found in the luxuriously smooth, 100% Mulberry silk pillowcase by Sitting Pretty — made specifically for your hair. 

Why Sitting Pretty Is Australia's #1 Hair Hack

"I'm shocked! My hair is instantly smoother and less frizzy after just one night!" 

- Dani A. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Why leave your hair's health and beauty to other pillowcases? The Pillowcase by Sitting Pretty has proven to be the best pillowcase in the world for reducing hair breakage and frizziness.

Sitting Pretty has over 1600 5-Star Reviews and counting! 



Perfect For All Hair Types

Handmade with care in small batches

100% Pure Mulberry Silk, the highest quality silk available for your hair

Charmeuse weaving pattern which emphasizes all the softness to one side, making it even gentler on your hair

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