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It's going to be a good hair day.

How-to’s and halo help for creating the hair you’ve always screenshotted online. (How else do you think Beyoncé gets more Beyoncé’er?)

How to blend your Sitting Pretty Halo Hair Extension

We know being you comes naturally, so does thick hair – when you blend your halo right. Watch our videos to learn how to set it up.

How to choose the right Halo Hair Extension thickness

Choosing your thickness is easy. In this video we'll show you exactly how you can choose your perfect halo extension.

How to choose the right colour Halo Extension

We'll share some simple tips that you can use to pick your colour to make sure your halo is the perfect match.

How to use the invisible Halo Extension wires

Our Halo Hair Extensions come with 2 types of invisible wires. In this video we'll show you the difference, and how to use them.

How to put on your Sitting Pretty Halo Extension

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Follow our detailed instructions and you'll be a Halo Hair pro in no time.

How to pull your hair over to hide the wire

There are two ways you can pull your hair over the invisible wire. In this video we'll cover both ways and show you exactly how to do it yourself.

How to make sure your Halo Hair Extension is sitting securely

We often get asked if the Halo Extension will fall off. The answer is; No. In this video we'll show you why, and how to put it on so that it's super secure.

How to cut your Halo to blend and look totally natural

Our Halo Hair Extensions are designed so that you can customise them to perfectly blend with your own hair. In this video we'll show you how to cut the Halo to your desired lenght.

What the Sitting Pretty Halo Extension looks like from behind

A lot of girls ask this, so here it is. In this short video we'll show you how natural and real our Halo Extensions look from behind.

How to check if the Halo matches your colour

In this video we'll show you the first step to take when you receive your Halo - checking that the colour matches.

How to tie the Halo Hair Extension in a Ponytail

Another very common question; "Can the Halo be tied in a ponytail?" Absolutely! In this video we'll show you how.

How to style the Halo to look completely natural

Making our Halo look natural is easy - we designed it this way! In this video we'll give you some tips and show you how to make your own Sitting Pretty halo look 100% natural.

How to style the Halo with textured waves

Have you ever wondered if it's possible to get that perfect, messy-waves look with Halo Hair Extensions? is.

Before + After the Sitting Pretty Halo Extension

Ready in seconds and customisable to suit all hair types no matter if you want to be blonder, beachy’er, bouncey’er, Tindery’er, or just couchy’er.

Explore the Sitting Pretty colours

With a multi-strand colouring system and 15 colours to choose from, our halo hair extensions will naturally blend and accentuate your locks.

Which Sitting Pretty Halo is for me?

Not everyone has the same hair goals, it's why we don't offer the same halo. 
Learn what will work best for you.

How to fit the Sitting Pretty Halo Extension

We know being you comes naturally, so does thick hair – when you wear your halo right.

What is the Sitting Pretty Halo?

Hair that looks effortless becasue guess what, it is!

Ready for thick, long, luscious hair?

Instructional Halo Hair Extensions Videos

What’s the correct way to wear them the Halo Hair Extension? How do you hide the wire? Watch these Sitting Pretty halo hair extensions videos to learn more about our Halos and how to use them. Our Halo hair extensions are super easy to use and most of our customers won't ever need to watch our videos. But if you're unsure about anything; feel free to use this as a free resource. Think of it as instructional halo hair extension videos...on tap :)

We work hard to create instructional halo hair extensions videos to help our girls use their halo from home. We also try to inspire our customers to try new hairstyles with their halo hair extensions and to challenge themselves to do new things. Up dos, down dos and plats, all available from our Youtube Channel. And if we're not able to answer your questions here, head over to our contact page and ask questions - we love to hear from you!