" Toms jaw hit the floor! He said it looked incredible and that he’s never seen my hair like this! No joke haha omg, I’m walking on air! x "

- Betty B


“ I absolutely love my Halo hair extensions! Thank you so much for making me feel all pretty. I can’t wait to wear them again. ” 

- Candice A


 “ I love wearing my hair. It’s funny, a lot of people don’t even notice it’s not mine! ” 

- Shannon K


" This brand of Halo Extensions is like no other, it's amazing and an absolute GEM of a find! I'm so happy I found it. This halo has changed my life, I feel so much better about myself. Thanks a million! "

- Ness K


“ Thank you so much I love them! ”

- Sarah J


" My main concern was I was growing my hair out to a pixie cut so it was very short, but with some layers and help from my hair dresser they blend in perfectly. Thank you so much never been happier!! x "

- Michelle F


“Sitting pretty extensions has proved that they deliver nothing but amazing results!"

- Sara N


“ I wore it out this weekend and had so many comments on how great it looks. It still takes a bit of getting used to, having something sitting on your head, but it’s hidden so nobody else can tell. Very happy with it! x ”

- Laura H


“ Takes seconds to put in and is damage free! Finally the perfect extensions exist! ” 

- Paulina E


" Love my Halo Extensions! I have a light blonde set and my dark blonde set for when I change hair colour from time to time! Wouldn't have any other type of hair extension ever again! No damage to my hair and so much fullness! Not to mention they are so easy to style and so easy to put in and take out! Thank you xxx "

- Sarah Hancocks


" Finally ladies – the perfect Hair Extensions. Sitting pretty Halo Extensions are wonderful. They look good, sit perfectly on the head & don’t damage your own hair, plus they make you feel glamorous. :-) ”

- Tania L


" Sitting Pretty is incredibly welcoming! I absolutely love my halo. Thanks again!"

- Phoebe C


“I love my Halo soooo much! Thank you.”

- Parris W


" Thanks again I love it so much!!!! "

- Laura L


" Thanks so much for my hair extensions. I LOVE them x "

- Kylie P


" OMG I love the Halo, My boyfriend freaked out at how it looks so natural but different lol! Words can not describe how much I love it! Seriously! it actually feels like my hair. Im in-love! Thank you thank you! x "

- Vanessa C


" I am in love once again!! Thank you soon much!! :) xx "

- Sarah-Jane


" I walked into work and two of the guys were like “omg your hair looks really good today” and Jon said “look at your pretty golden locks” he said they were very striking. Very happy :) "

- Kate B


" I wore the Halo to work today (first day) and the girls were saying how nice my hair looks! They love them! "

- Katie J


" The hair has a natural feel and when styled looks even more amazing. In the beginning I was a bit sceptical on having just one massive piece of hair as I was used to having different pieces that would clip in, after seeing the amount of hair this halo had I was amazed. "

- Sarah F


" Thank you so much! Your such an inspiration!! Cant thank you enough!! I love my hair, keep up the amazing work x "

- Samantha V


" So happy I don’t have to ruin my hair anymore with tapes, this is a life saver and looks incredible. Thanks heaps! "

- Jennifer M


" Thank you!!! It’s such an amazing extension. I’m involve with my new hair and never want to take it off "

- Kirsty S


" I cant thank you enough, now I can have beautiful long hair while my own hair repairs. "

- Kirsty S


" The Perfect Hair Extensions! I have tried them all. Permanent, temporary, clips, beads, tapes you name it. Sitting Pretty Halos are soft, thick, comfortable and just beautiful. "

- Kate B


" I am complimented every time I wear them and have finally found an extension that I can wear without worrying that they look ridiculous. I instantly feel happy when I put them in. Thank you! "

- Katie C 


" The SP team is amazing at what they do, and I will be recommending them to everyone I know :) "

- Cassie B


" It’s a rare thing to find hair extensions that not only look amazing, sit perfectly and are good quality, but are also part of an awesome movement to empower women. X"

- Kate D


"Recommend ANYDAY. Perfect perfect perfect! xxxx"

- Larissa K


"Whether you want volume or length, sitting pretty has you covered. No damage and only seconds to apply is just a bonus! Party hair in seconds! Love love! "

- Elli W


"Sitting Pretty is awesome!! Thank you so much for my halo!! The perfect extension and accessory. Love it!! "

- Kacey Lea C

"I’m looking and feeling amazing - instant selfie mood :) "

- Natasha D


"He didn't believe that something so easy and simply could fix all my problems, he loved it - I’m so happy, thank you! "

- Alana H


" I nearly bought a $3000 wig because I hated my hair, the Sitting Pretty Halo has changed my world. So incredibly happy. Thank you! "

- Elaine V


" A big thank you to Sitting Pretty for delivering exactly what I needed. I recommend the Halo and the brand highly x ”

- Sarah F


"Nothing but praise for the Sitting Pretty products and service, thank you again! x "
- Luana S


"A very special brand around a very special product, I will be back for more and telling all my friends to get on it! Thanks so much!! x "


- Lisa M



" I put a picture up on facebook and Instagram and all my friends are loving them!! "

- Claire M


"Thanks for making my ultimate dream a reality - I’m involve with my hair! Thank you soon much! x "

- Teagan B


" I can not tell you enough the stress you have taken off me, I really do thank you with all my heart x "

- Lacey P


"Craig absolutely loves it - I’m so thrilled and happy I chose the Sitting Pretty Halo. Thanks again xx "

- Lennie C


"LOVE MY EXTENSIONS!! I’ve gone through them all, clip ins, tapes you name it. Nothing has ever looked so natural, been more comfortable and blends as well as these. "

- Michaela S


"LONG HAIR!! I’m so excited - Thank YOU!! xx "

- Sarah K


" I cant believe how easy and comfortable it is! It's amazing. "

- Chelsea F


" You have no idea how much I love my extensions and how much confidence they give me, even on the days I'm feeling crappy I feel like Rapunzel xxx "

- Sarah H