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Choose your thickness
Choose your thickness

We call this the FINE halo, because you’re damn fine when you wear it. But also it’s our finer weight. Designed to add volume, not length, this halo is perfect for those wanting more ‘oompf’ to their hair and t o fill in a few gaps. Like all our halos, it’s 20 inches long and is the perfect amount of hair for fitting to your own length - or slightly longer if your hair is a little thinner. You’ll be able to go from blonde to blonder, brunette to brunette’ier, on point to on point’ier, whenever you like, in seconds.

Want length and volume? Then the MEDIUM halo is what you’re after. You’ll be looking at fuller hair, 3-4 inches longer, and more family photos you’ll actually like. Once trimmed, your halo will begin to appear thicker, natural’er, and you’er. If it’s kept too long, it can end up looking too thin and less you’er – not what we want. The best thing is simply to judge how much you’ll need to trim to shape your own hair – even better with the help of a hairdresser – to find the length and shape that suits you just right.

This one is our THICKEST of halos, designed for medium to thick hair types who want to add some serious length to their locks. When it comes to creating serious length, we need to up the thickness so we can balance out the hair ratio at the top of your head. All you need to do is find an excuse to go that extra, whether it’s needing a night out with the girls or some errand you need to run down the street, it’ll do.

Ethically Sourced Hair

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8-12 Months

$20.00 AUD

Or 4 easy fortnightly payments of $5.00 with Learn more

Or 4 easy fortnightly payments of $5.00 with Learn more

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30 days return
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Choose The Perfect Halo

Whether you want length-for-days or volume that goes ‘oomph’, we’ve got halos for all hair types, shades, and goals.

Free Shipping & 30 Day Exchanges

The Best things in life are free’er, like shipping, 30 day exchanges, and advice on how good you look. Hot damn.

How To Wear Your Halo

We know being you comes naturally, so does thick hair – when you wear your halo right. Watch our videos to learn how to set it up.

Blending The Sitting Pretty Halo

We use a multi-strand colouring system and natural 100% remy hair, which is ideal for, toning, colouring (not bleaching) and cutting. Together, they’ll help seamlessly blend with and accentuate your own hair, even if your hair is slightly different, so you can go extra – without the drama.


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