Hairstyles for oily hair had never graced our search history growing up. Over the years a good hair day meant a deep wash. And we wanted good hair days. Often.

Flashbacks to whole evenings spent on 10-step drying routines. Or the rinse and repeat of the most fragrance-ridden shampoos.

Flood every hair wash day with those same feelings of...UGH...

Well. You asked for it. The perfect excuse to skip wash day: For your hair’s health!

It may seem counterintuitive. But washing your hair too often can actually be the cause of those bad hair days.

Your scalp loves an oily ‘do! It uses those lived-in oils to balance your scalp’s microbiome.

Simply put:

Shampoo can strip your scalp of its natural oils resulting in dull, brittle hair that inhibits growth!

Even simpler put:

Stop washing your hair so often and wear your hairstyles with oily hair. Depending on your hair type washing only 1-2 times a week is ideal.

And less is even better.

Looking to rock your fave hairstyles with oily hair?

We’ve rounded up 10 hairstyles for oily hair that’ll disguise roots amidst any stage of oiliness.

Just please put down the shampoo.

Oil Level 1: Layer on Accessories

Covering up oily hair isn’t cheating.

In fact:

Oily hair is a perfect excuse to go big on accessories.

If things are just slightly greasy, this style creates the perfect distraction.


It requires minimal styling!

We love layering large clips, a silky scarf bow, or adding a padded headband.

Just think:

The oilier the hair, the bigger the bow.

Another quick tip?

Switch up your hair’s part for extra volume and even more root-disguise.

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semi oily hairstyle on blonde woman. half-up plait hairstyle for oily hair
Source: Pinterest

Oil Level 2: Half Up with a Parted Plait

If you’re just beginning to straddle the will-she-won’t-she line of showering, this look is pretty and practical.


It manages the peskier parts of oily hairstyles:

The front.


This oily hair hairstyle is carefree enough that no one will ever know you used your newly attained 30 minutes on that cute braid.

How to get it:

  1. With a center part, braid each side of your front strands.
  2. Once you have some long braided pieces, sweep them to the back, and overlap your plaits.
  3. Hide the ends by bobby pinning them up into the braids.


Spritz some sea salt spray for an added cool girl effect.

short haired blonde woman with top knot oily hairstyle
Source: @almogcohen_hair

Oil Level 3: Textured + Messy Half-Up Bun

A style staple in any oily hairstyle repertoire;

The messy half bun is equal parts volume and root coverage.


You’re switching up your part and brushing back the top, you get ample coverage while looking very done-yet-undone.

Looking to try a “Hun” (AKA Half-Bun)?

Here’s what to do:
  1. Use fingers to push back the top section of your hair into a pony.
  2. To keep this looking casual and not too sleek, brushes need not apply.
  3. Loosely create a bun and pin where needed.

If you wanna turn this top knot up a notch, add a halo hair extension in before pushing back your top section!

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bridal hairstyle with oily hair on brown haired woman
Source: @oshersaadon_

Oil Level 4: Smooth and Tucked Front + Teased Crown

No one would ever know this is one of the best hairstyles for oily hair.

But, it’s true!

Even when you’re venturing into pretty oily territory (hello, day 5!)

Combing down your front pieces and giving a tease to your crown makes an unexpectedly red-carpet ‘do.

I mean…

This was Kim K’s wedding hairstyle so we think it’s at least brunch appropriate.

What to do:
  1. Using a dense boar-bristled brush (i.e. teasing brush) comb front sections down behind your ears and tuck. Think of it as making your own hair headband with no need to pin!
  2. Lastly, tease the upper crown area of your hair.

And wait for a much-deserved invite to at least some celeb wedding.

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girl with black hair and oily scalp wearing 60's ponytail hairstyle
Source: Sagonia Lazarof

Oil Level 5: Deep Side Part + High Pony

As we continue to let Ariana Grande decide every year’s hottest hairstyle…

...this ‘do is having a major moment.

For oily hair types and obsessive washers alike!


For us anti-washers, this style werks even better with your scalp’s lived-in oils.

Ready to hear all the reasons why?

Firstly, you’re switching your part’s position which:

1) Makes Positions the perfect styling soundtrack

2) Gives some much-needed volume to your weighed down roots


With a half-up pony, you get all the luxuriousness of a downstyle with the perkiness of a pony.


As we get closer to wash day, we’ll take all the perkiness we can get!

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back view of girl with low pony oily hair hairstyle
Source: @amandakhamkaew

Oil Level 6: Very Low Pony

With age, you come to realize a few things:

Low ponies are anything but basic.


Making them smooth and sleek is refreshingly hot.

Now that shampoo has become but a distant memory…

...please welcome the low pony as the perfect hairstyle for oily hair.

Here, you get tons of flippy fun on the ends while elevating your subtle sebaceous shine.

Yes, that’s correct.

Elevated and sebaceous all in one style.

Wanna make it even more glam?

Wrap in your halo to your low pony for tons of extra volume and thickness.

Who said you need to have your hair down to turn heads?

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semi oily hairstyle left unwashed. girl with half-up oily hair
Source: @natalieannehair

Oil Level 7: Mostly Up Pony

As you wear your hairstyles with oily hair, the strands become more lived-in:

It can be weighed down and lose a lot of its floof.

With this half-up pony, mid-sections to ends look luxuriously lifted;

While slicked back roots are treated with a smoothed out effect.

Think of it as:

Bridal party ready, but with a pony that says “she could lead the HIIT class”.

Wanna half-up with your halo?

For this;

Your halo will need to sit slightly farther back on your head.

This way, there’s ample hair in the front to pull over the wire and hide it!

Once placed, you can create your pony portion.

From the crown, tightly tie back a high pony that sits close to your head;

Leaving enough hair in the back to cover any weft.


Get big girl volume with XL barrelled curls to all areas of the hair.

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girl with black hair and very oily hair wearing slicked back hairstyle
Source: @amandakhamkaew

Oil Level 8: Slicked Back Wet-Look

Is she emerging from a pool in slow motion?

Or is her scalp just living its best life?

As you accumulate more of those good, good oils, you can really start using it to your styling advantage.


This frame-framing ‘do hits all the right spots for your oily hairstyle routine.

Like most of our fave styles, it’s easy.

Just do this:

Brush strands back like you’re preparing for the world’s sleekest pony.

And skip the pony part.

If you’re not getting enough hold:

Tease and brush back your hair with a densely bristled brush.


Add a bit of scalp-loving oil like castor or argan throughout your roots.


If you haven’t caught on yet...

Opting for a densely bristled brush (like boar bristle) is key for styling oily hairstyles.

Because as hair gets oilier:

It tends to get piecey and combs only make those little groupings more obvious!

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short hair blonde girl with french braids wearing an oily hairstyle
Source: Bre Sheppard

Oil Level 9: French Braids

Likely every girl’s first foray into minimal washing:

French braids have always been there.

From the gymnastic meets, to the sleepovers ruled by braid trains...

Having to take them out was (and is) always a little soul crushing.

But now!

We’re granting you permission to keep them in for as long as possible!

Not only do you allow your roots to maintain their moisturizing oils...


Braids just look and stay better with oily hair.


If you’re still honing your braiding craft, grab someone who’s an expert braider to get those plaits extra close to your scalp for maximum hold.

Don’t know anyone?

Find a horse girl.

Call your friend’s mom who did everyone’s braids at sleepovers.

Or salons will do you up nicely too.

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blonde girl with very oily hair wears hairstyle in high braided ponytail
Source: @isabella_gray

Oil Level 10: Slicked Back + Braided Pony


This is the oiled-up hairstyle that’ll really keep you off the sauce shampoo.

You’ve made it this far;

Your hair is thriving;

And somehow during these strange times… get to rock (imo) the best of all oily hairstyles:

The Slicked Back Braided Pony.

It offers minimal effort, you look SO badass, and it comes with a free mini facelift.

Think of the value, people!

Tips and tricks for this look include:

  1. If you have super oily hair (🤞), leave your halo out. Your scalp will definitely be rocking the wet look and with a fresh halo, it’s a bit of a texture clash.
  2. Spice up the tail end of your style with multiple braids or a twisted rope braid.
  3. If you’re right on the cusp of a wash, add an overnight mask while styling. It’ll set for a few hours as if you’re sleeping.
  4. Buy an edges brush (looks like a toothbrush) to really push back any potential flyaways or baby hairs.
  5. Or if you have edges, style them out for added unforgettableness.

If you’ve made it this far in your oily hairstyle journey, remember shampoo comes with instructions on the back.


Rinse and repeat these 10 hairstyles for oily hair.

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