My ideal 'getting ready' regime involves 2 hours, a glass of pinot noir and my favourite Spotify playlist.

The reality, however, is more like...

I have 20 minutes to transition from work to weekend activities.


I'm mentally trying to decide what to wear whilst doing my hair.

And putting on foundation whilst ordering my uber.

Not to mention, applying mascara and lipstick in the uber, etc etc.

For those nights when I don't have the luxury of time (often), there's a few trusty hairstyles that only take me minutes to create.

How to create easy hair updos in minutes...

These cute, effortless hairstyles will have you covered, whether you're trying to dress up your outfit...

Or simply hide the fact your hair is due for a wash.

Demonstrated by Sitting Pretty babes Amelia Webb and Rhiannon Abrahams.

2 minutes later: The Off-Duty Ponytail

For those days when I'm feeling sassy...

Ok really, I'm probably feeling rushed and hangry.

But the end result is a sassy, voluminous ponytail that gives my look more oomph.

Using my Sitting Pretty Halo, to give my pony more oomph too.

Below, Amelia shows you how to achieve the kind of ponytail I'm talking about.

The sleek, mid pony that gives that off-duty, after 5 vibe.

To add more volume and length, Amelia wears her THICK Sitting Pretty Halo in col. Beige Blonde 613. Shop it here


5 minutes later: The Top Knot

Fun fact:

If your hair is a little dirty.

A little greasy.

A little 'I should have washed this two days ago'...

Brushing the top layer of your hair back into a top knot can do wonders.

If you struggle with half updos because you don't have enough hair, our Sitting Pretty Halo is a quick and easy way to get more volume for your half updo.

Here, Amelia wears her MEDIUM Halo to add natural volume and length, wearing col. Beige Blonde 613. Shop it here

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TOP KNOT Halo Tricks by @makeupbyameliawebb

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10 minutes later: The Messy Bun


The messy bun can really take anytime between 30 seconds and 10 minutes to do.

It really just depends on luck.

Sometimes your messy bun looks effortlessly look and perfect on the first go.

Sometimes the first go, your bun looks like a weird birds nest.


A messy bun is great for when you don't have hours to style your hair, but your hair still needs styling.

Watch Rhiannon create this messy bun style below. Rhiannon needed a bit more hair to work with, so she's wearing her MEDIUM halo in col. Dark Blonde + Beige Blonde 613/10. Shop it here

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How to messy high bun with a halo 👏🏾 Common question, can you wear the @sittingprettyhalohair extension up high? YES! I usually pop my halo on, section up the top of my hair and cris cross bobby pin the halo down to my hair, so when I lift it all up the halo doesn’t lift off my head 💙 I leave a large section of my hair around my face out to use later 💙 I gather the rest of the hair and lift to the top of my head & make a bun, feather out the bun for a messier look, and pull some hair over the sides on the halo 💙 I then gather some of the front of my hair and pull into the back of the bun, hiding the sides of the halo more 💙 For the finishing touch, I use hair pins the place sections over the halo and complete the style 💙 DONE basically just remember to bobby pin down the halo to your hair so it doesn’t move and use hair pins to place your hair over the halo sides 🙌🏽 can be done for a pony too 😘😘😘 Code RHIANNON for $10 off 👏🏾 My hair COLOUR is Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde #613/10 the full head piece 🙌🏽 #Ambassador #HairExtensions #WeAreSittingPretty #AFTERPAY

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Comment below what hairstyles you want to see using the Sitting Pretty Halo 😘