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French Girl; the French-inspired beauty brand on everybody's lips

French Girl; the French-inspired beauty brand on everybody's lips

This month we've been toiling with three products from the French Girl range. What's French Girl? It's the beauty brand that all the editors are talking about. Is it good? Should you try? Let me give you the downlow and you can decide for yourself.

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trending instagram hairstylists

7 Incredible Instagram Hairstylists Who Are Blowing Up

Are you looking for some hair inspo? Or maybe a new hairstylist...Either way, you're in the right place. We work with a tonne of hairstylists. And... We've learned which Instagram hairstylists are the ones to pay attention to.  

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Best hair styling tools for boosting hair volume

5 Must-Have Hair Styling Tools To Boost Your Hair Routine

You are your hair; it’s why they call it a bad hair day. And it’s why we say goodbye to them by giving you the secrets to more good hair days. Because we know when your hair feels amazing, you do too.

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The Most Nourishing Foods For Healthy Skin & Hair

I love a good hydrating hair serum or face mask as much as the next girl. But let’s get back to basics. Nothing can benefit your hair and skin like a nourishing diet. The mantra: Health first. Beauty second. Treating your body like the temple it is  will have you glowing from the inside out. Here’s some of my favourite vitamin rich foods that tick all the boxes. They’ll help you reach your daily dose of vitamins, reduce signs of aging and give you healthier looking hair and skin.

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7 Beauty Brands That Give Us The Warm and Fuzzies

Trusting beauty brands is as important as trusting men, in my opinion. We don’t have time for the players. The ones who tell you everything you want to hear, then a few months down the track you realise you’re better off without them. So I’m doing my bit and sharing my crushes with you. My beauty brand crushes, that is.

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How to style your hair in winter

Hair Trends To Wear This Season

The cold weather can make our hair feel dull, dry and in need of love. These winter hairstyle trends will give your hair a little extra oomph to make you forget the winter blues.

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hair extensions for mothers

Why The Halo is The Best Hair Extension For Mums

We’ve worked with all sorts of amazing mums to give them luscious, longer, fuller locks. Along the way we've noticed there’s a few common mum-life-dilemmas that our halo can help solve.

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How to become your own best friend

The Relationship A Girl Has With Herself

A best friend comes to you with some bad news. Up until this point she’s been working her butt off getting her resume into gear and preparing for interviews. She’s given up hours of her time and you have, like the good friend you are, supported her every step of the way. But despite your best efforts, it wasn’t enough. She didn’t get it--and now it’s back to the drawing board. For her, this means doors are closed, ice-cream containers are open and it’s back to two minute noodles for lunch and dinner. What do you say? Like the good friend you are, I’m pretty sure that your responses will sound something like this:

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Hair growth boosting smoothie

Hairtox Smoothie: The Ultimate Hair Growth Boosting Smoothie Recipe

We’re low maintenance. Hair growth can be too. Because who really has time to mashup a banana and avocado hair mask and sit with it in your hair? Think of the last time you did that. I’ll wait. In the meantime... Here is the fuss-free way to grow your hair:

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We share the latest news and our hottest tips about hair extensions, including styling tips and more. We also share extensively about our hacks for rapid and natural hair growth. We learn our hair growth hacks from research and personal experience (yes, we're our own guinea pigs) and we only share the things that absolutely work!

So, if you're interested in learning more about our halo hair extensions or about how to grow your hair, add some extra volume, products that won't damage your hair...read it all from our halo hair extensions blog. Knock yourself out!

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