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We let our products (and our customers) speak for themselves.

Hannah says:

“I wore it out this weekend and had so many comments on how great it looks. It still takes a bit of getting used to, having something sitting on your head, but it’s hidden so nobody else can tell. Very happy with it!”

" A big thank you to the Sitting Pretty team for executing everything I wanted, I recommend the Halo and the brands services highly x ”

Sarah F

" Toms jaw hit the floor! He said it looked incredible and he’s never seen my hair like this! No joke haha omg, i’m walking on air! x "

Betty E

" Thanks again I love it so much!!!! "

Laura Lux

" Thanks so much for my hair extensions. I LOVE them x "

Kylie P

" I am in love once again!! That you soon much!! :) xx "


" I walked into work and two of the guys were like “omg your hair looks really good today” and Jon said “look at your pretty golden locks” he said they were very striking. Very happy :) "

Kate B

" I wore the Halo to work today (first day) and the girls were saying how nice my hair looks! They love them "

Katie J

" Thank you so much! Your such an inspiration!! Cant thank you enough!! I love my hair, keep up the amazing work x "

Samantha V

" So happy I don’t have to ruin my hair anymore with tapes, this is a life saver and looks incredible. Thanks heaps! "

Jennifer M

" Thank you!!! It’s such an amazing extension. I’m involve with my new hair and never want to take it off. " 

Kirsty S

" I cant thank you enough, now I can have beautiful long hair while my own hair repairs."

Kirty S

" The Perfect Hair Extensions! I have tried them all. Permanent, temporary, clips, beads, tapes you name it. Sitting Pretty Halos are soft, thick, comfortable and just beautiful. "

Cait A

" I am complimented every time I wear them and have finally found an extension that I can wear without worrying that they look ridiculous. I instantly feel happy when I put them in. Thank you! "

Katie C

" The SP team is amazing at what they do, and I will be recommending them to everyone I know :) "

Kate B

" It’s a rare thing to find hair extensions that not only look amazing, sit perfectly and are good quality, but are also part of an awesome movement to empower women. X "

Kate D

" Recommend ANYDAY. Perfect perfect perfect! xxxx "

Larissa K 

" Whether you want volume or length, sitting pretty has you covered. No damage and only seconds to apply is just a bonus! Party hair in seconds! Love love! "

Elli W

" Sitting Pretty is an absolute gem!! Thank you so much for my halo!! The perfect extension and accessory. Love it!! " 

Kacey Lea C

" I’m looking and feeling amazing - instant selfie mood :) " 

Natasha D

" He didn't believe that something so easy and simply could fix all my problems, he loved it - I’m so happy, thank you! " 


" Nothing but praise for Sitting Pretties products and service, thank you again! x "

Luana S

" A very special brand around a very special product, i will be back for more! thanks so much!! x "

Lisa M

" I put a picture up on fb and Instagram and all my friends are loving them! "

Claire M

" Thanks for making my ultimate dream a reality - I’m involve with my hair! thank you soon much! x " 

Teagan B

" I can not tell you enough the stress you have taken off me, i really do thank you with all my heart x "


" Craig absolutely loves it - I’m so thrilled and happy i chose Sitting Pretty. Thanks again xx "

Lennie C

" LOVE MY EXTENSIONS!! I’ve gone through them all, clip ins, tapes you name it. nothing has ever looked so natural, been more comfortable and blends as well as these. " 

Michaela S

" My main concern was i was growing my hair out to a pixie cut so it was very short, but with some layers and help from my hair dresser they blend in perfectly. Thank you so much never been happier!! x "

Michelle F

" LONG HAIR!! I’m so excited - Thank YOU!! xx "

Sarah K

" I cant believe how easy and comfortable it is! its amazing. " 

Chelsea F
How do I buy my hair with Klarna?

It's really easy.

If you already have an active Klarna account:

1. You choose your Halo Hair Extension on our website as you normally would.

2. Add your Halo to your shopping cart. If you need help choosing your colour you can use our free colour matching service!

3. During checkout just select Klarna as your preferred payment option. You'll be redirected to or the app to confirm your order. That's it!

If it's your first time using Klarna:

1. Download the Klarna app or go to to set up your account - it's quick and easy!

Add your halo extensions to your basket.

2. Choose Klarna at checkout.

3. You'll be redirected to the Klarna website or mobile app to confirm the order. And that's it!

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How do I buy my Halo with Afterpay?

It's really easy:

1. You choose your Halo Hair Extension on our website as you normally would.
2. Add your Halo to your cart.
3. Select AfterPay as your preferred payment option during checkout.
4. Approval happens there and then!

If it's your first time using AfterPay, the first instalment will be automatically charged to the card you provide at checkout. And then again in fortnightly cycles after that.

Our website will calculate your fortnightly payments just below the 'add to cart' button.

When your order is confirmed, there's nothing left to do but wait for your Halo to arrive!

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Buying Halo Hair Extensions With ZipPay

Do you want to buy your Halo Hair Extensions with Zip (ZipPay)?

NOTE: Currently only available to Australian customers.

Thick, long, luscious hair just got easier. With ZipPay you can buy your halo hair extensions with 4 easy bi-weekly instalments. This way you can have dream hair now, and pay for it later.

Zip now, pay later

Zip is an Australian company founded in 2014, servicing over 14 international markets. They provide consumers with access to transparent, flexible and interest free credit.

Here's what we'll cover on this page:

Can I use ZipPay to buy halo hair extensions and pay it off over time?How do I buy halo extensions with ZipPay?Am I eligible to use ZipPay to buy my halo extensions?How do I set up a ZipPay account?Can I use ZipPay to buy my halo hair extensions and pay it off over time?

Yes you can!

You can use ZipPay to purchase your Sitting Pretty Halo Extensions, and then pay it off in 4 even, bi-weekly instalments, 100% interest free!

No fees at all (providing you meet your repayments). The cost of using ZipPay is covered by the merchant - that's us!

When you use Zip to buy your halo hair extensions you essentially pay the purchase off like a payment plan, but we will ship your item right away.

How do I buy my Halo Hair Extensions with ZipPay?

It's really easy.

If you already have an active Zip account:

Youchoose your Halo Hair Extensionon our website as you normally would.Add your selected Halo to your shopping cart. If you need help choosing your colour you can use our free colour matching service!In the checkout just selectZipas your preferred payment option. You'll be redirected to to confirm your order. It's as easy as that!

If it's your first time using Zip:

Go to to set up your account- it's quick and easy!Add your halo extensions to your basket.Choose ZipPay at checkout. You'll be redirected to the website to confirm the order. Simple!

Your first 1-in-4 payments will be automatically deducted by ZipPay when we ship your order.

And the last 3 instalments will automatically be charged to the card you provide in fortnightly cycles after that.

For your convenience, our website will calculate your fortnightly payments just below the 'add to cart' button. That way you're well aware of what the repayments will look like.

And, when your order is confirmed, sit back and relax while we ship you your order.

Am I eligible to pay with ZipPay?

Most likely.

To use ZipPay you need to:

Be 18 years or over.Be an Australian citizen or resident.Have a verifiable PayPal or bank account in your own name.Have a good credit history.Have a verifiable email address and mobile number.Be careful, even though ZipPay is interest-free, a late payment will subject you to a fee (charged by Zip, not us).

We offer Zip for all Halo Extensions to help you get your Halo now, and pay later.

How can I set up a new Zip account?

The process is quick and easy!

When you make your purchase, just choose 'Zip' as your payment method.

You'll be redirected to the website where you can set up your account before confirming your order.

And if you have any questions we're more than happy to help.

Recommended reading:Frequently asked questionsShipping informationExchange guarantee

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