Halo hair extensions aren't a one-trick pony. Getting thicker, longer hair is only the beginning.

Naturally, once you've got more hair to play with you can achieve a wider range of hairstyles that were once deemed impossible with fine hair.

Braids, being one of them!

If you're reading this I'm assuming you're either:

a) interested in learning how to do braided hairstyles in general, or

b) are now the proud owner of a Sitting Pretty halo extension and want to know how to wear your halo in a braid.

Either way, here are my top 3 braided hairstyles to try and how you can achieve them with the Sitting Pretty Halo.

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How to braid hair with halo hair extensions

Hair extensions are a great way to enhance braids when you need extra volume and length.

If you need extensions to give your braids more oomph, a halo is your best bet.

The halo is the best extension for braided hairstyles.


Because it’s easy, won't pull or damage your own hair and the best part; the halo sits so low at the back of your head and under your hair, that any braided hairstyles will hide the halo perfectly.

Whereas creating these same looks with clip in extensions can prove to be a little more difficult to hide as you're braiding the hair.

For each of these braids, we've used the THICK Sitting Pretty Halo to add a whole lot of volume and extra length.

You'll see in the photos below that we've shown the hair before the Sitting Pretty Halo too, so you can see how the SP halo helps create the perfect braids on girls with short or fine hair.

1. How To Do French Braids With Extensions

how to do french braids with halo hair extensions

BEFORE & AFTER: French braids using the THICK Sitting Pretty Halo in col. Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde 613/10

Ever attempted double french braids on short or fine hair?

Then you'd be familiar with how fiddly and frustrating it can be.

Pieces of hair slip out of your hands while you're braiding...

You can't seem to evenly pull enough hair as you braid...

You get the gist.

The perks of braiding with the SP Halo is that it instantly becomes much easier to grab pieces of hair for braiding.

The results is thick, luscious braids created effortlessly.

Here's how to do french braids with your halo hair extensions:

  1. First, apply your Sitting Pretty Halo (watch: how to put on halo hair extensions)
  2. Part your hair down the centre. Depending on if you want a neat part or more of a messy, boho look, you can either roughly part your hair with your fingers or use a comb.
  3. If you prefer to have some wisps of hair or fringe around your face, now is the time to pull out any bits of hair that you want to exclude from the braid.
  4. To start the braid, plait a small section of hair around the top of your head. Somewhere close to the front of your hairline and high up near your centre part is perfect.
  5. Next, add about a finger width more hair to each of the three plaited strands, before plaiting them again.
  6. Continue to add more hair each time you plait, until all the hair on your head is now weaved into a braid. Once there's no more hair to pull in, make a regular plait with the leftover hair.
  7. Now repeat on the opposite side.

If you're more of a visual thinker, watch the video below to see how we created these french braids on Shannon:


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2. The Secret Trick To A Braid Crown With Halo Extensions

how to do a braid crown with halo hair extensions

BEFORE & AFTER: Braid crown using the THICK Sitting Pretty Halo in col. Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde 613/10 for extra length and volume.

Before you go putting the braided half updo into the 'too hard' basket, read this:

This braided crown is simply two separate braids pinned together.

That's it.

No super complicated weaving of the hair.

I know right - 10x easier and less intimidating than you thought.

I'd seen this boho braid 'do floating around the internet and thought it was too advanced for the hands of a styling novice like myself.

That is until friend and hairstylist Emma Chen showed us how easy it is.


  1. Apply your Sitting Pretty Halo.
  2. Start with a middle part, and select the section of hair you want to have braided around your head. Then begin braiding the hair loosely. Most of the hair you pull into the braid should come from the top of your head so you can leave enough hair down to sit above your ears.
  3. Once you've braided to the centre of your head, plait the remaining hair to finish it off and secure it with a hair tie or hair clip while you braid the other side.
  4. Repeat braiding on the right side of your hair, so that you have two braids coming towards the centre of the back of your head.
  5. Once you have two braids, you might like to gently tug at the braids to loosen them. This will make the braids look even thicker.
  6. Then grab the left braid, position it across the back of your head, and pin the end of it about 2 inches from your right ear.
  7. Next, grab the right braid. This time, you want to thread the right braid behind the left braid before pinning it 2 inches from your left ear.

And you've done it!

No complicated 5 part braid. Just two normal braids twisted into each other.

From there you can add any extra pins if you need to make the braid crown more secure.

You can also lightly tug at the braids again to make them look fatter.

Emphasis on lightly - the last thing you want to do is pull at a braid too hard and undo all your work.

The best part?

Aside from this braided hairstyle looking 100% bomb...

It also completely hides your Sitting Pretty Halo and secures it in place.

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3. How To Do A Thick Braid With Halo Extensions

how to do a dutch braid with halo hair extensions

BEFORE & AFTER: Braid using the THICK Sitting Pretty Halo in col. Beige Blonde 613.

Creating this braid is super easy.

It's applying the same braiding technique we've used in the other two braids, but directing all the hair to the back of your head.

Admittedly, I thought this one was going to be difficult to do on your own hair since you can't see what you're doing.

So I just tried this braided hairstyle on my own hair now and it's surprisingly easy.


  1. Apply your Sitting Pretty Halo.
  2. Use bobby pins to pin the ends of the halo (near your ears) securely to your head. This is helpful so that when you pull the halo into the braid, the halo remains in place.
  3. To begin the braid, start with a small plait around the crown of your head. The higher you start this first plait, the higher your braid will start.
  4. On the next plait, add more hair to each section before twisting it into the plait. Be mindful not to pull the hair too tight as you braid. For the boho effect, this braided hairstyle needs to look more loose and relaxed rather than tight and neat.
  5. Continue this method to weave all your hair into the braid.
  6. Once all the hair is braided, plait the rest of the hair remaining and secure with a hair tie.
  7. At this point, you can start to pull the braid gently to make the braid appear thicker.
  8. To finish off this boho braid look, pull some wisps of hair around the front of your face.

If you're loving hair clips and pins as much as we are, you can add some embellished pins into your braid to create this bejewelled effect.

It's a great idea for festivals and parties where you want to make your hairstyle a little more extra!

If you want more hairstyling tutorials, grab the popcorn and click here.

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