Not often does a day go by without us seeing amazing hairstyles on the 'grams of our favourite hair stylists, and thinking;


Followed by:

"I wish I had enough hair for that hairstyle."

It's something that happens regularly at the Sitting Pretty HQ, since we're all kinda REALLY obsessed with beautiful, thick hair.

We've all questioned:

"How does Ariana Grande get her ponytail so thick? "

"How does Kylie Jenner go from short hair, to hair down to her butt in the duration of a Coachella weekend?"

"How does that Instagram model get her braids so thick?"

The obvious answer is;

Hair extensions + an expert hairstylist team.

The not so obvious answer:

You can actually create some amazing, advanced hairstyles right in your own home.

All you need is:

  1. Halo Hair Extensions
  2. Someone to show you how to use Halo hair extensions to create different hairstyles (that's why I'm here babe).

Lucky for you;

I wrote this blog to answer the question every girl with thin-hair problems needs to know:

How can I create amazing, advanced hairstyles with halo hair extensions?

So, without any further rambling about my crush on Ariana Grande's ponytail...

Here are some of our fav advanced hairstyles with halo hair extensions.

Braids, ponytails, twisted buns and all.

1. How to get 10x more volume in your high ponytail with halo hair extensions.

Every girl with thin or short hair has dreamt of a ponytail with lavish volume.

We've all felt the hair envy when you see a girl with a perfectly thick ponytail.

A ponytail with so much volume, it looks too good to be true.

Well, I'm about to make like Cindy's fairy godmother and make your dreams come true.

Want to know the secret to an insanely thick ponytail?

This hair hack for more ponytail volume is a serious game-changer.

Watch this video tutorial to find out how to do a high ponytail with our Halo hair extensions:

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2. How to achieve the braided ponytail that went viral on Pinterest.

Braids. They turn any hairstyle up a notch.

And yes...

With your thick Halo hair, braids are at your fingertips.

This braided ponytail look is all over Pinterest, and with good reason.

It's a gorgeous, romantic hairstyle that you can wear for all occasions.

And it's actually easier than it looks.

I love those hairdos that people assume I spent an hour at the hair salon to achieve.

But in reality, I did my hair in 5 minutes while dancing to No Scrubs by TLC in the bathroom.

I know, it's hard to believe a braided ponytail can look this good in under 5 minutes.

See how:

3. How to do an updo using halo hair extensions (finally).

Yes, you read correctly.

You can create some amazing updo hairstyles with our Halo hair extensions.

Were you worried your Halo might fall off if you try an updo?

Don't be!

We know all the hair problems babe.

It's why when we made this Halo, we made sure you could style your Halo hair extensions just like you would style your natural hair.

But better.

For short hair babes;

You'll particularly love that you now have the option to go from short hair to long hair in seconds...

...And flaunt a casual updo hairstyle whenever you feel like it.

Right now we're crushing on the twisted bun look with our Halo.

There's something about a twisted french bun that says:

"I'm so effortlessly cool that I just wake up and throw my hair into a perfect twisted bun. And I spend my summers in South of France..."

Yeah, we all want to be that girl.

So, for now, we'll just get one step closer with this twisted bun:

4. Try this quick and easy way to upgrade your low ponytail.

If you've got you're Halo, you're already enjoying the perks of a thicker ponytail.

You're more than familiar with rocking a sleek low ponytail as the perfect final touch to your outfit.

BUT you're reading this because you want to know more different hairstyles with halo hair extensions.

So if you're finding yourself in a hairstyling rut;

I.e Your idea of hairstyling is rotating between wearing your hair out or in a ponytail...

Then try mixing it up with this twisted ponytail next time you're getting dressed to impress.

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5. How to master the thick braids you've always wanted.

When I first put on my Halo, I was so excited to have thicker hair that I didn't even think of all the hairstyle possibilities.

As you know:

When you're so used to having short, thin hair your 'advanced' hairstyle options are limited.

So it's kind of like you get programmed not to even think about attempting something like thick braids.

Hairstyles with Halo Hair Extensions are seriously endless.

You can say goodbye to that 'thin hair' mindset.

Celebrate your new thick hair by trying out a gorgeous side braid.

Because you can!

Want to know the best part?

No need to worry about your Halo being visible.

All these advanced hairstyles will hide your Halo hair extensions.

Even these braids.

Here at Sitting Pretty, we're all about hair that looks natural.

Note: Don't freak out if you consider yourself someone who can't style hair.

This video will show you exactly how to do a side braid with our Halo hair extensions.

Enjoy these hair tips?

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