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What Halo Hair Extensions Are And How They Are Different

So you've heard about Halo Hair Extensions.

Good things.

But you haven't seen one. And you're not really sure how they work.

"Something about a wire...?"

That's great. Because you're in the right place.

In this article I'm going to answer all these questions for you:

  • Exactly what are Halo Hair Extension?
  • How do Halo Hair Extensions work?
  • How are Halos different to other hair extensions?
  • Does the halo hair extension fall off? How does the halo stay on?
  • Should I get a Halo extension? Is the Halo suitable for me?

We've got a lot of ground to cover.

Let's dig in...

What are Halo Hair Extensions?

I'm glad you asked.

Halo Hair Extensions are a new hair extension method.

And where most hair extensions provide longer and thicker hair by attaching to your own hair. The Halo Hair Extension doesn't need any physical attachment to your hair.

Here's Jess Lewis (@hairbyjesslewis) showing you how simple it is to put on the Halo:


The Halo is significantly different to other hair extensions.

Let me explain;

  • Clip in extensions attach to your hair using a hair clip.
  • Micro beads attach to your hair using (you guessed it) a bead. The bead is crimped to your hair.
  • Tapes attach to your hair using...tapes.
  • Weaves are wefts of hair that are tightly woven into your hair (super painful).
  • Glues are bonded into your hair using hot glue 🤔
  • Halo Hair Extensions sit on your head, gently wedged on with an invisible wire. (I'll show you exactly how you put in on later on in this article).

There are others, but these are the main ones.

In a nutshell, the Halo sits on your head without any attachments (hence the name "halo").

How?? Check it out:


Why are Halo Extensions better than other hair extension methods?

I'm not sure if they're necessarily better.

I mean everyone has a different viewpoint. Right?

So I'm just going to lay out the facts.

And you can decide for yourself.

In a nutshell...

Each method differs from the other in various ways.

And one of the things that makes the Halo different is it's the only hair extension that doesn't physically attach to your hair.

Therefore it's the only one that doesn't cause any damage to your hair.


I'll explain more of the benefits of the Halo and how it's different from the other methods in detail below.


If you prefer a snazzy visual representation; we made this infographic:

Hair Extensions And Why The Halo Is Best [Infographic] 👈🏽

The Halo vs Clip In Extensions (Clips)

Clip ins are widely known by hair stylists and other hair professionals to be the most damaging hair extensions of all the various methods.

It's actually kind of crazy that they still sell these things...not judging.

But like I said, there's a place for everything.

The way they work is that they clip on to your hair using hair-clips.

Every time you take them out they'll take a few of your hairs with them.

Over weeks/months/years of use those hairs add up and can cause patches where your hair is very, very short.

They also take quite a while to put in (maybe 15-30 minutes) and another 5 minutes to take them out again at night.

They can be handy if you just want thicker, and longer hair, for an event or a special day. But they're not great for prolonged use since they cause such extreme damage to your own hair.


We've dealt with girls who've had bald spots because of clip ins.

And it's more common than you might think.

The Halo vs Micro Bead Extensions (Beads)

The Micro Bead Extension is not something you could typically put on at home.

You'll need a professional hairdresser to put them in for you.

Which makes them quite expensive to put in.

They're classified as permanent hair extensions (because they're designed to stay in your hair for several weeks).

They require ongoing maintenance; every 4-6 weeks you'll need to go back to the hairdresser for a couple of hours to have them moved up (because your hair grows out).

Because you live, sleep, gym, etc. in them they have to be replaced normally every 6 months.

So...they're pretty expensive.

The Halo vs Tape In Extensions (Tapes)

Tapes are similar to Micro Beads.

Your hairdresser puts them in. They have to bring them up every 4-6 weeks.

They get replaced every 6 months.

The Halo vs Weave In Extensions (Weaves)

Weave In Extensions are woven in to your hair.

They're similar to Beads and Tape Extensions. Your hairdresser puts them in. Brings them up every 4-6 weeks. Replace every 6 months.

The difference with Weave In Extensions is that they're very painful for the first few days because they're sewn tight.

They're known to cause headaches.

But pain is beauty...right? 🤔

The Halo vs Bonds (Glues)

Same deal as Beads/Tapes.

But...come'on, it's glue! How could that possibly be good for your hair??

Like I said...everything has it's place.

"I’ve gone through them all, clip ins, tapes you name it. Nothing has ever looked so natural, been more comfortable and blends as well as these." - Michaela S, purchased our Cream Blonde Halo


Why do people choose Halo Hair Extensions?

In stark contrast to the other hair extension methods, the Halo has many, many pros.

And very few cons.

Firstly; You can order your Halo online.

It arrives within just a few days.

You take it to the hairdresser ONCE to get it cut to perfectly suit your hair.

And then that's it.

No more visits to the hairdresser :)

Secondly; Like I said, there are no attachments. Therefore, no damage.

Thirdly; It takes literally seconds to put it in and take them out. And it's easy.

Fourthly; It's comfortable to wear. Most of our customers say:

"I forgot I was wearing it." 👈🏽That was literally taken from a customer review.

Fourthly; They last for 6-12 months, and often a lot longer.

There are more benefits than what I could possibly write here...

So let's save that for another article.

What Are The Most Common Uses Of The Halo

Although there are hundreds of different hairstyles you can do with Halo Hair Extensions.

There is one reason above all why most women get it.

It's simple really;

More volume, and more length...in seconds.

As a woman, what we want is long, thick, healthy looking hair.

And the Halo Extension delivers exactly that. In bundles.

What else;

After they discover the Halo they're usually thrilled with how easy it is to use and how their hair looks and feels.


Need proof?

Read our Halo Hair Reviews to see what our customers are saying about their Halos.

How to choose the right halo thickness


How Do I Know If I Need A Halo?

Before I start ranting about the benefits and features of the Sitting Pretty Halo Hair Extension

Let me ask you some questions.

Just to help define weather or not you actually need a Halo in your life.

Ready? Go:

1. Do you find that no matter how hard you try, your hair won’t grow past a certain point?

2. Do you have thin hair and wish you could make it thicker without expensive chemical based products or permanent hair extensions that might damage your hair?

3. Does the idea of getting hair extensions make you swoon because perfect hair means length and volume? BUT you're terrified of following through because there’s a big chance that permanent extensions will damage your own hair?

4. Do you think that hair extensions are going to be high maintenance and cost you a fortune to maintain?

5. Do you wear permanent hair extensions but need to give your hair a break so then you hate not having hair extensions, even for a week?

Lastly...would you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot?...

Well...would you?

Because it’s the reaction we normally get from women that have had the Sitting Pretty Halo experience.

That's no joke.

Hence the oodles of positive reviews.

Once they transform their hair with the Halo they are astounded with the results.

How easy it is to use.

The Halo Hair Piece is helping thousands of women achieve perfect thick long hair in  literally seconds.

And we couldn't be more excited to share this special “hair movement” with other women who want the same results.

It’s very exciting!

Bad hair days are fast becoming redundant. Ye-haaa!!

How do you put on Halo Hair Extensions? 

It's simple really.

The Halo attaches to your head using the invisible wire. The wire attaches to both sides of the weft.

The weft goes to the back of your head and sits under your occipital bone.

And the wire sits about 1-2 inches from your hairline.

Here's a video to show you exactly how to put on the halo hair extension:

How to put on the halo

How does the Halo Extension stay on?

What our customers seem to be the most concerned about when contemplating the idea of the Halo is whether or not it’s actually going to stay on their head and if it’s secure.

This concern is totally understandable because well… It’s not actually attached to your hair at all.

The question we’re often faced with is “If it's not attached to my hair then how does it stay on?… Won’t it fall off?"

Our response is usually something like “Nope, Negative, No… It really won’t fall off ladies & here’s why!”

Why the Halo won’t fall off

It’s a hard one to grasp but the fact of the matter is that the SP Halo Extension is designed to be fitted to your head so it sits on the perfect angle.

Just watch this video (you'll see exactly what I mean):


A few other reasons why you may want a Halo Hair Extension

1. You may only want volume. So trimming the halo to the same length as your own hair will achieve this look in seconds.

2. You may only want length! So having your Halo cut and styled by a professional will ensure you get natural length added to your look which is sure to enhance your own hair style.

3. Then if you’re like most and you want both, length and volume. The Halo is especially good for that too!   

Whatever your preference is, it’s achievable and can look incredibly natural.

I hope that's answered most of your questions.

For more information check out our videos page: Halo Hair Videos


Feel free to chat to us. Either leave a comment in the comments section below, or speak to us on live chat.

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