In this article I want to share with you some simple but effective tips to help you maximise your success with your halo hair extension.

I'll share 5 tips that I've learned over the years from working hands on with the halo hair extensions (and other types of hair extensions). Like how to double or triple the volume/thickness of your halo. And how to colour your halo. And more.

1. Checking that the colour matches

To check that the colour matches you need to first take your halo extensions out of it's packaging. Then hold it under your natural hair and check that your own ends work with the colour of the Halo. Try it under different lights.

Most importantly is that you check it against the ends of your hair. Because this is the part that will blend with your halo hair.

Even though the ends of your hair might not be the exact same colour as your halo extensions it won't be noticeable. Because once your halo hair is sitting underneath your natural hair, cut and styled, a shade or two difference will still blend beautifully.

2. Yes, you can colour your Sitting Pretty Halo

Because we use only the highest quality hair (100% ProGrade Remy Human Hair, European Texture) it's soft, long lasting, feels just like your own hair, and takes well to colouring.

You can tone it ashy or warmer, and even a few shades darker if you need to.

BUTTTT... don't bleach it, and avoid colouring it too often to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Also, extreme changes in colour is not recommended (e.g. platinum blonde to dark brown).

Here's a quick video on
How To Colour The Sitting Pretty Halo:

If you're not sure how to colour your hair or if you haven't done it before, speak to your hairdresser first. Or better yet, ask your hairdresser to do it for you!

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3. Putting on and using your Sitting Pretty Halo

The easiest way to explain how you put on the Sitting Pretty Halo is by sharing this video with you:

The Sitting Pretty Halo Hair Extensions each come with 7 different sized wires. You'll find these in the box with your halo.

If you're finding that your halo pops off your head when you try to put it on it's because the wire is too small for you. Try putting on one of the larger sized wires. If it feels too loose then you'll just need to swap the wire for one of the smaller sized wires.

Play around with changing the wires for a few minutes to find the fit that feels most secure and comfortable to you.

There's no right or wrong here. It just comes down to your preference. Some people prefer it tight on their head, and others like it to hang loosely. Just find what works best for you.

If you experience any challenges with this, don't hesitate to contact us.

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4. Wetting your Halo will make it thicker

Your Sitting Pretty halo hair extension has been industrially straightened. Which is fine. But it means it might feel a bit thin when you receive it.

Don't worry though. Because just like normal hair, when you wet it it'll get much thicker.

You don't need to wash it though. Just give it a quick spray with clean water. Then dry it off with a blow dryer. This will usually make it double in thickness. It'll also get thicker over time as you use it.

This is something to keep in mind in a year or two when you get your next halo. That your old one will have felt thicker because you've worn it in. And therefore your new one will feel thinner. But don't worry, it'll thicken over time.

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5. Trimming and cutting it shorter will make it even thicker

When you receive your Halo it'll be either 16 or 20 inches long depending on which thickness you bought. For most girls...this is very long. Too long.

So chances are that you'll want to have it cut shorter and then layered to blend with your own hair. This is the same with all hair extensions. We recommend you take it to your hairdresser to cut for you.

Here's how to cut your Sitting Pretty halo extension:

That's it! Your Sitting Pretty halo is easy to use. If you follow these simple tips you'll have #dreamhair in no time ;)

Post any questions or comments in the comments section below xx

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