The bread and butter of an amazing ponytail is long, thick hair.

There's something about a killer ponytail that gives you those empowering, goddess-like vibes.

It's the hairstyle we all lust over.

So, what's the secret to achieving everyone's fav updo?

Hair extensions, of course.

You might be wondering:

Can you wear your Halo extensions in a ponytail?

We get this question A LOT.

And the answer is, yes, 100%, absolutely.

You can even create a high ponytail with Halo extensions.

By the end of this post you'll know:

  • How to hide your Halo hair extensions in a ponytail
  • How to put Halo extensions in a high ponytail
  • How to put Halo extensions in a ponytail with short hair

Ready to make your ponytail look extra?

Read on...


There are actually two ways two put
Halo extensions in a ponytail.

First is the obvious way.

Putting on your Halo, then simply collecting your hair into a ponytail.

You may be wondering:

How can I make sure my ponytail hides my Halo?

That's why we made this vid.

In this video I'll show you how to tie Halo hair extensions in a ponytail.

Want to wear a really HIGH ponytail with the Halo?
Here's the secret...

As you saw in the above video, wearing the Halo can get you a gorgeous, thick low or mid ponytail.


If you do want to rock a seriously HIGH ponytail with your Halo.

There's a trick to it.

You will need: A hair tie (I don't know about you but I usually source my hair ties from the bottom of my handbag, the floor of my car or in the pocket of an old gym bag 2 years later...) And ample bobby pins.

How to do a high ponytail with halo extensions:

  1. Take your Halo extensions off your head
  2. Remove the wire from your Halo
  3. Get your one and only trusty hair tie and tie your hair in a firm high ponytail.
  4. Hold your Halo extensions on top of your natural ponytail, and use a bobby pin to securely attach the start of your Halo to the ponytail
  5. Continue to tightly wrap the Halo around your ponytail, using bobby pins to secure the Halo firmly.
  6. Once the Halo is completely pinned to your ponytail, grab a strand of hair and wrap it around, pinning it underneath your pony. This will hide any sign of the bobby pins or the top of the Halo.

This is a hairstylist's best-kept secret to adding incredible thickness and length to a ponytail.

As seen below on Abbey Stockwell, styled by hair stylist Thanh Vo using our THICK Halo in Dark Brown #2.

HACK: How to wear Halo extensions in a ponytail with short hair.

If you're a short hair gal like me...

You know that ponytails are reserved merely for the desperate times you need your hair out of your face, stat.

Like when you're cleansing your face.

Or going for a run.

Let me tell you, babe:

Even short-haired YOU can still experience the feeling of a killer, thick ponytail.

Using the previous high ponytail Halo trick, you too can create the perfect pony for your short hair.


No matter how blunt your haircut is...

The ends of your hair will still be invisible when using our Halo hair extensions for your ponytail.

Watch below to see how babe Jessica Black transforms her short hair to long hair with her Sitting Pretty Halo hair extensions.

Obsessed with amazing hair? Yeah you are.

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