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The Best Hair Extensions For Fine Hair

The Best Hair Extensions For Fine Hair

Today I'm going to show you the BEST hair extensions for fine hair.

And the hair extensions you should avoid if you want to protect your hair from damage. 

By the end of this article, you'll know how to get a hair transformation like this:

 Or this:

Without the sacrifice. 

Read on to discover how to solve your thin hair problems. 


3 things you need to know when choosing the best extensions for fine hair

If you've got fine hair, these are my top tips for choosing the right hair extensions.


1. Make sure your extensions don't cause hair damage. 

Hair extensions should be a solution for fine hair.

Not a cause of fine hair.

Here's the deal:

Your hair is already thin and delicate.

So the last thing you want to do is wear extensions that are known to cause further hair loss and breakage. (more on this later)

Otherwise you'll be causing more hair problems, rather than solving them.

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    2. Opt for extensions that you can hide well. 

    This is trickier with fine hair, but some extensions are better than others when it comes to invisibility.

    Clip-ins, for example, can get a little chunky, making it more difficult to disguise them with thin hair. 


    3. 100% Remy hair extensions are best for blending.

    This goes for anyone looking to buy hair extensions.

    It's best to opt for extensions made with human hair.


    You want your extensions to look realistic and natural when combined with your real hair.

    And you also want to be able to treat your extensions like your real hair.

    With Remy hair extensions you can use heat styling tools just as you would style your real hair.

    Find out more about hair extension quality here. 

    Types of Hair Extensions & The Best Extensions for Fine Hair

    Learn all the various hair extensions and which extensions are the best option for fine and thin hair.  


    Clip in hair extensions.

    Clip in extensions are temporary extensions with comb-like clips on a ream of hair, that attaches to your natural hair.

    Clips adds a lot of weight on your hair follicles.

    There are a few reasons to avoid clip in extensions if you have fine hair.

    • If you already have fine or thin hair, clip-ins won't have much hair to hold onto.
    • The weight of clip ins means they will pull at the roots of your hair. This may cause hair to fall out or break.
    • As I touched on before, it's also tricky to hide clip ins when your hair is already fine. There are other extension options that allow your extensions to be more hidden.


    Tape in hair extensions.  

    Tape extensions are applied to your natural hair using adhesive. 

    They're high maintenance, as you generally need to get them re-applied at the salon every 4-8 weeks.

    The repetitive process of removing and reapplying adhesive on your hair can cause major damage to your hair overtime. 

    Adhesives also suffocate the hair follicles, preventing hair growth.


    Halo hair extensions.

    Halo hair extensions is a great option for fine hair, for two important reasons.

    1) Halo hair extensions don't damage your hair.

    The halo is a one-piece hair extension with an invisible wire, that secures on your head like a headband. 

    It doesn't bond or glue to your hair, meaning there's zero risk of your fine hair getting pulled out or breaking.

    2) The halo lets you grow your real hair.

    The ultimate hair goal is to grow your natural hair to it's healthiest, thick, luscious state.

    We're being real - you don't want to have to rely on permanent hair extensions for your entire life. 

    That's way too much time, money and maintenance.

    Halo extensions can be put on and taken out whenever you like. 

    Because there's nothing damaging about wearing the halo, or the removal process, it allows your natural hair to continue growing while you wear your halo extensions.


    Fusion hair extensions.

    These extensions are bonded to your hair using keratin glue. 

    Typically fusion extensions don't hold well on fine hair.

    However the removal process of these hair extensions is also quite damaging. 

    When removed, fusion extensions pull out a lot of your natural hair, causing more harm than good in the long run. 


    Weave extensions.

    Weaves are created by sewing wefts of hair into your own hair. 

    To do this, your natural hair has to be braided, and then the extensions sewn in.

    Weaves don't work well with fine hair if there's not enough hair to braid, for securing the extensions.


    Micro link extensions.

    These extensions are somewhat like a screw that secures to your hair.

    For that reason, they can damage your hair follicles when clamped together.

    Overtime the weight of these hair strands tugs and pulls at the roots of your hair, causing breakage and weakening your hair. 

    Want to see more pros & cons of various hair extensions? Check out our fact sheet here


    The verdict: What are the best hair extensions for fine hair?

    Halo hair extensions are the best choice for fine hair. 


    Unlike other types of hair extensions, the halo doesn't attach to your hair follicles, causing hair damage. 

    The halo gives you longer, thicker hair in seconds, and won't cause any problems for fine hair.

    You can watch how it works below:



    The benefit of a halo? 

    You can take care of your real hair, while the halo gives you your dream hair in the meantime. 

    Learn more about halo hair extensions here.

    Got more questions? Ask us in the comments below. 😘 

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