Ever wonder how Dua Lipa or Selena Gomez go from lobs to long locks seemingly overnight?

The answer is hair extensions.

While you might be used to seeing these stunning transformations on the gram, these halo hair extensions before and afters will have you shook.

Whether it's a slight bit of volume and length or a super boost of both, halo hair extensions can solve all your hair woes.

And unlike most other extensions, they are even perfectly suitable for damaged or thin hair.



The Thick Halo in Col. #4/6

Sitting Pretty Halo Hair extensions come in 3 different thickness so there is a halo for everyone. It just depends on what you're looking for.

So, before we jump into the before and afters, let's talk halo types

The Fine Halo:

This halo is ideal for thin strands.

It is made to add subtle volume and to be worn the same length as your natural locks.

The Medium Halo:

This is perfect for those who have fine to medium hair.

Whether long or short, the medium halo will still work for you.

It's made to be worn 3-4 inches longer than your own locks.

The Thick Halo:

This is for those of you who want the wow factor.

It is ideal for medium to thick hair textures. This halo adds a whole lotta volume and length.

It is perfect for changing up your look dramatically, while still looking natural, of course.

From short to long or thin to thick and perfect for hiding damage, no matter the halo you choose, the results are truly transformative.

Take a look at our top five halo extensions before and afters and see the halo difference for yourself.


blonde halo hair extensjons

The Medium Halo in Col. #613


1. Lob to Long

We are often asked, "Can you wear halo hair extensions in short hair?"

Well, the proof is in this halo hair extension before and after!

Using the Medium Halo, Amelia's transformation has to be seen to believed!

Literally from lob to long luscious locks in seconds, and you'd never know she was wearing a halo.

The secret to blending short hair with halo hair extensions?

Wispy ends and a perfect colour match.

Amelia's shade, Dark Brown #2 is perfect for warm brunettes with subtle red and gold undertones.


halo hair extensions before and after

The Medium Halo in Col. #2


Trust me, halo hair extensions and short hair is something you want to get right otherwise you risk looking more Joe Dirt then chic.

2. Brighten up

Here we see a brassy, dull and dry blonde boosted and restored to its former glossy glory.

Halo hair extensions are especially handy for blonde babes who have over bleached their hair.

And, if you have ever done so yourself, you know bleach can cause all sorts of trouble.

The worst of all being breakage, or even balding!

But fret not my blonde beauties...

The halo is here, or should we say hair to help.

Here, the Cream Blonde in Col. #20C adds a natural shine and gloss, brightening this overall creamy colour.

The Medium halo also provides a subtle boost in volume filling in the wispy ends for a full-bodied finish.

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halo hair extensions before and afters

The Medium Halo in Col. #20C


3. Blah to Body

Most halo hair extension before and afters feature volume.

But few are quite as dramatic and as stunning as this one.

Not only would you never know she is rocking a halo, but you'd also never know this honey has short and thin strands.

The medium halo has turned her hair up to 11 and then some!

Another one of our favourite blending hacks is adding curls and texture to your strands.

This helps the halo blend seamlessly, even in thin hair.

A boost at the roots also increases your styling options by helping to hide the wire.

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dark brown halo before and after

The Medium Halo in Col. #2


4. Saved Strands

Sick of doing daily hair masks waiting for your hair to heal?

Enter this halo hair extension before and after.

Halo Hair extensions are not just a chic styling choice, but they are also the only hair extensions safe for damaged hair.

This is because, unlike other hair extensions, the halo does not require chemical bonds, clamps, clips or harmful adhesives.

These things all add extra pressure on your strands which can cause breaking and even bald spots.

This is why hair extensions are usually a no when it comes to damaged or thin hair.

But, as the halo doesn't attach to your strands, it causes no harm at all to your natural hair.

Making it perfectly safe to save your strands.

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halo hair extensions before and after

The Medium Halo in #10


5. Fill In The Gaps

As mentioned above, halo hair extensions don't only not damage your hair, but they are also perfect for hair that is already damaged.

In this halo hair extensions before and after, we see thinning strands transformed with full and healthy ends.

If your hair has suffered from hot tools, poor diet, environmental nasties or anything else, not all hope is lost

From salon treatments to DIY hair masks, there is a lot you can do to help.

But, damaged hair can take some serious care to get back to good.

Halo hair is the perfect way to have the healthy locks of your dreams while you wait for them to heal.

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halo hair extensions before and after

The Medium Halo in Col. #2/4


Need more Halo hair style inspo?

See how Jordan Simek transforms and styles her locks using halo hair extensions.


Jordan uses the Medium Halo in Col. #613/10


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