The Highlights:
  • You can use the Sitting Pretty Halo Hair Extension on short hair because it's fully customisable. Depending on how short your hair is, and whether you have thin or thick hair, the process will vary slightly.

  • The ideal Sitting Pretty Halo to use on short hair is the 12 inch Fine or Medium. Or thick if you want a little more length.

  • However, to make sure your Sitting Pretty Halo blends well with your short hair, you need to style it strategically, which means curls and messy waves. And you may need to feather out your own ends if they are blunt.

One of our most frequently asked questions we get is; can you use halo extensions on short hair?

We, women, are creatures of habit and, unfortunately, a little predictable when it comes to our feelings towards our hair.

When we have short hair, we want long hair. When we have long hair, we want short hair. We are never happy!

Nevermind the enviable urge to cut your hair that rolls in every spring and summer when Instagram suddenly becomes filled with flirty lobs and textured bobs.

So we psych ourselves up to get the chop only to lose our nerve at the last minute.

Or worse yet, go through with it only to end up with some serious hair regret.

Sound familiar?

Both usually result in stalking #lob on Insta's discovery page while wishing we could be braver or wondering why we look like a 12-year-old boy with a bowl cut.


So, can you use Halo hair extensions on short hair?

Typically, Halos and short hair don't really get along.

But, Sitting Pretty is anything but typical.

Whether you want to transform your short hairstyle to long flowing locks or give your bob a volume boost, the Sitting Pretty Halo can do both.

Sitting Prettyt Halo Hair

@p.joneshair styles the MEDIUM Halo in col. Dark Brown and Medium Brown #2/4

How can you use the Sitting Pretty Halo in short hair?

Unlike other Halo extensions, Sitting Pretty's offering includes Halos of three different thickness - Including Fine, Medium and Thick Halos.

Which is why you can use these Halo extensions on short hair.

All of our products are designed to be cut before use, making the Halo entirely customizable to your own hairstyle, length and thickness.

Meaning, it does not matter if you have short hair, as long as the halo is cut to the right length for you individually, it will look natural.

In fact, the length of your hair is of little importance when it comes to choosing the right halo.

It's all about thickness.

And no, I'm not talkin' bout bootys.

How thick your hair is and what you want to achieve aesthetically are the most important factors when choosing a Halo.

So, can you use all Halo extensions on short hair?

Let's talk.

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Sitting Pretty Halo Hair

Which Halo Extensions can you use in short hair?

As I mentioned above, Sitting Pretty offer Halos in three different levels of thickness.

They are;

  • The Fine Halo for fine hair.
  • The Medium Halo for fine to regular hair.
  • The Thick Halo for regular to thick hair (yeah, she thick).

Each of these come in 3 different lengths:

  • 12 inches.
  • 16 inches.
  • 20 inches.

Can halo extensions be worn in short hair

The Medium Halo in Col. Ash Blonde #18

Can the Fine Halo be used on short hair?


The Fine Halo actually works best when paired with short hair.

Its lightweight make allows it to blend easily with short locks and be cut to match blunt ends.

This is designed to be worn the same length as your natural hair and is solely to add body.

So if you're looking to keep your locks short, the Fine Halo is the perfect way to turn up the volume on any lob or bob hairstyle.

hal extensions short hair

@chontelleberryman wears FINE halo in col. Platinum Blonde 60.

Can The Medium Halo Extension be used on short hair?

Medium Halo can also be worn in short hair.

Designed for 'regular' hair - the Medium Halo is perfect for adding volume and a little bit of extra length.

Ideally, the Medium Halo should be cut around 3 - 4 inches longer than your natural hair.

This is a great solution for damaged or snapped hair that just won't grow.

It gives you those extra inches while you can heal your hair in the meantime.

Sitting Pretty Halo Hair

The Medium Halo in Col. Beige Blonde #613

Can you use the Thick Halo on short hair?


Even our thickest halo extensions can be used on short hair.

If you're after a complete transformation, the Thick Halo will be more your vibe.

Designed for medium to full locks, these are the thickest halo extensions on the market.

So say Halo to VA-VA-VOLUME and LA-LA-LENGTH.

Seriously, we don't say "get Beyonce'er" for no reason.

These badies let you have the best of both worlds, so you never have to fear the chop or suffer hair regret again.

Sitting Pretty Halo Hair

@makeupbyameliawebb wears the THICK halo in Col. Beige Blonde 613.

How to use Halo Extensions in short hair.

Now that we know Halo extensions can be used in short hair, it is important to understand how to use them.

While using Halo extensions in short hair is still super simple, there are some tips and tricks you need to abide by to ensure that your Halo looks completely natural.

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Can you use Halo extensions on short hair?

Yes, but only if you blend the hair correctly.

Just like your foundation and your neck, The Halo and your natural hair should blend seamlessly.

If you have a blunt cut, you may want to consider having the ends of your hair thinned out to blend your Halo better.

If not, you can still wear halo extensions in short hair; you just need to style your locks strategically.

Curls get the girls as they say, but in this case, curls get the beautifully blended hair of the girl's dreams.

While Halos can definitely be worn straight, they do blend more evenly in short hair when curled or waved.

Adding more texture will also help create a natural and seamless blend between your hair and the Halo.

Can you use halo extensions in short hair

The Medium Halo in Col. Dark Blonde #10

Cut your Halo correctly for short hair

In general, Halos need to be cut into your hair before you can wear them.

However, this is especially important when it comes to wearing Halo extensions with short hair.

I suggest enlisting a professional rather than DIY'ing it.

As we all know, at-home hair cuts don't always go so well, so given that your Halo cannot grow out the pending hack job, it's just not worth the risk.

So put the scissors down and go see your stylist.

Professional Hair Stylist, Shannon shows us how to cut the Sitting Pretty Halo for short hair:


The golden rule to use Halo Extensions on short hair

So now you know you can use Halo extensions on short hair and how to wear them, there is just one more thing.

Typically to put your Halo on, you start by separating the top and midsection of your hair using a tail comb.

The Halo is then placed over your head about an inch back from your hairline.

Once the Halo is sitting on your head, hold it secure at the sides and push the back down slightly (until it is snug underneath your occipital bone)

Once your Halo is comfortable and secure, let the top section of your hair out to cover the wire.

To blend the Halo, brush or comb the top section, gentling pulling more pieces from the bottom section through the wire and over the halo until it is completely blended with your natural hair.

This is where installation differs slightly for short hair.

The key to wearing halo extensions with short hair is leaving slightly more hair under the halo that usual.

An even spread of hair above and below the Halo will hide blunt ends and create an overall more natural finish.

But don't just take my word for it, see for yourself!

Hair and Makeup Artist, Amelia Webb shows you her best tips for blending her Sitting Pretty Halo with short hair:


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