The other day I had one of those moments where I decided wearing my hair out, as per usual, wasn't good enough.

It was one of those days I felt like doing something different.

They usually occur on the same day I feel inspired to put that little bit more effort into my outfit.

It was then I realised - I had no inspiration to style my short hair.

Here's the thing;

I'm on a serious mission to grow my hair.

But right now it's short and on the thin side.

So hairstyles for short hair like mine can be limiting.

Fortunately, I've got the numbers of some very talented beauty experts.

So I chatted with hair and makeup artist Amelia Webb, who took me through her go-to short hairstyles.

Whether you're looking for hair inspiration for a special event or daily hairstyle ideas, these easy hairstyles are just what you need to turn up your hair game.

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But first, your short hair questions answered:

How do I know if short hair will suit me?

If you don't have short hair yet... but you're doing your due diligence to decide whether to get the chop.

Consider this:

There are short hairstyles out there to suit any face shape.

A bob or long bob haircut is probably the most universal short haircut out there.

But remember...

The way you style your part or fringe determines how your short haircut will suit your face.

Whether that means you opt for a middle part...

side part...


or lots of layers.

Generally, short hairstyles tend to suit oval and long faces or heart-shaped faces.

Short hairstyles are good for round faces too, especially super short pixie cuts and side swept bobs.

Which hairstyles are best for short hair?

Short hair is a perfect low-maintenance hairstyle on the daily.

Although when it comes to styling short hair to change up your look...

It can get a little tricky.

More often then not...

You find yourself wishing you had more hair for that updo or top knot.

Lucky for you:

There are some super easy hairstyles you can create with short hair.

And if you need a little extra volume...

We've got just the thing... *wink face*

Try these 5 short hairstyles to mix up your look:

Short Hairstyle #1: The Side Part

Let's start with the basics.

If you're getting bored of the same 'do...

Hair clips and accessories are key.

Not only are statement hair clips practically the most viral hair trend on Instagram right now...

But they take seconds to put on and can quickly transform your look.


We're loving the sleek side part or middle part pinned down with oversized clips or blingy bobby pins.

Above: Amelia wears her FINE Sitting Pretty Halo in col. Beige Blonde 613 cut to the same length as her own hair for extra volume.

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Short Hairstyle #2: Braided Fringe

You and your short locks may have given up on braids a long time ago.

But hey...

No need to neglect braids and plaits completely.

You can still enjoy this boho hairstyle in the form of a braided or plaited fringe.

If wearing your down is more in your comfort zone:

Braiding or plaiting your fringe is a great way to style your short hair for something different

without tying all your hair back.

And yes, Amelia is still wearing her FINE Sitting Pretty Halo for this hairstyle.

If you have short hair and you need more volume, you might love our halo hair extensions to give your short haircut more oomph.

Short Hairstyle #3: The Top Knot

Is it just me, or is the top knot one of those hair trends that is here to stay?

Personally, I think this hairstyle is such a winner for one main reason:

It gets me through those in-between days where I probably should have washed my hair already, but didn't (oops).

We've all been there...

The top knot is a go-to laidback hairstyle for short hair.

Not to mention it's a perfect I-can't-be-bothered-but-need-to-fix-this-bad-hair-day kinda hairstyle.

If you find your hair is too thin for half updos:

You can do what Amelia does (pictured above) and wear a Sitting Pretty Halo when you create this half updo with your short hair.

Our halo hair extensions will give you more volume underneath your hair.

So you can afford to tie more hair into your top knot.

Short Hairstyle #4: Classic Low Bun

As much as you love your short haircut...

There's going to be those days where you wish you had long hair.

It might be that special event you want your hair in a classic updo for.


You just wish you could tie your short hair back without it looking so thin.

You're not alone.

And for those days, there's our THICK halo.

The THICK halo is our 160g halo hair extension, that lets you transform your hair from short to long in seconds (see more here).

Once you've got more hair to work with, you can easily create an elegant low bun like Amelia.

Amelia wears her THICK Sitting Pretty Halo in col Beige Blonde 613.

To create this low bun:

Amelia simply puts on her SP halo.

Then ties it into a ponytail and twists her hair into a messy bun.

Finish it off by using bobby pins to secure it in place.

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Short Hairstyle #5: The Half Updo

Don't let this picture fool you.

This is still the same Amelia with her short haircut.

She's just wearing her THICK Sitting Pretty Halo.

Because some days you just want mermaid hair.

Watch below to see how she creates this half updo hairstyle, blending her short hair with the Sitting Pretty Halo.


Now see how it's done...

Watch Amelia's video tutorial on how to do all the above short hairstyles.

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Hi I'm Amelia and welcome to Sitting Pretty's YouTube channel.

I am here to give you a little tutorial on how I created this look. So as you can see I have short hair.

So I have two halos, I actually have a short one and I have a long one.

This short one here just gives me a little bit more extra volume and a little bit more - just oomph - when I have my hair styled like this.

So what I have actually done is I have cut the halo to my hair length and then I've just kind of worked it in and layered it a little bit to create this look.

I'm going to take it out for you now so you can kind of have a look at the difference... So this is with it in... and this is me taking it out...

As you can see it is a little bit of a difference. It's obviously not as thick.

This is the halo here that I have cut so it's quite short and it works perfectly for that hairstyle.

The way that I put my halo in is really easy.

This is a short one - I place it on my head just a couple of inches away from the front here. I slide it on just like this and then what I do is I get the comb and I pull these little bits out.


And this one has literally just been curled with my wand. It stayed in and it all matches like perfectly.

The next style that I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do a half updo look.

So I'm gonna do a little top knot up here. What I am going to do is I'm just going to sweep this front bit back with my comb and then I'm just going to get the rest of the hair up here and just split it up, just so I feel like I've got enough to put in a little bun.


I'm going to just wrap this around and then I do you think I'm going to bobby pin it just so it sits a little bit more flatter. That is how easy it is to put it in a little top knot, which is super cute and another cool idea.

I'm going to do a little braid or a little plait just to kind of change it up a little bit.

So I'm actually going to change my part as well. I'm going to take some of this hair over to this side. I'm just gonna put a little hair tie in this just here because I don't want it to come out.

And that is another really cool style that you can do the halo extension, it just works really nicely.

I wanted to try and show you how to change up the look a little bit more with some clips.

Slicking this down here and I'm just going to do one clip there and then I'm gonna do another one right next to it because I think that will look really cool... and I'm just gonna do the other one and I'm just going to shooz that.

And that is how easy it is again to just add a few little clips to kind of change up the look just that little bit more, which I think looks really super cute again for another really cool style with the halo.

The next style I'm going to share with you guys is actually gonna be using my longer halo.

So this is a thick one and it has been cut so it's a little bit shorter but I find it's best to work with this one when I'm doing a bun or a low pony just because there's a lot more hair there to work with.

So I'm just gonna put it straight on and position it where I feel like it fits.

We're going to do a low messy bun so what I'm going to do is I'm going to position it and I'm just going to pull all this hair back.


And there you have it, that is how I create a nice little messy bun that with the longer halo just for another different look with my short hair.

Guys thanks so much for watching, I really appreciate you watching my four different styles with different size halos. It was really fun to do. So please like and subscribe to Sitting Pretty's YouTube channel because there will be a lot more that will be going up. So thank you guys so much for watching and I hopefully will see you in the next video.

Want more? Comment below and let us know what other hair tutorials you'd like to see.

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