Sun's out, buns out!

Literally, it's time to retire the tired old top knot and try some of our favourite Summer hair accessories to heat up your look.

Whether the warm weather has you bathing beachside or bar hopping, we have claw clips, humble bobby pins, scarfs, scrunchies, headbands or even halo hair extensions for you.

The best part about using hair accessories during summer is that most of them are low maintenance and easy to use - which, is a huge plus when you're always rushing from the beach to the bar.

And, pro-tip: Wearing your hair up keeps you cool, style and temperature-wise.

So set your summer strands on fire with these 8 hot summer hair accessories.

1. Decorative Bobby Pins

Shout out to my main man, Robert Pinsworth for this handy hair invention, the humble bobby pin is the backbone of any hairstyle.

Usually reserved for securing fly aways, this basic and functional hair accessory has had a huge glow up this summer.

Decorative bobby pins are being spotted sitting pretty on the heads of dream girls all over Insta.

The best thing about this simple summer hair accessory?

With most hairstyles, you'd probably already be using Bobby pins right? So you don't need to anything special or too hard to heat up your look.

Just swap out your usually plain blonde, black or brunette bobby for a decorative one.

I like the classic tuck behind the ear style with a few decorative bobby pins clipped in on the side.

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summer hair accessories halo hair extensions

The Thick Halo in Co. #10


2. Scrunchies

Carrie Bradshaw once declared, "no woman in her right mind would ever be seen in a scrunchie."

And while usually you can bible anything Carrie says, in the infamous scrunchie debate, she was dead wrong...

They are back in a big way.

Poor Carrie would be mortified, but I, for one, am here for it.

These summer hair accessories are not only cute, functional and a lil nod to the 90s, but they're also much better for your hair.

Where normal hair ties can snag your strands and cause hair loss, scrunchies are gentle enough to slide in and out of your strands like silk.

From 90's inspired top knots with bright coloured scrunchies, too low buns with subtle scrunchies, there are lots of ways you can style these summer hair accessories.

My personal favourite?

The plaited ponytail paired with a pastel or plain coloured scrunchie.

This hairstyle is cute and casual yet chic and cool all the same time.


Summer Hair Accessoires Scrunchies halo hair extensions

The Medium Halo in Col. #613/10


3. Halo Hair Extensions

The ultimate summer hair accessory is not technically a hair accessory at all.

But Halo Hair Extensions.

Call us biased, but these are the easiest way to transform your locks and, even your entire look this summer.

With halos in thicknesses ranging from fine, medium and thick, you can choose how startling or subtle you want your transformation to be.

If you want to boost your volume subtly, the fine halo is perfect for natural nights or to add bulk to buns.

The medium halo is also suitable for those who want subtle stands but might be after something a little move lush.

The medium halo hair extensions contain 100 grams of hair and are designed to be worn a few inches longer than your natural locks, so you can use it for body and length.

Now, let's talk the thick halo.

This is the one for the ladies who want a whole lotta volume and length.

She has 140 grams of hair and can be worn much longer than your natural locks, so, this is the one for the ladies who want to wow the crowd.

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Summer Hair Accessories Halo Hair Extensions before and after

The Medium Halo in Col. #10/6


4. Bandanas

The 2000s called...

But it's not getting its accessory back because I love it.


I have always been a huge bandana fan, so this is another summer hair accessory that I am stoked to see trending.

Not only do these look cool AF, but they're also great to protect your hair from environmental nasties and the hot summer sun.

Which, as you should know, sunburn is bad for your head and hair.

So slip, slop and slap on your bandana, it is fashion now after all.


Summer hair accessories halo hair extensions

Image Credit: bobbie.word


5. Headbands

Spotted, Blair Waldorf approved summer hair accessories making a comeback.

... Coincidence that it lines up with the Gossip Girl revival? I think not...

Either way, I am on the (head) bandwagon.

Headbands are fun, flirty, feminine and a great way to hide your dirty hair when your hair-washing cycle doesn't line up with your events!

Seriously, why did we stop wearings these in the first place?

From big and bulky to small and sleek, embellished or plain there are headbands to suit the Serena's, Jenny's, Georgina's, of course, the Blair's, and even the Nate's.

So Queens, grab your head gear and meet me on the Met Steps.

You know you love me,

Xoxo, SP Girl.

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summer hair accessories headbands halo hair extensions

The Medium Halo in Col. #10


6. Hair Claw Clips

You probably use these babies to section off your hair when you're curling it or to put your halo in of course.

But, your classic claw clip might not be as pretty as some of the ones popping up on your Insta feed RN.

Once purely for function, these summer hair accessories have gone from boring hairstyling tools to bona fide chic.

Plus, they keep your locks out of your face, which is always a huge plus!


summer hair accessories claw clips

Image Credit: Valet Studio


My personal favourite style to rock with claw clip is the twist.

To achieve this laid back look, pull your hair into a low ponytail, but instead of tying it off, twist the length.

Bend the ponytail at the base and pull the twisted section up toward the crown of your head.

Secure it with your favourite decorative claw clip, and you're off.

Side note: This one is also fun to whip out, literally.

Whip the claw clip out and shake your head around for your very own slow-mo movie montage.


Summer Hair Accessories claw clip halo hair extensions

Image Credit: We Heart It


7. Head Scarves As Hair Ties

Hair elastics for your hair, so any alternative to them is an A-plus in my books.

And, this summer hair accessory is not just better for your hair, but it also looks fun, feminine and cute AF.

This one is perfect for those lazy days in the sun, beach fun, picnics or boozy brunches.

And the best part?

Headscarves have heaps of other uses too and can be worn in lots of other styles.

See bandanas above...

If you're not using this stylish silk slip as a hair tie, why not tie it to your bang or wear it as kerchief?

The list options are as longer than Rapunzel's locks.




The Thick Halo in Col. #613


8. Pearly Pieces

Coco Chanel once said, "A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls," and who am I to disagree?

Unlike Carrie's rude scrunchie comments (still made about it), Coco's quote still rings true.

There is no better or longer standing accessory pair than pearls and girls, so it's only fitting that this love affair, would turn into a love-of-hair.

The crown gem of all Queen's pearls, are the perfect summer hair accessories to pair with all your floaty frocks or flower child finery (I see you, boho babes).

A few pearly clips scattered through your hair will elevate any look to make you feel uber fancy too.


summer hair accessories pearly clips halo hair extensions

Image Credit: Joile and Deen

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