Ho, Ho, Halo festive season is upon us and that means it's time to start planning your Christmas party hairstyle.

You've looked forward to blowing off some steam with your work wife all year.

You've got the perfect sparkly little number in your wardrobe.

You've got it all planned out, from the makeup to the shoes and even what cocktails you'll be sipping while Dave from sales brags about his bonus.

But what you may not have checked off your list is your Christmas party hairstyle!

And trust me this is not something you'll want to leave to the last minute (unlike your office KK gift).

Why should you plan you Christmas party hairstyle early you ask?

So you can get yourself a halo to sleigh the silly season strands of course.

Give your tired old tresses a transformation this year and treat yo'self to some Halo Hair Extensions.

It is Christmas after all!

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Christmas Party Hairstyles Halo Hair extensions top knot

The Thick Halo in Col. #4

1. Plaited Ponytail

Number one on our list is this stylish ponytail with a twist.

This striking style is a playful take on the traditional pony and perfect for fancy Christmas parties and low key festivities alike.

And best of all, it's super simple!

Just pull your locks back into a low ponytail and plait the length.

Add a cute scrunchie or hair accessory for a lil extra somethin' somethin'.

My personal advice?

Some kind of Christmas ribbon or headscarf.

christmas-party-hairstyles halo hair extensions

the MEDIUM halo Col. #613/10

The plait isn't the only hack to elevate this simple style.

The Medium and Fine Halos are perfect for adding bulk and length to the otherwise played out ponytail.

Wondering how to wear halo hair extensions in a low ponytail?

See this quick tutorial below!


2. Low Bun

This Christmas party hairstyle is perfect to take you from 9 till after 5.

The low bun is the low maintenance look that will serve you from your morning coffee straight to Chrissy knock offs.

This look will also take you less than ten minutes in the morning or in the Uber on the way to the bar.

It can even be dressed up if you're rocking formal attire, just pair it with some statement earrings and glittery eyeshadow, because FESTIVE.

To keep your bun from looking too blah, use a Halo Hair Extension to boost the volume.

This will give you a fuller and more luscious look that's a little more fresh, while still being PRO-fresh.

Christmas party hairstyles halo hair extensions

The Medium Halo in Col. #10

3. Curly Low Ponytail

Forget reindeer, I'm all about ponies.

Ponytails that is.

Especially, this cute AF curly low ponytail.

This is where you'll want to rock the thick halo because volume and length is key when it comes to slaying (sleighing) this look.

To create this style place your halo on your head as normal.

Loosely curl your hair and pull it into a low ponytail as shown above, leaving 2 thick sections out at the front.

Twist one of the sections of hair and wrap it around the base of the ponytail, securing it with a bobby pin.

Repeat this step but wrap the second section in the opposite direction to create this woven effect.

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Christmas party hairstyles halo hair extensions ponytails

The Thick Halo #613/10

4. High Bun

Wearing your hair up for parties can feel a bit boring when you wear it up all day erry day at work.

But, instead of letting your locks down (literally and figuratively) try this messy, voluminous high bun using halo hair extensions.

High buns are probably not the first things that come to mind when it comes to hairstyles for halo hair extensions.

But not only can it be done, it also looks cute as well.

So, how to style halo hair extensions in high buns?


To get this cute Christmas party hairstyle start by loosely curling your hair and halo separately.

Pull your hair into a high pony.

Remove the wire from either side of the halo and replace it with 2 bobby pins.

Push one pin into the base of the ponytail and wrap the weft around it, also pushing the other bobby pin into the ponytail base once the entire length is wrapped.

From there simply pin and place sections of hair around the base to create a full and flirty messy bun.

Christmas party hair styles high buns

The Medium Halo #613/10

5. High Ponytail

High ponytails should be high on your list of Christmas party hairstyles.

But only if you're prepared to up your pony game with a halo.

Why you ask?

Similarly to the high bun, the high ponytail is a staple style for the office.

So usually you should think twice before putting those locks up for an office shindig.

But, a ponytail with halo hair extensions?

Now that's a whole other story.

The halo gives the pony a whole lotta perk and volume, taking it from corporate appropriate to party chic.

Christmas party hairstyles blonde halo hair extensions ponytail

The Thick Halo in Col. #613

So, how to wear halo hair extensions in a ponytail?

Easy - take a look at this tutorial.

6. Twisted Low Bun

The ultimate pretty, boho style - this low bun with a halo and a twist should be ticked off your wish list.

This classic, feminine look is ideal for dressier dos.

The halo will keep your bun from looking limp by adding extra volume.

Pair it with your favourite cocktail dress and earrings with subtle, natural makeup and glowing skin.

Christmas party hairstyles low messy bun halo hair extensions

The Thick Halo #613/10

Learn how to create this boho bun below.

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7. Vintage Waves

Vintage waves are another classic Christmas party hairstyle perfect for formal functions.

Recreate these sleek water waves by beginning with clean, dry hair and apply heat protection spray.

Blow-dry your locks with a wide barrel brush to create some extra volume and add some texturising spray to the roots and mid-lengths.

You can either curl your halo before you place it or when you curl your natural hair.

Volume is key and nothing adds body like a halo.

If you are adding your halo before you do your curls, separate your hair and place your extension a few inches back from your forehead.

Keep your hair separated to curl. This will allow you to be more thorough when styling.

Use a large curler or waving wand and curl inch wide sections of hair.

Keeping your hair flat while you wrap it around the iron is the most important thing when creating vintage waves.

Brush the waves out so the halo blends beautifully with your hair locks and apply some anti-frizz.

Hair behind the ear is this style's signature.

Push your hair into a side part and using a tail comb slick one side behind your ear.

Secure with a bobby pin or a festive clip.

Cover the weft with a small section of hair if needed.

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Christmas party hairstyles halo hair extensions vintage waves

The Thick Halo in Col. #4/6

8. Textured Curls

Fresh and fun for summer, textured curls get the girls.

As in, all the girls want this dreamy do.

Looking fresh out of the surf, this hairstyle is one for casual Chrissy parties, preferably outdoors.

The halo will add subtle volume to your strands for extra texture.

To get this hairstyle add your halo as per normal and roughly curl your strands with a smaller wand.

Add some salt water or texturising spray and scrunch your hair.

Or, if you prefer head to the beach and get the salty strands sans the curling wand.

Add a flowy dress or skirt with a flirty crop and complete the look with a margarita in hand...

Or both hands, I won't tell Santa!

Christmas party hairstyles loose curls halo hair extensions

The Thick Halo in Col. #2/4

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