You'd be forgiven for thinking your options for hairstyles with hair extensions are limited. And I don't mean to be blunt, but you're wrong.


Did you know you can achieve pretty much any hairstyle you want using Halo extensions? I'm serious.

Yeah sure you can do curls and beach waves and maybe even a ponytail, but did you know you can style Halo hair extensions into topknots, braids, high buns and so so much more?

If you're using halo hair extensions, there is no limit when it comes to hairstyles with hair extensions.

You're probably wondering why Halo extensions allow for such extensive styling options compared to their permanent and clip in counterparts.

Well, the answer is simple.

Unlike other hair extensions, Halo's don't have any bulky clips nor do they have to bind to specific sections of hair.

This means you can place and manipulate them wherever you need to create your desired style.

The nylon wire which secures the Halo is extremely inconspicuous and cannot be seen at all when the hair is pulled back, unlike the wefts or clips of other extensions.

This wire can also be removed altogether to create a hair wrap when styling high ponytails or adding bulk to up-dos.

Another reason Halo extensions reign supreme for hairstyles with hair extensions is because you can choose the thickness you need.

From Fine to Medium and even Thick, Sitting Pretty offer Halo hair extensions in three varying levels of thickness.

This is ideal as it means you can tailor the thickness of the halo depending on what hairstyle you're trying to achieve.

Wanting to add bulk to a messy bun?

Use the fine Halo.

After a little extra length and volume for that high pony?

The Medium Halo is for you.

Or want to get those long luscious, super thick mermaid waves all over Instagram?

Check out ya girl, the THICK halo.

The possibilities are endless for hairstyles with hair extensions thanks to Halos, so to help you narrow the field, I've rounded up my top 10 hairstyles you can achieve with hair extensions.

10 hairstyles with Halo hair extensions

1. Mermaid waves

Under the sea, darling it's better.

Better with a Halo that is.

Sure you might be able to get these majestic mermaid waves sans the Halo, but uh... see above.

When it comes to hairstyles with hair extensions, Mermaid waves and Halos go together better than Ariel and Sebastian.

(Sorry Prince Eric, you ain't all that)

If your hair is a little on the thin side, a Halo will take this style from awkward early 2000s teen with overly gelled Triple barrel curls (if you need a reference, HMU on Myspace) to a sexy siren.

... Who wears a cute clam bra.

.... And lures men to their deaths.

To achieve this look, apply a heat a protection spray and put your halo on as you normally would.

Take semi-wide sections of hair and hold your mermaid waver in place for a few seconds before sliding it gently down the hair shaft.

Leave about an inch of your hair untouched at the end for a more natural look and finish with a texturising spray.

You can also achieve a similar look by sleeping in tight braids, just make sure to braid your Halo too.

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@matildarodgers wears the THICK halo in col. Beige Blonde 613.

@matildarodgers wears the THICK halo in col. Beige Blonde 613. Styled by @pennyantuar

2. Low Ponytail

Once the hairstyle of choice for young colonial men off to war, the low ponytail has had a serious glow up over the last few years.

And on behalf of all lazy girls, I am stoked.

But there's a fine line between looking like a stylish low-maintenance lady and a .. well ... colonial boy eager to die for your country.

And a Halo is the perfect way to ensure you stay on the chic side of things.

Fine, Medium and Thick Halos are all ponytail friendly, it just depends on how thick your own locks are.

If your hair is thin, stick to the Fine or Medium pieces as they won't weigh as heavily in your hair.

Just place your Halo where you normally would and from your ears downward, pull your locks back into a low ponytail using your thumbs.

Leave an inch wide section of hair to wrap around the base of the pony to hide the hair elastic before your tie the pony in place.

Pull out some pieces at the crown of your head to create volume and a few pieces at the front your face to frame your features.

Roughly curly the ponytail to blend the Halo better and add some texturising spray to finish.

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Dani Wears the THICK halo in col. Medium Brown 4.

Dani Wears the THICK halo in col. Medium Brown 4.

See how to give your humble ponytail a formal glow up.

How To Do A Ponytail With Halo Hair Extensions

3. Twists

Cute, effortless and versatile, twists are a style staple for a reason.

Unlike a few hairstyles with hair extensions, there is no twist (lol) to putting the Halo in to achieve this look.

Just place the extension as you normally would and curl your hair roughly, or smooth depending on the vibe you're after.

Another benefit of this style is that it can be dressy and sleek, or messy and beach - it's all up to you.

Once the Halo is in and your hair is curled, take two one-inch-wide sections from the front of your face and twist them backward to meet at the back of your head.

You can pick up pieces as you go for a braided twist, or simply stick with the sections you have.

Again, how you secure the two pieces at the back of your head is up to you.

You can tie them together in a small ponytail, plait them and let them hang down for a boho look, or even use a statement clip.

@shannontayloor wearing the THICK halo in col. Beige + Dark Blonde 613/10.

@shannontayloor wearing the THICK halo in col. Beige + Dark Blonde 613/10.

We love this braided knot for something a little more elevated.

How To Do Twists With Halo Hair Extensions

4. Top Knot

Top knots are the ideal hairstyles with hair extensions for a number of reasons.

They're easy.

They're on-trend.

They're cute AF.

Annnnnd they hide dirty hair.

Which is always a bonus.

(They're also great for hiding those DIY bangs you may have created after one too many wines .... or so my friends tell me... I certainly haven't done this... five times).

Again, if you want to wear a top knot with you Halo it is very easy.

Just put your Halo on like normal and pull the front section fo your hair back into a messy bun on top on of your head.



Like the messy bun, top knots are actually difficult, difficult lemon difficult.

But, the addition of the Halo doesn't up the degree of difficulty, only the degree of style.

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@miastook wears the THICK halo in colour Dark Brown 2.

@miastook wears the THICK halo in colour Dark Brown 2.

5. Dutch Braid

Braids are usually extremely hard hairstyles to do with hair extensions.

But, not with Halo extensions.

Again, if you have thin hair you may find braids look less stylish and more like two-minute noodles stuck to your head.

Well, don't fret noodle noggins, because a Halo can transform your thin braids to thick wow-worthy twists, in well, two minutes.

Depending on the length of your hair, you can use either the Fine, Medium or Thick Halo to add some bulk to your braids.

From French to Dutch, fishtails or boxers there is an endless amount of braided hairstyles you can do with hair extensions.

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shannontayloor wearing the THICK halo in col. Beige + Dark Blonde 613/10.

@shannontayloor wearing the THICK halo in col. Beige + Dark Blonde 613/10.

Dutch braids speak my love language.

How To Do Dutch Braids With Halo Hair Extensions

6. High Ponytail

While a ponytail might not seem revolutionary when it comes to hairstyles with hair extensions, you haven't seen the way Sitting Pretty do it.

Styling Halo Hair Extensions into high ponytails is done a little differently to how you may think.

Instead of placing the Halo around your head as you normally would, remove the wire altogether.

Section your hair in two, from top to bottom and tie the bottom section into a small high ponytail.

Push two bobby pins through either end of the Halo and push one pin into the base of the ponytail and wrap the Halo around it.

Push the other pin into the ponytail to secure the halo.

Let remaining sections of hair down and tie it around the smaller ponytail, leaving out an inch wide section of hair.

Wrap the remaining section around the base of the ponytail and secure it with a bobby pin to hide the hair tie.

hairbynikolettaa used the THICK halo in Col. Dark Blonde + Light Brown 10/6.

@hairbynikolettaa used the THICK halo in Col. Dark Blonde + Light Brown 10/6.

If you have thin hair, skip sectioning all together and just pull your locks into a high ponytail and wrap the Halo around it.

See an example in the video below.

How To Do A High Ponytail With Halo Hair Extensions

7. High Bun

Probably the most unexpected hairstyles you can do with hair extensions is the high bun.

On the first inspection, this may seem like it's one for the too hard basket, but I assure it's actually pretty easy.

(Unlike most messy buns which take several hours and require the sacrifice of three virgins to get right).

So how can you do a high bun using Halo extensions?

This style works best using the Fine Halo, as its primary purpose its to add volume to the bun.

Repeat the same steps to achieve the high ponytail, but take it a little bit further.

Once your hair is up, wrap the length of the ponytail around the base and secure loosely using a hair tie.

Pull a few random pieces out and pin them sporadically around the bun for a messy, unkempt look.

Pull a few pieces out to frame your face and also some strands at the back of your neck.

hair styles with hair extensions

The MEDIUM Sitting Pretty Halo in col. Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde 613/10. Styled by @emmachenartistry

8. Low Bun

Low buns are the low maintenance younger sister of the high ballerina-style bun.

She's more of an interpretive dancer.

But that doesn't mean she's any less of a suitable hairstyle with hair extensions.

This relaxed lass is actually easier the create with a Halo extension than the high bun.

Again, like the low ponytail, there is no special method required to wear the Halo when styling a low bun.

Start by curling your hair to create volume and simply place the Halo as you normally would.

Pull your locks into a loose bun at the base of your neck leaving some long pieces out.

In a messy manner, clip these strands of hair around the bun.

Pull sections out around your face and at the base of your neck for a more whimsical vibe.

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hair styles with hair extensions

@j.rubach wears the THICK halo in col. Beige Blonde 613. Styled by @emmachenartistry

Or if a simple curly bun is a bit too basic, add some braids or twists to elevate the classic style.

How To Create A Low Bun With Halo Hair Extensions

9. Vintage Waves

The ultimate sophisticated style, vintage waves are the most dreamy of hairstyles when paired with hair extensions.

From the silver screen in the 20s to the, well, iPhone screen in the modern 20's vintage water waves never really went away.

Probably because they're freaking gorgeous.

The key to these silky waves is volume.

Hence why a Halo is a perfect addition to this classic curl.

Put your Halo on as normal and separate the hair into three wide sections.

Wrap the hair around a wide barrel curler, keeping it flat as you go.

This is the key to creating this style's smooth, flowing wave.

Do not let your hair twist or bunch around the barrel, keep it flat, at all times.

Repeat this for all sections and spritz with lightweight holding spray that has a shiny finish.

Run a small amount of anti-frizz through the mid-lengths and ends and brush the curls out with a tangle teaser and wide-tooth comb.

Again, brushing is also key to this look as it ensures your waves are big and bouncy rather than tight ringlets.

Finish with some winged eyeliner and your favourite red lippy, Miss Monroe.

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hair styles with hair extensions

@les.essentiels wears the THICK halo in col. Dark Blonde 10. Styled by @pinklablonde + @mtlfashiomstaaa

10. Textured Waves

From sweet to spice, textured waves are the bad girl version of vintage waves.

For this hairstyle with hair extensions, I love a choppy lob with a textured wave, so I'd say stick to the Fine or Medium Halo.

But that doesn't mean long-haired ladies still can't throw in a Thick Halo and get messy.

Textured waves and Halo extensions are super easy.

And I'm not even lying this time.

In fact, you don't even need to curl your halo if it already has some movement in it!

This look is all about bedhead and 'the morning after' eyeliner after all.

Roughly curl your hair, honestly, I don't even section mine when I do this.


The only important thing to remember, well two things to remember are;

Twist the pieces of your hair down as you wrap them around the curls.

This creates extra texture.


Only curl the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, always leaving out a small piece at the bottom for a natural look.

Ok, sorry I lied, there are actually three rules.

The third is, alternate the direction of the curls as you go.

Start by curling away from your face.

Always curl away from your face at the front.

Curling your inward around your face makes it look too drawn in.

Whereas curling your hair outward around your face lifts your features and executes them.

Anyway, so start by doing that.

Then alternate the direction of the curl toward your face for the next section and vice versa until you're done.

Once you're done brush the curls out with your fingers and apply a loving amount of texturising spray.

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hair styles with hair extensions

I love a beach wave- rock chick hybrid, see below.

How To Create Textured Waves With Halo Hair Extensions

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