Braids, braids, braids.

It’s that hairstyle that some girls feel they don’t have enough hair for.

Including me.

We’ve all seen beautiful, thick braided hairstyles paraded on social media...

And felt some serious hair envy.


Here at Sitting Pretty we’re on a mission to solve thin hair problems.

Including thin braid problems.

If voluminous braids are on your mind, but you want them on your head...

Then Halo hair extensions are what you and your hair need.

Here I’m going to show you exactly how to master all your favourite braids with halo hair extensions.

First thing's first:

If you’re new to our Halo, you’ll want to know how to wear halo hair extensions before I show you how to braid them.

Watch this video before reading on:

Mastering French Braids With Halo Hair Extensions

how to do braids with halo hair extensions

There’s something about french braids that have sassy written all over them.

Sometimes you just want to rock braids like Khloe Kardashian and feel totally badass.

Or maybe you’re getting festival ready and you just want to fulfill your dreams of glitter-embellished-braids like you saw all over Insta during Coachella.

One thing is for sure...

You don’t settle for anything less than perfect hair.

It’s why you’re here reading this.

Because you know your braids need a little extra oomph...

And you’re about to find out how our halo hair extensions can give you that.

Here’s the most important tip:

Before doing french braids, make sure your halo is pinned to your head.

Two bobby pins on each end of your halo will do.

This will keep your halo securely in place while you pull pieces of hair to create the braids.

Create Thick Fishtail Braids With Halo Hair Extensions

Honestly, fishtail braids intimidated me until I watched this video.

They always look so majestic and perfect.

Usually hairstyles aren't something I attempt, because I end up in a frustrated mess when my thin hair slips out of my fingers and won't hold in place.

Having Halo hair extensions in your hair can make a world of difference when it comes to styling.

Watch how Shannon works her magic to create this gorgeous fishtail braid with our halo hair extensions:

Tips For Using Halo Hair Extensions In A Side Braid

A luscious, thick side braid is super easy to do with halo hair extensions.

Simply place the halo on your head as you normally would.

Then treat the halo hair just like your natural hair as you start braiding to one side.

You don't have to worry about your halo being visible.

The braid and the hair on top will completely hide the halo.


Your braid will be looking thicker and better than ever ; )

To get even MORE VOLUME:

Once you finish your braid, gently tug and pull pieces of hair to widen the braid.

This creates the illusion of even more hair.

Watch the video below to see how it's done:

How To Make Your Braided Ponytail Even Better

I LOVE a braided ponytail to mix up my look on nights out or for events.

But, I do find that I can only really create this look when wearing Halo hair extensions.

Otherwise the braid looks really thin.

Or, if I try bring more hair into the braid, my ponytail ends up looking really thin.

This hairstyle needs enough hair for both.

My Halo gives me the long, thick ponytail I need, and a thicker front braid to match.

Since I tried this hairstyle with my Halo, it's become my new go-to look when I don't want to wear my hair down.

So there you have it, how to do braids with Halo hair extensions.

I hope you enjoy trying out these amazing braid hairstyles with your longer, thicker Sitting Pretty Halo!

Make sure to upload a photo and tag us @sittingprettyhalohair on Instagram so we can see your favourite halo hairstyles.

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