You've been thinking about getting a Halo Hair Extension...right? Or you've already got one...

But you're unsure of what hairstyles you can achieve with it.

I totally get it. And I use to agree with you...

That's at least until I started playing around with my own Halo. And I realised just how easy it was to use.

I've since learned how to make pretty much any hairstyle imaginable :) and because the Halo Hair Extension provides so much more volume and length, I can achieve a lot more with it than I can with my own hair.

It's game-changing.

I mean think about it for a second...

What could you do if you had 30-100% more volume in your hair?

Or if you had 20-30% more length?

The answer is...a lot!

If you want to learn what hairstyles you can do with your current or future Halo Extension then you've come to the right place.

Here are 3 everyday hair styles for Halo Hair Extensions that we've put together so you can achieve different looks while wearing your SP Halo.

The first one (and one of my all time favourites) is:

1. Half Up Half Down

hairstyles with halo hair extensions

1) Make sure when you put your halo on that it is sitting low on the back of your head.

You'll need a lot of hair on top of your halo to hide it.

2) Collect a small section of the top of your hair and tie in a high ponytail. Check to see there's still enough hair left to cover your halo.

3) Pull your pony tight to make it sit upright and give more volume, you can tease the hair a little for extra oomph.

4) Then tie your fave headscarf around the ponytail in a thick knot. This will make your half ponytail sit even higher on your head.

This style is perfect for giving an illusion of even longer hair. Plus you can eat without getting hair in your face ; ) Always a bonus!

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2. The Half Up Top Knot

top knot hairdo with halo hair extensions

This style is one of the most popular 'dos around at the moment.

Which is great, because it's one of the easiest to do.

The key to doing a top knot with halo hair extensions:

Leave enough hair on the sides of your head and around the back to cover your Halo.


a) Simply section a rectangle at the top of your crown.

b) Either twist it until it forms a tight little bun, or fold and tie for a casual top bun effect.

c) Then wrap your hair tie around to secure it.

Now add some winged eyeliner or a statement lip colour and hit the town babe.

And last but definitely not least...

3. The Tousled Ponytail

how to style a ponytail with halo hair extensions

The key to achieving a tousled ponytail with Sitting Pretty halo hair extensions is to ensure the sides of the Halo are flat and covered by your own hair first.

a) Start by scooping up the side panels of hair, controlling the sides so they stay flat and flush so the halo is covered.

This is the trickiest part of this style.

b) Once you can see and feel that the Halo is pulled back flat as well as covered by your own hair, meet the two sections at the back of the head above the occipital bone.

c) Hold these two sections together with one hand, use your free hand to pick up the rest of the hair underneath so you can tie it up to be one awesome Tousle Pony Tail.

Tease, curl and alter as you like to achieve a messy textured pony tail.

Tip: you might want to use 2 hair ties for this so that the tousle pony stays up strong as it's a higher position so will need more strength.

We'd love to see your stylish 'dos! Tag us @sittingprettyhalohair to be featured on our Insta page x

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