How to get natural waves? Because for some of us it isn't as simple as a trip to the beach.

In fact, my hair plus saltwater is more drowned rat chic than mermaid.

Luckily for us straight-haired ladies, there are plenty of ways to achieve natural waves that look straight out of the surf.

From styling tools to sea salt spray, leave-in braids and even socks! I am showing you my tried and tested methods to get natural waves at home.

Keep the ends straight

While this tip isn't necessarily how to get natural waves - it is how to get your waves to look more natural.

Avoid the fishhook or 90's flick by keeping the ends of your hair straight.

So, whatever your chosen wave method, be sure to leave out about an inch long section from the end of every curl.

This will create that effortlessly undone look which is so important to natural waves.

Stylist Emma Chen teaches us how to get natural waves

Keep it messy

Perfection is the enemy of that natural wave.

Whether you are using a curler, straightener, waving wand or a heatless styling method, messy, textured and alternating curls are how to get natural waves.

Twist your locks in alternating directions whether you're wrapping them around a curler or putting them in a bun before bed, always style in opposite directions.

This will give your hair different dimensions while also making it appear voluminous.

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how to get natural waves

@cathlinulrichsen wears the MEDIUM halo in col. Ash Blonde 18, styled by @emmachenartistry

The ponytail method

One of the easiest ways to create natural waves is to curl your hair while it is in a ponytail.

So how to get natural waves with a ponytail?

Well, for this one you will need to use a wide barrel curler, straighter or waving wand.

When using a styling tool, step one is always use a heat-protective spray.

ALWAYS. there are no exceptions to this rule.

This is especially important when creating textured looks as if your hair is dry and frizzy, you will just end up looking like you stuck a folk in an electric socket.

So now that you have applied your heat protection spray like a good gal, we can begin!

True beach waves begin partway down your head, rather than at the top.

So, start by pulling your hair back into a ponytail and ONLY curl the section that is up.

This ensures your locks are only curled from the midsection down.

Curling your hair in a ponytail is also a huge timesaver and makes it a lot easier to see any strands you may have missed.

Once you have curled the entire pony, gently remove the scrunchie being careful to not damage the curls.

Add some texturising spray to the roots and roughly work it down to the ends of your hair.

Pull the curls out using your fingers or a wide-tooth comb until you have your desire texture.

Mist with a lightweight holding spray and you're done.

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how to get natural waves

Style while you snooze

Get the natural waves of your dreams, in your dreams!

Or at least while you sleep.

How to get natural waves while you sleep is just as easy as it sounds!

Just wash your hair and wait until it is about 80% dry.

Add some leave-in condition to the ends and section your hair into four.

Either twist each section into a small bun and secure it with an elastic or plait each section.

Twists will give you tighter, more curly waves whereas plaits will create more of a crimped look.

Apply some anti-frizz the ends and add texture with a lightweight hairspray.

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how to get natural waves

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The braided method

Sleeping in braids is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to natural waves!

Even if your hair is dead straight, this method will not fail you.

You can choose to braid damp or dry hair, both will work, same goes for tight or loose braids.

French, dutch, box, or any kind of braid or plait will also work.

My favourite waves are created with slightly damp hair and two lose dutch braids.

This creates unkempt natural waves with just a touch of sleek and minimal frizz.

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how to get natural waves

@shannontayloor wears the THICK halo in col. Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde 613/10 styled by @emmachenartistry

Seasalt spray

While going to the beach is the most fun way to get natural waves, you can still achieve this boho style sans the salty water.

You can buy or DIY a sea salt spray and it can be used to create natural waves in a few different ways.

So how to get natural waves using sea salt spray?

The most common method is to simply spritz into damp hair and scrunch, wait about 10 minutes and soon natural waves will form.

You can also use a similar styling method with a diffuser.

Spritz damp locks with sea salt spray and diffuse your hair.

Once you have diffused your entire head, turn the blow drier to cool and give your waves a quick once over, still using the diffuser head.

This will help to set the waves, making them last longer.

Another sea salt spray method is to spritz damp hair and braid it.

Leave your braids in until your hair is dry and remove.

This technique also works with twits, loose buns and plaits.

Just remember, if you use sea salt spray on your Halo, you will have to wash it out every time.

Read more about safely using sea salt with you Halo here.

how to get natural waves

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Yeah, you read that right.

Are you currently asking yourself how to get natural waves using socks?

Well, This used to be my favourite trick in high school and thanks to TIK TOK itssss baaaack.

To get natural waves using the sock method, start by sectioning your hair into four, give each section a mist with hair spray to make it grippy before you begin.

Twist the hair before placing a sock at the end of the section and roll it backwards.

Roll your hair around the sock as you move it upwards toward the crown of your head.

Being careful not to take it too high, secure it around the midsection by tieing the sock in a knot.

Repeat this for the remaining sections.

Be careful not to wrap your hair too tightly as this will create curls instead of waves.

Go to sleep and take the socks out of your hair in the morning.

(that was a weird thing to type... but I promise you this does work!)

If your hair is a little on the curlier side, just brush it out with a wide toothcomb and add texturising spray to make it look a little less done.

FYI - This can also be done using dressing grown cord and two sections of hair!

Because as if dressing gowns weren't already the MVPs of clothing, they are now waving wands too.

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