Now that hair ribbons are gracing even the coolest legions of beauty icons, bow hairstyles are back and better than ever. And don't worry, they're a lot less picture day at school now. If you're having flashbacks and don't quite trust the billowy, bow-y vision yet, we've compiled a list of ribbon hairstyles you'll wish you actually rocked when you were younger.

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LOOK: A double ribbon wrapped pony

ribbon hairstyle with a wrapped ponytail

Not quite a hair ribbon, not quite a hair elastic, this hairstyle combines the best of both worlds when tying your pony. For this, opt for a lower ponytail and first secure it with a band. Then tie your hair ribbon ribbon at the base in order to wrap end over end for the first couple inches of your tail. Tie the ribbon ends once again to secure.

Psst! Your halo is perfect for creating a full voluminous ponytail here. Just place as usual first and continue with the steps above.

LOOK: Braided in ribbon hair

hair ribbon braided in natural hair

Like braid crown icon, Frida Kahlo, incorporate a ribbon throughout your braid (or braids) to change up this go-to do. With two braids or just one, the steps are the same: tie off a tail before braiding so the ribbon can attach to the elastic.

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LOOK: The baby step of bow hairstyles

pink hair ribbon on girl with tousled blonde hair

Not ready to commit to a full billowy, bow hairstyle? We get it. Start small with a ribbon detail. You can add one to the end of a half-up pony, to the ends of French braids, a braided pony, or anywhere that needs a pretty pick-me-up.

LOOK: The classic, this bow is my personality trait type bow

bow hairstyle on brunette hair

Grab a crisp ribbon that holds a shape to achieve this look. We prefer a slicked back low bun or ponytail, or place it high for a bigger grand entrance. Because the bow is the star here, slicking back your strands helps create a clean contrast between playdate and double date.

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LOOK: Two bow'd buns

two high buns with bows in hair

Why have just one when you can have two? As we've slowly allowed space buns to come back into popularity these last 10 years (I'm still not over it), this is a perfect way to mature, or at the very least increase the chicness, to the more rave staple.

If your space bun comfort level hasn't graduated past the ears, two low buns are equally fun tbh. Slick back strands into two ponies, secure with a pony, then twist and secure them into buns. Good so far? Now just tie your bows around your buns or grab those elastics that have ribbons built in! Easy stuff.

LOOK: Flowy, done-yet-undone, oh this old thing type bow

chiffon ribbon hairstyle styled on a brunette

Look like you just wistfully glided through a craft store ribbon section with this almost-forgotten bow hairstyle. This is perfect for more casual ribbon'd outings because it uses a bow that's so lifeless, you simply won't look like you tried. Throw it the end of a braided low-pony, with lots of pieces falling around your face and out of the braid. She may have actually woke up like this.

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LOOK: A loose ponytail that would otherwise look bad if it wasn't for this beautiful bow

loose, low ponytail hairstyle with ribbon

Bows and crisp ribbons really do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to chicness. This look is no exception. Grab your halo so you have lots of hair to work with. Place as usual and create a low, loosey goose ponytail—the more pieces falling in front of your face the better. You can even pull at and loosen the crown of your hair so it sits in that south of France kinda way. Then simply add a silk bow to the ponytail. We say silk because the contrast between bed-head pony and expensive silk is what we love most about this look.

LOOK: You showing up to brunch and out-do everyone's hair

high updo with hair ribbon

This is THE bow hairstyle if we do say so ourselves. If you're looking to upstage the bridal hairstyle at a wedding or just want people to stop and stare across the picnic blanket, this is that. The best part is that it's mega easy too!

To create: put hair up in a pony and secure with an elastic. Now, take the wire out of your halo and replace each end with a bobby pin each. You can add mega bulk to your pony by doing this! Just secure one of the halo to your ponytail's elastic and wrap it around the base of your tail. Secure the other end of the halo to the base of your now-thick ponytail. Finish it off with a bow of course. What else?

LOOK: A very Pinterest half-up bow hairstyle

ribbon hairstyle aesthetic image found on pinterest

Been on Pinterest literally once in your life? Then you probably know this very beautiful trip to the mediterranean and everyone's in linen hairstyle. For good reason too, because it's equal parts stunning and easy. All very loosely, take the front + crown pieces of your hair into a mid-level pony in the back of your hair. Then just top it off with a flowy hair ribbon or bow you like—both of very wanderlust, or whatever.

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LOOK: Very long, very stunning, very easy hairstyle with bow

long ribbon tied into hair for wedding hairstyle

Got a hair ribbon you don't wanna cut because it's important to you? Or maybe you want to be able to use it for more than just one bow length? Keep it extra long and throw it into an undo! This goes for braids, ponies, and buns; the thin long ribbon is an unexpected treat for anyone you encounter. Especially when worn a meter long.

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