The list of silk pillowcase benefits doesn’t end at just a more luxurious looking bed, there’s several hair, skin, and health pros to opting for this amazing beauty tool. You already spend ⅓ of your life on your pillow so why shouldn’t it be considered a cornerstone of your beauty routine?

But, buyer beware: you won’t get all these beauty benefits unless you get the real deal of silk pillowcases. That means no satin and no fabric blends, just pure, high grade woven silk. Not sure where to start? Here’s what to look for:

20+ Momme: Like a thread count, this silk grade is more durable and higher quality. Momme ranges from 6-30, but 18-25 is most popular amongst silk products.

100% Pure Mulberry: Centuries old and reparative for hair, this is the strongest, smoothest silk in the world. Also, mulberry is customary to most high-end silk products.

Charmeuse Weave: A friction-fighting weaving technique that allows one side of the silk fabric to be silkier, smoother, and softer. The other side of the silk (less smooth side) is on the inside of the pillow, unused on hair.

Grade A6: Silk is graded on a scale of A-C and 1-6; grade A being the best and any number close to 6 being the highest quality.

To see how all these components care for your hair more than other silk pillowcases, read on below. Ready to shop instead? Discover The Pillowcase HERE.

Less Breakage

It’s no surprise, one of the most noticeable silk pillowcase benefits is less breakage to your hair. Silk, when you purchase higher grade pure mulberry silk, is exceptionally smooth so there’s a huge decrease in friction to hair while you’re sleeping. Mulberry silk is the strongest, smoothest, and oldest silk on earth which gives it this unique property. Be sure to look for pure mulberry and not blends along with a high momme count (20+) and a smoothing weave technique (charmeuse weave) if you’re looking for even less breakage.

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Less Frizzing

One of the main causes of hair frizzing is dryness; combine that with the friction from a cotton pillowcase and you’re bound to get a ton of unwanted frizz while you sleep! Silk pillowcases, especially those with a smoother weave, reduce frizzing because they don’t absorb moisture as drastically as cotton or satin or cause as much friction.

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Moisturised and Conditioned Hair

For those of you who love a hair mask (or a multi-step moisturising skincare routine), you’ll want to switch to a silk pillowcase for this benefit especially: natural silk fibers will help your hair and skin retain more moisture! Unlike cotton and synthetic satin, silk pillowcases repel moisture more effectively so they don’t soak up the hydration in your hair and skin allowing you retain it.

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Increased Shine

One often unexpected silk pillowcase benefit is shinier hair! Dull hair can be caused by dryness, tangling, and just day to day damage that occurs from styling tools. Sleeping on silk removes at least 8 hours of that damage because there’s significantly less splitting occurring on the hair fiber. Even more unexpected, pure silk contains a complex amino acid blend that helps keep hair and skin conditioned too.

Hypoallergenic and Anti-Bacterial

You won’t need to wash your pillowcase (or your hair!) as often with a silk pillowcase. If you’re able to get a pillowcase with 100% pure mulberry silk, this fiber has a unique naturally-occuring coating called sericin that allows it to be antibacterial, antifungal, and resistant to dust mites and mold! That means it’s also hypoallergenic and won’t irritate your scalp or face. Plus, hair and skin benefit from a lot less oil-causing bacteria on a fabric you spend 8+ hours a day on!

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Less Tangles

Even if you sleep with a protective sleep hairstyle, tangles can be inevitable to baby hairs or ends so feel free to add less knotting to the list of silk pillowcase benefits. A smoother charmeuse weave decreases friction better than other silk pillowcases, especially when paired with 100% pure Mulberry silk!

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A Cooler Sleep

Love the cool side of the pillow? So does your hair! Hair already gets enough heat from damaging UV rays and heated styling tools, so opting for a cooler and dryer silk pillowcase benefits hair greatly! You can thank silk’s naturally breathable and moisture-repelling properties to not heat up and hold heat the way other fabrics do.

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All the Same Benefits for Skin

We love caring for hair, but if there’s a win for our skincare routines, we’ll happily take it too! Along with decreased friction, conditioning properties, and just a way luxer sleeping routine, silk pillowcases offer amazing care for skin too.

Less Wrinkles

If you’re a side or stomach sleeper, your face is definitely pressed up against your pretty pillow. And if you’re there all night, you’re bound to wake up with some lines and wrinkles. Multiply that by every single hour you sleep in your life and… yeah. Use a silk pillowcase with charmeuse weave to prevent fine lines and wrinkles as it’s gentler than other weaving techniques.

Less Acne

Like we saw with silk pillowcase’s benefits to hair, its naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties won’t cause acne on face skin either. And because it doesn’t get as hot or absorb moisture as much as other fabrics, you’ll create less sweat too.

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