While we don’t have our own glam team every morning, pro-level hair styling tools and accessories are practically everywhere–and usually at not-so-bad prices. We can appreciate a good brush or maybe a straightener that we can curl with (adulthood is weird), but are you acquainted with the newest additions in the styling department?

For a flawless daily routine, there are a few stellar hair styling tools you’ll want on your team. Best in class goes to those with multi-function for how they shed serious time off your morning.

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Before Using Heat

Yep. It’s that convo again: before even plugging in your heated hair styling tools, you better have your hand on that heat protectant nozzle! Using heat protectant is crucial for all hair types, but especially for fine haired girls because we already have fragile locks.

It’s also important to make sure your hair is fully dry before directly applying hair styling tools, like straightening irons and curlers. When hair’s wet and you clasp an extremely hot metal against it, the moisture from the cortex of your strand cooks and evaporates, killing your hair on its way out. EEEK.

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Types of Hair Styling Tools and What They'll Do For You

Infused Straightening Irons

If you’ve been a serial straightener since 13, you’ve likely got a list of non-negotiables for these types of hair styling tools: it’s gotta heat up quick and require a minimal number of strokes to get hair bone straight. Well, for you divas (me, included) prepare to add “hair health conscious” to your bartering.

Keratin-infused straightening irons reduce the damage that heat styling causes to your hair’s protein (keratin). Instead, these irons have keratin-infused plates that work to maintain your lock’s natural protein levels. Plus! This infusion will actually make your hair look smoother, shinier, and with reduced frizz. Heat damage and subsequent hair dryness comes from protein damage btw!

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Wave Wands

wave wands are incredible hair styling tools for volume
Mermade Hair Pro Waver (32mm)

This is one of the newer types of hair styling tools out there rn, but trust us, if you’re into cool girl beachy waves, this tool masters it. Usually we’d leave it to overnight braids and excessive hair scrunching to give the done-yet-undone look, but wavers and wave wands reduce all frizz that comes with those other methods.

These are actually one of the best styling tools for fine straight hair because the heat’s able to set waves as opposed to you causing unnecessary frizzing in the search for volume. When buying, look for one that has jacked up ionic ceramic barrels like this Mermade Hair one we swear by. That’ll give you sealed cuticles, infused moisture, and extra shine which ain’t so bad for a day at the beach.

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Halo Hair Extensions

halo hair extensions are one of the best hair styling tools
Sitting Pretty Halo Hair Extensions in col. #2/4

If you don’t know, now ya know: halo hair extensions are one of the biggest boosts you can add to your daily hair styling routine. These top rated hair styling tools are the fastest growing type of hair extensions for a reason, you know...

With zero damage, you can pop a halo on in minutes and go from fine hair to FOINE hair. We’ve always put hair health first here at SP, so our halos are particularly kind to thin hair: with no clips, no glues, just full gap coverage.

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Hair Dryer Brushes

revlon one step hair styling tool
Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush

Old enough to be one of your mom’s favourite hair styling tools, these 2-for-1 brushes have gone from just blowing hot air to full salon blow out. For anyone who’s simply wanted to work less hard in life, the hair dryer brush is that.

Combining the power of a hair dryer and a round brush in one, these are the best hair styling tool for volume! Now available together, a blowdryer plus round brush is what blow out bars and professional stylists use to create those beautiful, high volume ‘dos.

When hair is damp, but not fully wet, you can use these to detangle while styling–while getting way less frizz compared to regular blow-drying-then-styling. If you’re sold on doing less, go for the Revlon One Step Dryer and Volumizer: it’s got two heat settings, a cold setting, and is one of the more reasonably priced hair styling tools.

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Curling Ribbons

heatless hair curling ribbons are one of the top rated hair styling tools of 2022
Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon Kit in Seaside

Thin haired girls, you’ve gotta shop smart when it comes to hair styling tools. As if haircare wasn’t hard enough already, we’ve got much more delicate strands (and less of them) to work with. That’s why you should be extra into anything that promises heatless styling, like curling ribbons.

Born out of Tiktok “sock curls” and bathrobe belt curls, these silky sausages have levelled up to become one of the best hair styling tool for fine hair. If you’ve already tried these other variations of heatless styling, go for a satin curling ribbon for more uniform, less frizzy curl.

Plus! When made with a silky or satin-y fabric, these non-abrasive versions will provide you with the same benefits a silk pillowcase does: less breakage, better shine, and no frizz.


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