I love hair care.

My weakness?


It's not unusual for me to get caught up in the hype of a new hydration mask or miracle serum.

My hair care routine has no shortage of products.

The struggle for me, is committing to using the products long enough to see results.

My approach to my hair care routine is similar to an excited puppy that doesn't know who to give it's attention to first.

There's just too many cool hair care things and I want to use them all NOW.

I'm serious about getting my hair as healthy as possible, so I decided it's time to make myself some rules to restructure my hair care routine for the better.

My problem was too many options for hair care.

So I did some research on what's most important in a hair care routine.

Below you'll find the things everyone should be doing in their hair care routine, as well as some things to consider when reassessing the products you need.

You're welcome ;)

The nonnegotiable:

No matter your hair type or needs, these are the products that everyone should have on their hair care top shelf.

Shampoo & conditioner with natural ingredients.

If you haven't already, boycott any drugstore shampoo and conditioner.

These products are generally doing more damage than good.

Due to an excessive amount of detergents and other chemicals, these drugstore products can strips your hair of natural oils, leaving your hair dry and vulnerable to dandruff or an itchy scalp.

To maintain a healthy scalp, opt for more natural shampoo and conditioners.

A good tip is:

The less ingredients in the ingredients list, the better it will be for your hair.

Thermal spray to protect your hair from damage when heat styling.

A light-weight serum that you can apply to dry hair.

This is key for helping you de-frizz and style your hair without the need for any heat styling tools.

The more you can avoid heat, the better.

Although if you already have fine or thin hair, you'll get more benefit out of having a go-to texturising product than a serum.

A deep conditioning mask for extra hydration. Our hair is super susceptible to being dried out by our environment (more on this later) so it's key to do a conditioning mask, ideally once a week!

The considerations:

Adapt your hair care routine to your environment.

Ever noticed when travelling that your skin gets more dry or you experience unusual breakouts?

Switching climates can effect the state of your hair too.

I always knew that humid places would dramatically change the texture of my hair.

But more recently I noticed how my hair had more subtly changed even from city to city.

The level of pollution may mean you need to switch up your routine for hair care to incorporate for detoxifying treatments.

While too much heat or too much wind can dry out your hair, meaning you'll need extra hydration.

As a guideline...

For your winter hair care routine:

Make sure your deep conditioning mask is full of hydrating ingredients and even add in a leave in conditioner to prevent your ends from drying out.

For your summer hair care routine:

Apply leave in conditioner or an oil like coconut oil or olive oil to coat your hair before swimming.

This will protect your hair from drying out in the ocean or chlorinated water.

Keep a trusty styling product for your hair type on hand to handle the humidity.

Also wear a hat where possible to protect your hair and scalp from too much sun exposure.

Tie your hair up before bed or sleep on a silk pillow case!

The friction of your hair against the pillow can actually damage your hair in your sleep.

More on this here.

Make sure your washing your hair according to your hair type.

When it comes to washing your hair, there's no one-size-fits-all rule.

Depending on your hair type, it's better to wash your hair less/more!

Click here to find out how you should be washing your hair for better hair health.

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