When searching how to make hair thicker and fuller naturally, we're overwhelmed with answers.

Try this hair mask, that home remedy, this miracle oil, etc, etc.

It's a long list, but the fundamentals of growing thicker, fuller hair are the same.

No matter what product or hair hack you're trying...

Commit to these 3 rules to naturally stimulate hair growth.

1. Keep your scalp healthy

I can't stress this enough;

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.

There's an all too common myth that in order to make your hair grow, you need to treat your hair.

Yes, treating your hair will make your hair look healthier and even thicker.

But healthy hair is produced from the hair follicle.

So to make your hair grow faster and stronger, you need to maintain a healthy scalp first.

What does it take to have a healthy scalp?

Mainly a clean, hydrated scalp and healthy blood flow to your scalp.

You want to keep your hair follicles cleansed to avoid any oil build up that may clog the follicle and prevent hair growth.

Learn how to cleanse your scalp correctly here.

Meanwhile, the more you stimulate blood flow to the scalp, the more your hair will grow.

This is because blood flow delivers the nutrients your hair needs to grow, from your scalp to your hair.

Some easy ways to stimulate blood flow to your hair are:

  • Give your head a gentle massage whilst washing your hair.
  • Using a bristle boar brush and gently rubbing the brush in a circular motion on your scalp once or twice a week.
  • Try the Inversion Method (this can only be done one week per month for best results).

woman donnning styling the THICK halo hair extension in col. Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde 613/10 and on how to make hair naturally thicker and fuller

2. Keep your hair hydrated & strong

Now, THIS is the part where you can treat your hair to your heart's desire.

As your hair is growing, of course, you still want to use regular hair treatments to lock in moisture and prevent any damage.

You need to keep your hair cuticles hydrated and strong to protect against breakage.

This will make your hair looking thick, shiny and above all:


When it comes to keeping your hair hydrated, your hair type needs to be taken into consideration.

Dry, coarse, frizzy hair is going to need a lot more hydration than thin hair, so make sure the products you are using are right for your hair type.

Alternatively, your hair might be fine in the hydration department but need intensive damage repair treatments.

Products like Olaplex No. 3 or Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair are great for strengthening and protecting the hair structure and preventing damage from colour and heat styling.

woman donning MEDIUM halo hair extension in col. Cream Blonde 20C and on how to naturally make hair thicker and fuller

Image: @mareealexishair styling the MEDIUM halo in col. Cream Blonde 20C.

3. Nourish your body and your hair

I recently wrote a blog about eating the right foods for healthy hair.

Being healthy on the inside is crucial for how to make your hair thicker and fuller naturally.

You'll often find that when people talk about their inner health improving, one of the first things they'll notice is their hair has grown and looks healthier.

Not only is a nutritious diet vital for growing thicker, fuller hair, but so is HYDRATION.

Drinking water is like watering a plant when it comes to hair growth.

If you're dehydrated, your hair is going to suffer.

So eat a balanced, nutritious diet full of vitamins and protein, drinking your daily 2L of water and, for extra benefit, consider taking supplements for hair growth.

There is a range of hair and nail vitamins including biotin, collagen and silica vitamins that can assist in making your hair grow thicker and fuller.

Personally, I've completely changed my hair routine in the last month.

I've started following these three key steps, and I'm amazed at the difference I've noticed in my hair in such a short amount of time.

To keep a healthy scalp, I switched to Bondi Boost's Hair Growth Shampoo & Conditioner.

These products are full of great ingredients for a healthy scalp and hair, including Argan Oil which is a great natural moisturiser.

Peppermint Essential Oil for unclogging blocked scalp pores.

Castor Oil to nourish and hydrate hair.

Horsetail Extract for volume and shine.

As well as Rosemary Essential Oil for stimulating the scalp for natural hair growth.

I've been making sure to spend a couple of minutes really massaging my scalp when shampooing my hair to release scalp tension which allows better blood flow to the scalp.

To keep my hair hydrated, I'm using the Bondi Boost Growth Miracle Mask once a week instead of a conditioner.

It says to leave it in for a minimum of 15 minutes, but sometimes if I can I'll leave it in all day and wash it out the next morning.

My hair is naturally quite dry though so it can handle an intense amount of moisture.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend this for fine or thin hair as this hair type can't handle a dense amount of moisture.

To nourish my body and hair, first and foremost I'm eating the healthiest I've eaten in a while!

I've been focused on getting as many veggies as possible and getting sufficient protein from oats, beans, and plant-based protein powder.

But the big difference is I've started taking Nature's Way Hair Growth Support Biotin & Silicon dietary supplements and this is where I've noticed a major difference in my hair, even in the last 2 weeks.

My hair is feeling and looking thicker, particularly at the ends where I've previously been experiencing breakage from bleached, dried out hair.

Have you experienced any other natural methods of hair growth? Comment below!

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