Before I discovered this technique, I would have thought it's too good to be true.

Dramatically growing your hair faster in 7 days? Surely it's not possible.

But, being the hair-growth obsessed girl I am, you know I was going to suss it out for myself.

When all you want is thicker hair, you're willing to do some weird things to grow your locks.

Like hang upside down for 5 minutes...

Read on to find out how I (actually, successfully) grew my hair an inch in just one week.

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The Inversion Method for Hair Growth

This seriously must be one of the best secrets for rapid hair growth.

Not enough people know about it...

And yet it's literally one of the easiest things you could do to naturally grow your hair faster.

You know if there's one thing we love here at Sitting Pretty, it's anything low maintenance.

If you've practiced yoga before, then when you read 'the inversion method' you may be imagining a head stand or downward dog.

Don't worry.

You don't have to be a yogi to do this miracle hair growth trick.

But, like the yoga poses, it does involve going upside down...

What is an inversion?

An inversion is a pose where your heart is positioned higher than your head.

This can be done in a few ways, depending on your preference:

  • Sitting on the edge of a bed or chair with your head hanging between your legs
  • Childs pose
  • Downward dog pose
  • A head stand (absolutely not necessary to get the hair growth benefits, but hey if you love yoga then go ahead!)

    To use an inversion for hair growth, I recommend simply sitting on the edge of a bed with your head hanging, so that you're able to massage your scalp to increase blood circulation.

    What are the benefits of an inversion?

    Think about it.

    When you're upside down, it means gravity pulls the fluids and tissues in your body downwards.

    Including, most importantly, your blood.

    As you hang upside down, the blood flow is reversed in your body.

    This also means your heart doesn't have to work as hard to move oxygenated blood to your head.

    Thanks to gravity, your hair follicles get an influx of fresh blood cells.

    And extra blood cells promote more hair growth.

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    How does the inversion method work?

    The first thing I recommend doing before trying the inversion method is to get your hair trimmed.

    You want to remove any split ends so that your locks are in a healthier state to grow.

    Once your hair is freshly trimmed, measure the length of your hair and be sure to take a before photo.

    The most satisfying part of this is comparing the results at the end!

    Now, for the next 7 days, repeat the following once per day:

    1. Sit on a chair or the end of your bed and set a timer for 5-10 minutes.

      I started with 5 minutes for my first week. As it's not normal for your head to be upside down so long, some people may feel dizzy trying to stay upside down for 10 minutes straight away. If you feel dizzy or lightheaded at all during the inversion method, stop immediately.

    2. Start your timer and hang your head between your legs, massaging your scalp with your fingers to circulate the blood flow.

      Note: You want to continuously massage your head nonstop until that timer rings. Yes, that means no checking Insta. You'll have to refrain from liking our latest Sitting Pretty instagram post until after your inversion ;)

    3. When your alarm rings, slowly move your posture back to standing upright, and you're done! Don't forget to measure your hair again and take an 'after' photo to compare your results.

    Important notes:

    You must do this inversion technique consecutively for a week maximum - no more.

    The inversion method should only be done once a month, so wait another 4 weeks until trying the inversion method again.

    If you find your hands getting sore from massaging your head you can also use a wire scalp massager as a substitute. This will prevent aching fingers and hands.

    Other health benefits of the inversion method...

    • Promotes anti-aging. While you're hair is growing longer, your skin will reap the benefits too! Gravity guides fresh nutrients and oxygen to the face which stimulates the facial capillaries. Say hello to a healthy glow and natural face lift. A bit of an old wives tale, but it's believed that if we spent our entire lives upside down, we wouldn't age. Our skin would be defying gravity... Ahhh, imagine a world with no wrinkles, ever! Anyway, it does make sense that spending more time upside is great for your skin cells, your insides and a form of anti-aging. Maybe that's why yogis seem to age so well.
    • Improves lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system is responsible for getting rid of waste in the body. When our lymphatic system isn't working how it should, it causes fluid retention, bad circulation and a build up of toxins. Inversions help fluids drain correctly and reboot your lymphatic system, improving your immune response and alleviating congestion amongst other benefits.
    • A quick brain booster. Naturally, because more oxygenated blood is going to your head and brain cells, it can make you feel more switched on with better concentration, memory and awareness.

    Want to double your hair growth results? Here's how...

    home remedies to make your hair grow faster

    If you want to take the inversion method to the next level, try this hair growth home remedy.

    This two ingredient concentrate hair serum has also been proven to make hair grow faster in a week. Use this elixir on the first day you do the inversion method for best results.

    You'll need:

    • 100% Pure Castor Oil - rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids that help hair to grow 3-5x more
    • 100% Rosemary Pure Essential Oil (make sure not to get the aromatherapy oils, you need the pure stuff) - increases hair growth by 23% and decreases hair shedding
    • An empty tear dropper bottle to make applying the serum easier


    1. Combine 2tbsp of castor oil and 15 drops of rosemary oil.
    2. On dry hair, section your hair and apply to the scalp/roots of the hair.
    3. Sit on the edge of a chair or bed and hang your head between your legs for 5 minutes, massaging the serum into your scalp.

    Tip: Where you apply the oil will depend on your hair goals. If you want to grow your top layers so your hair is all the same length, focus on the top sections of your hair as you apply the serum.

    This treatment lasts a week.

    I recommend trying to avoid washing your hair for the first 3 days of having the oil in your hair, to let your hair's natural oils surface.

    You might need to wear your hair in a ponytail or bun for the first few days as your hair will look oily.

    But it's worth it!

    Comment below if you've tried this, or if you have any other hair growth tips you love!

    I'll be doing the inversion method again this week so I'll update this post soon.

    In the meantime, here's some other hair growth tips you can try: