Thick, luscious, long, healthy, soft, shiny hair.

It's what we all want.

It's the hair-perfection we aspire to have.

But WHY does the idea of healthy, damage-free hair feel so out of reach for some of us?

Whether you have naturally dry hair...

Or colouring your hair has done a little damage.

None of us want to wait months and months until we find the right hair treatment, or our hair care routine starts working.

So if you’re on the hunt for hair extensions that will give you beautiful locks, while you work on beautifying your real locks...

You’ve come to the right place.

Halo hair extensions are the best thing you can do for your damaged hair.

Q: What makes Halo hair extensions the best for damaged hair?

Halos are the best hair extensions for damaged hair for this reason:

The Halo attaches to your head.

Not your hair roots.

Which means it doesn't put extra weight on your real hair.

The reason a lot of girls are under the assumption that hair extensions ruin your hair is due to the stories they hear.

All the nightmare experiences of glues, tapes, clip ins and beaded extensions breaking their hair.

Here's the bottom line:

Any hair extensions that attach to your natural hair are going to pull and weigh down your already delicate, fine locks.

Just like you wouldn't want to walk around all day carrying weights - neither does your hair.

Your mission is to get healthier hair.

So you need extensions that don't rely on your natural hair.

Like a Halo...

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Q: Does the Halo work for very fine, thin hair?


We have a Halo designed especially for girls with thin hair.

Our FINE Halos are the best types of extensions for adding volume to thin hair.

The best part?

No need to be worried about whether your thin hair will hide your extensions.

Our Halos sits low on your head.

So your thin hair on top will still completely cover the Halo.

See below this fine hair to thick hair transformation using our FINE Halo in Ash Blonde #18.

Q: How will Halo hair extensions fix my damaged hair?

If you've tried all kinds of treatments, oils, tablets, the works...

You know that natural, healthy hair doesn't happen overnight.

The journey to thick, healthy hair is long.

And patience is seriously a virtue when it comes to curing hair damage.

That's where the Halo comes in.

Here's the deal:

With Halo hair extensions you get the best of both worlds:

  • Instantly thick, natural looking hair
  • No more damage to your real hair

This means you can take the time to treat your real hair, but get the thick hair results you want, now.

Q: Is the Halo really the best type of hair extensions for damaged hair?

YES, yes, yes.

These hair transformations from real SP Halo Hair babes say it all...

woman donning halo hair extensions light brown + medium brown 4/6

So, let's rewrite your own hair story...

Once upon a time you had thin-hair problems.

You tried to solve them by wearing clip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, beady things, glues.

Hell, maybe you even started to google ‘how to get a weave’.

Then you found us, and 3-5 business days later your new Halo hair extensions landed at your door.

From that day forward, you’ve been the object of #hairenvy with your thick, luscious, natural-looking locks.

Your Halo hair looks so real, it makes you look like you’ve got the thick hair genes that you wish your mama actually gave you.

Now your hair sits pretty, and every day is a good hair day.

Let's make it happen 👊🏼get a closer look at the Sitting Pretty Halos here.

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