Put away the plumping powders and back-combs my thin-haired honeys, because I'm about to put lush back in your locks.

There are plenty of hairstyles for thin hair that will boost your volume in seconds.

So say goodbye to flat, limp locks and hello to full, thick flowing strands, all day, every day.

From flippy lobs to baben' bobs, choppy layers to blunt cuts and even a few ways to fake it, I'm serving you 12 hairstyles for thin hair that will have you looking thicc.

No squats required.

hairstyles for thin hair

@shimmamarie wears the Medium Halo in Col. Medium Brown #4 Styled by @emmachenartistry

Hairstyles for Thin Hair

1. Boost Your Volume With a Bob

Nothing adds volume to your hair faster than a blunt, short haircut.

This is why a blunt bob is a perfect style to make thin hair look thicker.

This style's lightweight nature means your hair isn't weighed down by longer locks, meaning your strands are lighter and can sit fuller.

The blunt ends also create the illusion of more hair and a thicker overall texture.

Bobbing in and out of popularity for decades, the bob truly never goes out of style.

This versatile and low maintenance look is continuously being reinvented and modernised, making it one of the all-time greatest hairstyles for thin hair.

2. Soft Focus

Thin hair? Who cares!

Lean into it ladies.

You don't always have to make your locks look thicker. Sometimes it can be great to emphasis what ya mama gave you.

Soft waves suit thin hair and thick hair alike.

They create natural movement with a subtle body boost that isn't too OTT.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with having naturally thin hair, so this can be a great style to show off your silk strands.

A small S bend in the mid-lengths of your locks will add some fullness while the flow of the style keeps it soft and subtle.

To recreate this look wrap a thick section of hair around your curler, from the mid-lengths down.

But the trick to achieving subtle, smooth water waves is keeping your strands flat around the wand.

This will create a subtle S bend rather than ringlets.

Smooth the waves out using a wide-tooth comb or fingers, and an anti-frizz serum and lightly coat with hairspray.

hairstyles for thin hair blonde halo hair extensions

3. Build on The Bob for Thicker Hair

If you're not brave enough to make the cut and go full bob, there is always the lob.

One of the most popular hairstyles for thin hair, the lob, has had a long-standing love affair with Instagram goddesses and Celebs alike, for some very good reasons.

It is fun, chic, universally flattering and, most importantly, makes thin hair look thicker.

The lob or 'long bob' is also super versatile and can be cut blunt or with choppy layers.

Both work well to boost your volume.

Personally, I love a choppy lob with messy waves and plenty of texture.

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hairstyles for thin hair

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4. Texture, Texture, Read All About It

Your hair needs texture to look thicker. There's no doubt about it.

You can add texture to your mane in a few ways.

1. By using texturised products to pump it up. Or;

2. By having choppy layers cut into your strands.

If you're not about growing your layers out, I'd go with the first option. However, a textured hair cut will be more effective.

But, both options will get the job done.

So, how does texture make thin hair thicker?

Textured layers work similarly to the bob.

The layers make your hair lighter, meaning parts of it sit fuller.

Layers also make thin hair thicker because you can style them to create more volume.

The layers in your locks aren't being pulled down and therefore can be pumped up and blow-dried to create extra volume at the roots.

hairstyles for thin hair textured lob halo hair extensions

@emmachenartistry styles the FINE Halo in col. Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde 613/10.

5. Up and Up

How to pump up your hairs volume?

Put it up.


A messy high bun is a perfect hairstyle for thin hair.

Curl your hair first for added volume and tease in slightly backwards away from your face at the crown of your head.

Throw it up, wrapping the lengths of your locks around the base of the bun as you go.

Secure with a hair tie and a few bobby pins but leave some longer pieces out for an unkempt look.

Pull the hair around your face upward to create more body and a few strands out around your face and the base of your neck.

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hairstyles for thin hair messy bun halo hair extensions

@emmachenartistry styles The MEDIUM Sitting Pretty Halo in col. Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde 613/10

6. Ride It

My ponyyyyyy.

If you're looking for a hairstyle to transform thin hair, look no further than the humble ponytail.

You're probably thinking, "but my hair looks limp in a ponytail."

And unfortunately, if you have thin hair, you might be right.

But there a plenty of ways to perk up your pony to give your slender strands the thickness they deserve.

One way to create a thicker ponytail is by placing a bobby pin vertically at the base of your pony.

This will boost it, making it sit taller and bouncier.

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hairtsled for thin hair ponytail halo hair extensions

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But our favourite ponytail hack? Halo hair extensions, obviously.

See how to create the perfect ponytail using Halo hair extensions:

7. Get Low for Thicker Hair.

Now, a low bun might not be the first hairstyles for thin hair that springs to mind.

But, it's definitely one you should add to your rotation.

Not only is this boho style effortless and chic, but it will also give your thin locks a serious body boost.

But how can a low bun give my hair more volume?

Glad you asked!

Similar to the high bun and ponytail hairstyles, the low bun can be teased and padded to create volume.

To create this whimsical look give your roots a spritz with a texturising spray and pull your hair back into a loose low ponytail.

Twist the length of the pony and wrap it around the base, pinning it roughly as you go.

Leave some strands out at the front and some longer pieces out from the base of the bun.

hairstyles for thin hair halo hair extensions messy bun

@emmachenartistry styles the Fine Halo in Col. Beige + Dark Blonde #613/10

8. Delve Deep

Balayage or highlights are the best shade if you want to make your thin locks look thicker.

Lighter tones throughout your strands create depth and dimension, creating a contrast which gives the illusion of thick hair.

This hairstyle for thin hair is especially great for those of you who don't want to get the chop.

While a blunt bob and jagged lop combined with balayage would have the ultimate thickening effect, this also works if you want to keep your locks long.

Pro-tip, use Halo to boost you balayage by matching it to your lightest strands.

hairstyles for thin hair balayage halo hair extensions

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9. Half up Half Down but Body All The Way

One of the simplest tricks to making thin hair look thicker is a half-up, half-down hairstyle.

This style puts the bulk of your locks up on top of your head in either a top knot or ponytail which can be fluffed up to your liking.

The hair left down can be curled, teased and plumed to create thicker, more textured strands.

You can also pull pieces out around to frame your face creating the illusion of fullness at the front.

hairstyles for thin hair half up half down halo hair extensions

@dani.shreeve wears the THICK Halo in col. Medium Brown 4

10. Be Blunt

As great as layers are for thin hair, blunt cuts can be just as beneficial.

You're probably wondering "how can both blunt cuts and layers be good hairstyles for thin hair?"

But they are.

With thin hair, the goal is not to have wispy grown out ends.

So while layers work to create the illusion of thick hair through dimension and styling, a blunt cut works by adding bulk.

The best way to use blunt cuts to make your hair look thicker is to keep your style shorter.

You don't need to go full bob. A mid-length lob will work just fine.

As long as all your strands are the same length the bluntness and sharpness of this style will give you bulk at the bottom which creates the illusion over overall thicker hair.

hairstyles for thin hair elly miles the bachelorette blonde halo hair extensions

@Ellymiles wears the Thick Halo in Col. Beige Blonde #613

11. Bounce, Bounce

Big bouncy barrel waves are an absolute must if you want to make your thin hair look thicker.

As a thin-haired lass, you'd be forgiven for assuming you slender strands can't pull off this voluminous style.

But you'd be wrong.

Vintage-inspired water waves are the perfect hairstyle for thin hair.

Especially if you add a secret weapon...cough cough (Halo hair extensions)...

But more on that below...

This look is created similarly to the soft waves mentioned above, but you want to put a little more effort into it.

Add some volumising powder to your roots and start the waves a little higher than the soft curls.

Hold the wand on the hair for 10 - 15 seconds.

As always keep the hair flat when wrapping it around the tongs.

To keep the curls intact wind them in small circles and pin them in place until the rest of your hair is curled.

Brush them out with a flat brush and spray with lightweight hold spraying with a shine.

hairstyles for thin hair blonde halo hair extensions

@amybaineshair Styles the Thick Halo in Col. Dark Blonde #10

12. Halo Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Ordinarily, hair extensions and thin hair do not go together!

But, Halo hair extensions are the exception to this rule.

Not only are the easiest way to get longer, thicker locks in seconds, but they're also the best and safest extensions for thin hair.

Other hair extensions cause damage, hair loss and even bald spots which means they make your already thin hair thinner.

This is usually due to the weight of the wefts pulling on your fragile strands and creating a constant pressure which weakens them and pulls them out.

The installation process of certain hair extensions can also be very damaging and cause hair loss.

Halo hair extensions, however, are the only hair extensions that do not damage your hair.

So for my lionesses out there with thin manes, I'd be steering clear of any other kind of extensions and joining the halo pack.

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