So, you're scrolling through Instagram and seeing those trending hairstyles—the flowy, mesmerising mermaid braids that scream summer vibes and boho chic. You've tried to recreate it, right? But it either ends up too flat or too tangled, leaving you feeling like anything but a mythical sea goddess.

You're not alone.

It's time to upgrade your styling game, and this blog is your golden ticket. Say hello to 10 eye-catching mermaid braid styles you can try today. Plus, we'll show you how Sitting Pretty halo hair extensions can give your braids that much-needed voluminous oomph. Trust me, you won't want to miss this.

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Do it With Sitting Pretty Halo Hair Extensions

You might be wondering, what makes Sitting Pretty halo hair extensions stand out? Let's get right to it. We exclusively offer 100% ProGrade Remy human hair halo extensions. Years of experience have taught us that halo extensions are the most hair-friendly.

They're long-lasting, blend seamlessly, and most importantly, they don't damage your natural hair. And yes, it gets better—our high-quality extensions are the best value for your dollar.

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Why Halo Extensions are Better than Clip-Ins

Traditional clip-in extensions can tug at your natural hair, leading to breakage. That's a big no-no. On the flip side, Sitting Pretty's halo extensions float gently on your head, offering better security without causing harm. It's the perfect foundation for your braided hairstyles.

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How to Rock 10 Stellar Mermaid Braid Variations

Alright, so you've scoured Pinterest, gawked at Instagram influencers, and maybe even watched a YouTube tutorial or two on mermaid braid hairstyles. But let's face it, some of these looks are so over-the-top and they feel out of reach, right?

Now, what if I told you that not only could you rock mermaid braid hair, but you could also do it with flair? Yep, I've been there: drooling over intricate plaits, wishing I could pull them off, and finally realising the secret sauce—Sitting Pretty halo extensions.

I'm going to teach you how to do mermaid braids in not one but 10 eye-popping variations with mermaid hair extensions, transforming them from "meh" to "magnificent." So grab your comb and your Sitting Pretty halo because we're diving deep into how to braid hair with extensions to create killer mermaid braids.

Trust me, by the end of this, you'll be the one setting the mermaid braid hairstyle trends. Ready to turn some heads? Let's do this.

1. The Classic Mermaid Braid

So here's the thing, the classic mermaid braid is timeless. It’s that go-to style that always steals the spotlight. With Sitting Pretty halo hair extensions, you can achieve those dreamy, cascading braids that flow beautifully down your back. It’s the kind of hairstyle that leaves an impression, whether you're at a beach party or just out for a casual coffee.

How-to: After brushing your hair, place your Sitting Pretty halo extensions. Once they're secured, start braiding your hair loosely from about mid-way down, ensuring the braid flows seamlessly with your extensions. When you reach the end, secure with an elastic. This braid is all about showcasing that length and volume, perfect for turning heads wherever you go!

2. The Ribbon Mermaid Braid

Ribbons aren't just for gifts. This style adds a playful spin to the traditional mermaid braid hair. Weave in a colourful ribbon that complements your hair colour. It's an easy ribbon hairstyle that brings a touch of whimsy and can jazz up even the simplest outfits.

How-to: With your extensions already in, weave a ribbon of your choice into your hair. As you braid, incorporate the ribbon into one of the three sections of your braid, pulling it through as you go. This playful twist gives a pop of colour and a dash of fun to your overall look.

3. Boho Mermaid Braids

Boho braids are all about feeling free and uninhibited. These braids are loose, a bit messy, and absolutely charming. To get the voluminous boho look, use Sitting Pretty halo extensions. They’re the handy hair hacks you need to give your braids that Insta-worthy finish.

How-to: After installing your extensions, create 3 long loose braids, allowing some hair strands to freely hang for that carefree vibe. It’s not about perfection here; it’s about the charm of the mess!


4. Lazy Day Mermaid Braid

Ever have those days when you just can't? On such days, opt for this relaxed braid. The lazy day mermaid braid is casual yet chic, with strands playfully framing your face. It’s the ideal look for those spontaneous road trips or impromptu movie marathons with friends.

How-to: With your Sitting Pretty extensions in place, loosely braid your hair to one side, allowing some strands to fall out. Secure with an elastic and let the relaxed vibes roll!


5. Pastel Mermaid Braid

For those days when you're feeling extra vibrant, go pastel. Whether you colour your hair at home or at a salon, pastel hair colours offer a fairytale twist to the mermaid braid. Combine pastels like lilac and aqua, and watch your hair transform into a mermaid's dream.

How-to: After colouring your hair with pastel shades, pop in your extensions for added volume. Braid your pastel-coloured hair normally, letting those hues shine through in each twist and turn.


6. Mermaid Crown with Halo Extensions

The Mermaid Crown is that royal touch you need to reign in style. In fact, with the addition of Sitting Pretty halo extensions, the crown makes for the perfect wedding hair.

How-to: First things first, brush your hair and place your Sitting Pretty halo extensions. Begin braiding your hair near the temple on one side, moving across the forehead and towards the opposite ear in a crown-like fashion. Merge the end of the crown into a 4-strand mermaid tail down the back. This style might require some patience, and perhaps a friend, but the result? Absolutely regal.


7. Fishtail Half Up Braids

The Fishtail Half Up Braids is a modern twist on a classic style. Embodying grace and intricate detailing, this style makes heads turn. With the added volume and texture from Sitting Pretty halo extensions, your braids are bound to look fuller and more luxurious.

How-to: Begin by seamlessly blending in your Sitting Pretty halo extensions. At the crown's back, section a bit of your hair, ensuring you've included some extension strands. On the left, start your fishtail. As you braid, add sections from the top, especially when nearing the forehead's corner.

Once done with one side, tie it off with an elastic band. Do the same on the right side. Gently tug the braid edges for volume. Create a small gap between braids, pull the left one through, and pin both down. Remove the elastics, brush out the lengths, and accessorise with some delicate flower pins.


8. Over-the-Shoulder Mermaid with Halo Extensions

Who doesn’t love the Disney princess feel? The Over-the-Shoulder Mermaid does just that, especially when Sitting Pretty extensions lend their magic.

How-to: Once your extensions are securely in place, start with a French braid along the hairline, moving to one side. As you braid, allow the braid to flow over the shoulder, incorporating all your hair and extensions. If you have shorter strands popping out, secure them with bobby pins. You’ll be left with a braid that's the envy of any fairy tale.

9. Flawless Mermaid Tail with Halo Extensions

This is your showstopper. The Flawless Mermaid Tail, complete with Sitting Pretty extensions, is an embodiment of braiding excellence.

How-to: After brushing and placing your extensions, begin braiding from the top, ensuring even distribution of hair throughout the braid. As you reach the nape of the neck, let the extensions merge seamlessly with your natural hair into the braid, and complete the tail. Every strand will fall perfectly into place, leaving you with a mesmerizing mermaid tail.

10. Waterfall and Mermaid Combo with Halo Extensions

Blending two braiding techniques into one, the Waterfall x Mermaid Combo is a romantic dream, especially when complemented with Sitting Pretty extensions.

How-to: With your halo extensions set, start by creating a waterfall braid from one temple, moving horizontally. When you reach the opposite side, allow the waterfall to merge with a loose, thick mermaid braid beneath. The result? An enchanting hairstyle that’s both detailed and voluminous, perfect for any occasion.

There you have it, 10 delightful variations to make mermaid braids the ultimate hairdo. Remember, with the right extensions and a sprinkle of creativity, the possibilities are endless!

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Everyday Hair Hacks for Your Mermaid Braids

Prioritise Hair Health

We've all been there. One day, your hair's the crowning glory, and the next, it's flatter than a pancake. But mermaid braids? They're not just any hairstyle; they're a statement. And the secret to keeping them looking top-notch? Prioritising your hair health.

Tackle Excessive Hair Shedding

If you’ve noticed more strands on your hairbrush recently, don’t panic. Excessive hair shedding can be a result of multiple factors - from stress and hairloss to a vitamin deficiency. Before you jump to conclusions, it’s worth looking into the root cause (pun intended). With the right treatment and care, you can combat this issue and ensure your mermaid braids stay full and lush.

Keep Stress in Check

Stress and hair loss often go hand in hand. From my own experience, I realised that managing stress does wonders not just for my mental well-being but also for my hair. Take a deep breath, do some yoga, or find your favourite way to relax. Your hair will thank you, especially when styling those stunning mermaid braids.

Nurture that Scalp

An unhealthy scalp can be the downfall of any hairstyle, let alone mermaid braids. Exfoliate once in a while, give yourself a gentle scalp massage, and avoid products that dry out your skin. It's a simple step that goes a long way.

The Importance of Cuticles

Hair cuticles are the protective layers of our hair, and they need some love too. When you're aiming to get smooth hair naturally for those mermaid braids, using products that seal and smooth the cuticle can be a game-changer.

Watch What You Eat

Vitamin deficiency can make your hair brittle, dull, and weak. Ensure you’re getting all your essential vitamins, especially the ones vital for hair health like biotin, vitamin E, and iron. Maybe throw in some omega-3s for good measure.

Brushing Techniques Matter

Brush your hair properly! It sounds simple, but the wrong brush or technique can lead to breakage. Use a wide-tooth comb or a brush specifically designed for detangling. And always be gentle. Your mermaid braids deserve the best foundation.

Rethink that Perm

Here's a controversial opinion for some: perms are bad. They can seriously damage your hair, making it tough to achieve those dreamy mermaid braids. Instead, consider natural methods or accessories to achieve those waves.

Drink Up!

Now, this might sound like generic advice, but seriously, drink water! Hydrating from the inside has incredible benefits for your hair, making it easier to style and maintain those gorgeous mermaid braids.

From lazy day looks to trending Instagram styles, mermaid braids are a versatile, captivating choice. When you add Sitting Pretty halo extensions into the mix, you've got yourself a game-changing hairstyle that's not only stunning but also kind to your hair. Go on, try it. Your Instagram feed—and your self-esteem—will thank you.