I tend to stay pretty safe when it comes to my hair colour.

Blonde highlights are my thing, and the most experimental I get is requesting a full head of highlights instead of half head.

I've never considered actually coloring my hair.

But, wow, some of the pictures I've been seeing on Pinterest lately are even making me consider rocking a pastel pink mane.

What I like about pastel-colored hair is that it makes a statement.

Colored hair exuberates confidence.

It's fierce.

If I'm being real:

I'm personally probably never going to bleach my hair and color it bright pink or green because my naturally dry, curly hair would hate me for that.

BUT I am seriously loving the idea of channeling the Kardashians and wearing a pastel-colored wig one of these days.

Or there are other options to road test colored hair, like hair chalk or temporary dye.

Whether you're ready to make the commitment to color or looking for a casual fling with your favorite pastel hair shade, here are some of our top picks for pastel hair colors.

Cotton Candy Pink

pastel hair colors: pastel pink

If you're a novice to pastel-colored hair, pink seems to be the way to go.

This is my personal favorite pastel shade.

It looks amazing with a statement winged eyeliner.

The perk of this soft cotton candy pink is that it still suits dark roots, so you don't need to stress about hiding your roots every 4 weeks.

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Lavender Purple

pastel hair colors: violet

This photo put pastel purple hair on my radar.

It's a really beautiful, almost subtle take on pastel purple hair.

Like someone took an ashy platinum blonde and fused it into lavender.

The end result is stunning and super versatile.

If you were thinking of going pastel purple, I'm a huge enthusiast of this particular shade.

Pastel Turquoise

pastel hair colors: turquoise

This pastel turquoise hue works well on both blonde or dark hair, so you have the option of creating an ombreé effect or taking the pastel color all the way to the roots.

If you have fair or light skin and want to turquoise hair, a light pastel hue will complement your complexion without washing you out.

Pastel Watermelon

pastel hair colors: peachy pink

This color reminds me of watermelon sherbet and is another alternative to the pastel pink family.

This coral shade is great if you're looking for something a little bolder.

Pastel coral/watermelon hair is versatile with most skin colors and particularly compliments blue eyes.

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Platinum Pastel Pink

pastel hair colors: faded pink

Think of this very light pastel pink as a baby step towards colored hair.

If you're already platinum blonde, you can easily test this faint pastel pink hue with hair chalk before making the commitment.

A great way to ease into a pastel hair colour is also to start with a pink/blonde ombré so that the hair framing your face still remains blonde.

Ombré Turquoise

pastel hair colors: ombre turquoise

Deep turquoise can be super daring for some, so dip your toes in by rocking ombré turquoise hair.

For your root colour, choose either a lighter or darker colour with similar cool base tones to blend.

For blondes, you could opt for an ash blonde or silver roots.

For brunettes, your natural color or toned ashy dark brown roots will blend well with this vibrant turquoise hue.

Fluro Green

pastel hair colors: fluro green

Who knew fluro green hair could look this good?

This fluro green hair colour can be effortlessly achieved with a wig.

To balance your complexion with this statement shade, use warm, bronzed makeup and rosey pinks on your lips and cheeks.

Mauve Purple

pastel hair colors: mauve

Mauve purple; one of Kylie Jenner's many pastel hair colour experiments.

When trying this color, ask your hairdresser to color your roots a darker shade of purple to add more dimension around the roots of your hair.

Deep Peppermint Green

pastel hair colors: deep aqua green

This vibrant peppermint hair color is a perfect green for those with a pink-based skin tone.

When it comes to matching makeup with this hair color, we're loving the contrasting orange eyeshadows and pink lips.

Hot Pink

pastel hair colors: hot pink

Talk about a crowd-pleaser.

I'm personally loving everything about this, from the coordinating hot pink eyes to the glossy pink lips.

Noting this look for festival inspiration, and if I do it I'm definitely wearing blue contact lenses to complete the look.

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Pastel Mint

pastel hair colors: mint green

Something softer?

Back to the pastel side of things is a minty pastel hair color.

Another color option that's not far from platinum blonde, and therefore an easier transition.

Pastel mint particularly compliments pale skin with peachy undertones.

Flamingo Pink

pastel hair colors: flamingo pink

Take pink hair to the next level with this flamingo inspired hair color.

Here the color has been created on a natural brunette, with highlights and lowlights in a range of rosey, coral and pastel pinks.

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Powder Blue

pastel hair colors: blue

Some would call this a classic pastel blue hair color, I call it the perfect bubblegum blue.

This pastel blue shade is versatile to most skin tones, and probably a more accessible color to find if you're opting for a colored wig to achieve pastel hair.

Subtle dimensional highlights give this pastel blue hair color more oomph.

Rose Gold

pastel hair colors: rose gold

Rose gold is the pastel hair color of the moment.

It's warm, yet not orange or pink, and is kind of subtle as far as colored hair goes. Which is why so many girls are opting for this particular shade of pastel.

Perfect for summer or winter, rose gold is ultra-versatile to clothes, a range of skin tones, and both blonde or brunette hair.


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